nfluence of keyword density on the Shanghai dragon ranking optimization

please remember the keyword density is only one of the factors affecting the keywords ranking. The author once when optimizing a nursery site, too much keyword density effects on site keywords ranking, take some extreme practices, in order to improve the website keyword density, such as " " the target keywords, Pinus bungeana; I repeatedly on the home page title reflects the | procurement | p.bungeana seedlings of Pinus bungeana of Pinus bungeana seedlings of Pinus bungeana | preferred Pinus bungeana network, this is indeed in effect to enhance the critical density is obvious, but the intangibles caused by the keywords stack, the final optimization is excessive, the punishment of the search engine, drop right or K stand. In the keyword density reasonable target based on the setting of the webmaster can focus on some long tail keywords, do some optimization of long tail keywords. Experience tells us that the long tail keywords role in some of the target words.



there is a saying, "keyword density directly affect the keywords ranking web site keywords," keyword density higher website ranking will of course, others, who is opposed to the ticket. As a Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel, breakthrough target keywords primary goal to overcome keywords ranking, if the latter did not talk, the density of target keywords and target keywords ranking has a direct relationship. Said so much, what is the keyword density? Accurate keyword density: (Keyword Density) and keywords frequency (Keyword Frequency) described the essence of the concept is the same, is used to measure the total number of keywords in the page of the text and other proportion, generally expressed as a percentage. The page relative to the total number of words, words appear more frequently, keyword density is greater. From the perspective of website optimization, keyword density has a specific parameter, the density is generally maintained at two percent to eight percent, and of course the smaller interval, I take the standard is four percent to five percent, this data is summarized on the basis of competitors. Many webmaster and I rely on the same keyword density the parameters of the keyword density on the web page, page layout.

single target keywords, must start from the site as a whole, closely around the target keywords construction, this approach fully like search users and search engines, what is the theme of the site, on the site of the target key words of our very special industry, on the other hand, many websites can be resource integration station abroad, including internal and external links, keywords position, to advance local as a breakthrough, currently ranked the leading website. Whether the keyword density parameters of the standard is correct, is not decided, depends entirely on the mood of the webmaster, the ultimate aim is to achieve the keywords you want to rank the effect.


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