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when we can only come up with 100 yuan of money to buy a fund on the Internet, when we have 10 thousand yuan funding gap can go to find a stranger to borrow money online, when we have no investment 5000 yuan of idle funds can be lent through the Internet 10…… The concept of Internet banking came.

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NetEase technology found several entrepreneurs in the financial tide of the Internet, hoping to restore this looks like the "egg bumps stone" industry.

P2P is a financial model that individuals provide small loans to other individuals on the premise of collecting a certain fee through the third party platform. In the minds of Zhang Jun, a technical background, he hopes to completely abandon the traditional lending institutions, the entire process through the Internet to achieve.

in the end what is Internet banking? Some people believe that finance is essential, the Internet is a tool and means. But there are also a large number of Internet practitioners believe that the Internet is not just a tool, they hope to traditional finance with the spirit of the Internet and the transformation of the original monopoly, although China Internet has just started for more than 20 years, and the first bank there has been more than 100 years; although relatively China state-controlled banks, Internet companies is almost "folk small workshop"……

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"my Taobao store is ready to be stocked, but the funds have not yet been withdrawn. It is urgently needed to pay 20 thousand yuan."."

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"I want to buy a piano for my daughter, but I haven’t paid my bonus yet, and I don’t have any extra savings at home,"

"I have 10 thousand yuan of idle deposits. The interest on the bank is too low and the investment is out of the question."."


Zhang Jun, the country’s first P2P net loan platform pat loan founder and CEO, was a Microsoft middle managers, 6 years of entrepreneurship.

, is there a demand like that around you? Do you want to borrow money from a group of strangers online, or do you dare to lend money to strangers on the Internet?

the core of this Internet technology is "data", first of all, and domestic authoritative data center to cooperate, such as the Ministry of public security, identity cards, information inquiry center, etc., to verify the borrower’s information. After verification, and then through the borrower’s social circle to conduct credit assessment, the data on its network has been left micro-blog, social circle of friends, the use of telephone mail, etc.

like this demand, 6 years in pat loan successful loan 650 million yuan, 55 thousand people in pat loan borrow money.


P2P: do you dare to lend money to strangers on the Internet?

but most of them, with their advocating equality, freedom, openness, sharing the spirit of the Internet, the traditional financial growth, in the middle of monopoly industry is subversive? Or fusion? Or can not afford to challenge

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