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the concept of this project is very simple: mobile shopping mall. WeChat, micro-blog, , including all mobile terminals can access the Internet, you can order goods from our mall, or even text messages can be. What we are going to do is a mobile shopping experience. Now it looks so simple and even outdated concepts, at that time, are still non – >

is the beginning of the end of 2010 the real contact Wangzhuan, started to learn SEO, then with the domestic development is soon great team, I do not say everybody also know. Because at that time what do not understand, what site, domain name, ah, are learning from point to point, perhaps the greatest gain during this period is to learn to do the station. Because just started, not the essentials, SEO level does not pass, and the heart, suddenly made several stops, flowers in the article and the chain every day of the time needed for several hours, so long a lot of useless work, adhere to 3-4 months, did not see any effect, so lost power, I think some of my friends would like me to see people make money, enthusiasm, can turn their results is completely different.

, first of all, is a team with two full-time partners and a partner who pays for it. Followed by shopping platform, with a PHP order system transformation, the interface is huge ugly. At this time, I joined as a technical person and began to undertake the design and development of the platform.

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in Wangzhuan on the road, I’m a loser, I contacted the operation, SEO, bidding, Taobao. But they do not have a success, today write here, so I come to the identity of the person, and would like to engage in Wangzhuan Wangzhuan new friends a little reference, don’t go my way, if some friends can give a little inspiration, I’m not to pay tuition. Although I believe that there is a part of me will not go this way, but I believe that most of the friends like me, because the 28 rate is unchanged. If you do not want to see my experience, you can look directly at my summary, maybe it will be of use to you.

review in the first half of this year has seen a fourth venture, the team disbanded, the project stalled, ended in failure, experience all the time invested, visible before the eyes, energy, money and feelings, just like the dust in the wind, slowly calm, disappear in the world. Dust to dust, soil to earth, failure is not the end of the world, it is important to brave and frankly admit defeat, and learn from it and grow up.

business needs to have special genes, with occasional success, not prepared to fail don’t start, but the chance is like this, you will never be keenly aware of not trying. The product, operation and profit mode of the project itself, the project team members are able to bring success to the person in charge of the project is with leadership qualities, and your own enough all rational response to the startup? This is a four point I think most entrepreneurs should think about the present.

after this over several months, I chose to go to work, but at the same time I also summed up the months of experience, the greatest failure is the wrong direction, blundering, anxious, not insist. During this time, I also do some study and read some tutorials, but I can control myself well, and keep looking for myself

in March 2014, at that time in Nanchang, people are not accustomed to using WeChat, brush circle of friends became popular on campus, micro-blog has been in the past, the WeChat era is coming, many people still ask "what is the difference between WeChat and ," at that time, I began to smell the WeChat may bring business opportunities.

2014 Spring Festival, WeChat red packets so that Ma can not sleep well, WeChat through a red envelope game, so that hundreds of millions of users bound up their bank cards. A IM social networking tool for bank card binding, the intention known to all. WeChat is commercialized! When I officially contacted the team in March, it was time for me to see the opportunity. A mobile mall, WeChat public platform as the entrance, although the interface giant ugly, but I felt the way into my life.

Taobao, in March 2011, is because before contact, store has also been opened in the fall, so it did not take much effort, was also seen slimming products profits, so we chose a weight-loss products, do not have what promotion, read some tutorials, just follow these the title and description to the baby. When a natural flow of business, the products of their choice, because Taobao received complaints, was forced off the shelf, it is not for me, but the C shop slimming products are not allowed to make the train promotion, so then have to give up.

didn’t do SEO, contact the bidding, was also saw a team played day to earn a few hundred – thousand, as if it were raining flowers, the impulse to buy a set of hundreds of pieces of tutorials, the actual operation down, then no matter, not only did not earn a little money, but also lose money. It is true that money can be made, but it is hard to make money. What a ridiculous experience it looks like now. If it’s really so good, I don’t think a few people want to say anything like that. I think there are some friends like me at the moment, not how smart those teams are, but they have grasped the psychology of some people who want to make money, so they can easily lure you into being fooled.

how do I join this project and what kind of project it is,

was not available way, micro music Xianggang started, pocket pass before fame, I decided in the long term, all of its own R & D platform, to ensure that we have all the information, user information will not be leaked, and spent less than a month’s time, on the line of the new platform. Interface and function are to achieve a qualitative leap.


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