Keywords mining and optimization determines the site traffic trend

improve site traffic is one thing many webmaster dream, because a website to let it make money cannot do without traffic, whether it is selling products or services sold, certainly hope the better your site traffic, the traffic here refers to the targeted traffic; such as selling products website, we special mining and optimization related to user demand keywords, and rely on the mining site keywords alliance advertising money of course is different from the. Now the lines of various types of website filled the entire Internet, for the webmaster of all the pressure not to want the keyword optimization up your website, use the search engine to bring traffic, is not an easy thing. We all know the keywords ranking with the website weight and keywords of digging and optimization, the chain and other factors have a great relationship; bring your weight, many of my friends are now complaining, why I do not go to do station, now do station website weight than others, keyword optimization is very difficult, so it is difficult to compete with others.


is a website to get traffic of course there are many ways, such as TV ads, public announcement, micro-blog promotion, Shanghai dragon optimization in many ways; for webmaster friends, now the most popular way of promotion of course to Shanghai dragon optimization promotion, because it can let us do not have to spend a lot of money again, can easily be site optimization keywords up, thus the use of search engines to get traffic.

for a certain weight site, if you can dig out some people search words, then add the article has the certain quality, the article bring hundreds of flow is no problem, many of my friends do not care about those who only remember the long tail keywords, long tail keywords said network the easy optimization, but can bring traffic is often very small, in fact, we found that sometimes long tail keywords bring traffic even more than the main keywords, and these long tail words sometimes with seasons and festivals, popular events have a great relationship, such as the Qixi Festival gifts, if you can dig out some valuable words to the row to the first page of the top three, in the day to bring traffic is certainly not.

now we found that web traffic is not only decide the weight of the website, also has a great relationship with mining optimization keywords, Shanghai Longfeng method is quite popular now outside the station optimization and promotion, in fact, a large part of the station optimization link refers to the key word mining, distribution and optimization of this one, constantly mining and search for keywords quality can bring a lot of traffic to the site, for example, recently many students admitted to the University, relatives and friends to send him "the University wishes", if you are a SMS website, if can dig out such words, and edited by keywords a good article, even if not what your site weight, can also have a good ranking, which bring a lot of traffic from search engines, because these Key words are not what competitive.

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