How can make my account unnecessary for K Webmaster necessary software

3, click the URL statistics, check the daily user clicks on the most web site is what, as for those pages, and even those channels.

1, their own shlf1314 ads exist malicious click, these malicious click on again, as for those IP, and can see the details of these IP click history.

uses this tool to manage itself, and the server is as convenient as the local machine operation. Only target machines are required to open terminal services. This service is a service that comes with the Windows component. No need to install third party software.


B Click IP and count the number of hits based on IP and the number of hits.

webmaster want to know the information I made on statistics of a third party analysis tool, so that we can understand the information, early prevention of malicious clicks, but also to achieve higher advertising revenue on their website keyword optimization. At present, the software implements the following functions:


2, the number of clicks per day on each page or every channel, or how many clicks you’ve clicked on, how many clicks you’ve come to, you can see the detailed logs of these clicks, IP.


A count the time when the click occurs, the IP clicked, the pages and channels if the channel has been defined and the clicked advertising address currently only supported by the IE browser.

4.Windows terminal server, commonly known as 3389

general webmaster communication software with the server is:

do shlf1314 Adsense advertising Adsense must want to know the following information:


D statistics by channels, statistics on each channel’s browsing, click count, and browse IP number and click IP number.

! to communicate with the server

SN: exempts

C can click the address of the statistics, statistics of those clicks address by how many IP click, click on the number of times.


, Xp, and 2003 systems come with remote desktop tools. Location: start – program – attachment – Communication – Remote Desktop Connection

Macromedia Dreamweaver the main function is to write code in visual design ", we often use it daily site maintenance, because the visual interface it can make some people do not understand the program is easy to modify the page. Flash is a software for making animations, and some of the most beautiful animated ads are from them. In addition to animation, it is usually used to make animated animations of related sizes. Fireworks image processing software, the image can be divided into ", most of the time with the use of Dreamweaver, but Fireworks is not a supporting role, the animation is very powerful, a lot of GIF animation are from his hand.

, start with the Three Musketeers, the so-called web pages, the "swordsman" is Macromedia, Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks,

According to the above

webmaster necessary software conditions, mainly to do web site and maintenance of the site, when it comes to some of the tools, software based.

give you the specific download address of these three software:

download address;



then introduces the software

SN: WPD800-55337-35332-25795

SN: WPD800-55739-53532-55154

E can page statistics, statistics for each page browsing, click count, and browse IP number and click IP number.

above these statistical reports, operation interface and output similar to the shlf1314 Adsense report interface, I believe we will soon get started. This software is completely free, and is still in the process of improvement, I hope you will make more comments and suggestions.


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