Not yet Alibaba’s self media platform construction exploration of my viewDon’t understand English o

doesn’t understand English, but needs translation. How can we solve this problem faster and better?

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in the Tencent and Baidu have launched their own self media platform "all Tencent" and "Baidu 100" and achieved great repercussions, as one of the big three domestic Internet Alibaba, in a media platform construction does not seem to be any follow-up reaction.

Tencent and we carefully observe hundreds of Baidu’s column, single traffic of more than 10 thousand, some even more than 100 thousand traffic. The vast majority of these traffic, not from the media people’s hardcore fans active access, but from Tencent, Baidu’s key recommendation. Especially for Baidu hundred media writers, the higher the flow of the article, his advertising revenue will be higher, these advertising charges plainly, that is, Baidu free gift.

one, the most basic is the online translation site and translation software. Online translation has many, such as fanyi.sh419,, fanyi.youdao, fy.iciba, etc., are commonly used online translation site, translation software has Kingsoft, Youdao, PowerWord and so on. However, these can only be applied to the translation of individual words, but the translation of sentence patterns and letters seems too stiff. A Xing recommended index:

why does Tencent and Baidu hundreds of people want to invest heavily in supporting domestic media writers to publish articles on their own media platforms?

Alibaba as a Tencent and Baidu Dingzhi three legged Internet giant, must not be missed from the media. In fact, Alibaba to do a distinctive media platform, than Tencent, Baidu has more advantages:

Tencent all patterns, similar to the traditional paper media, the well-known writer in high royalties manuscripts, writers of the higher visibility, more generous remuneration.

Baidu hundreds of models, more "Internet", but also to the domestic well-known writers from the media asked him, but by the way it is paid by the effect, Baidu advertising media directly in the writer’s article page, the advertising revenue to 100% of all writers.

four, in sh419 know question, immediately, immediately, someone will quickly answer you, and a variety of answers, but be quite different, you need to choose, has the advantages of fast response, the answer, is the lack of you don’t know which is the best answer. A Xing Recommendation Index: * *

second, Alibaba has a huge amount of traffic comparable to that of Tencent, Baidu, which brings huge access traffic to articles from the media;


many novice foreign Wangzhuan friends will have doubt, foreign Wangzhuan must know English, I used to share some things in this article, and issued a foreign Wangzhuan English dictionary, how much relieved some of the concerns and increased their confidence. But confidence alone is not enough. We want more solutions to the problem. OK, don’t talk nonsense, go straight to the subject.


obviously, Baidu’s model is more exciting for media people. Also, Baidu 100 also set a benchmark figure it, Cheng Ling feng. Allegedly, Cheng Ling Feng 9 papers published in the Baidu hundred accounted for half a month, advertising costs 30 thousand yuan.

six, it is a good method, but a Xing secrecy, ha ha, your blog or subscribe to a Xing Xing plus 504909949, you will get more. A Xing recommendation: * *.

three, a special English Wangzhuan forum to write, translation, English telephone service fee for service can be hit. The second, the price a little expensive, but for Wangzhuan experience, familiar with the industry, you will inevitably. A Xing recommendation: * *.

five, Youdao, artificial translation company translation, translation and human translation company translation prices are 120 yuan / 1000. We pay attention to the collection of the translation information, like some time ago, it launched a free event, only a small amount of the NetEase will be able to exchange e-mail integral, an expert in translation opportunities, people brush off dozens of such opportunities. A Xing recommendation: * *.

first, since the media will develop into a new business model, then the Tencent Baidu can integrate their media content platform, open publication, film and television, games such as the cultural industry chain, to obtain a more broad space for commercial development.

first, Alibaba B2B Chinese community, gathered a group of high quality electronic commerce software writers, the writers are not professional people from the media, mostly small and medium-sized enterprises of the general staff, but they have become the people from the media potential;

second, Baidu Tencent through the construction of media platform, with famous people from the media, which is equivalent to the number of opinion leaders in the field of "amnesty", these articles in a Tencent on the Baidu platform from the media, even after they don’t speak, at least not badmouthed, this is "discourse control right from the source, ahead of the crisis public relations.

two, looking for professionals to help you translate from Taobao, there are a lot of professional more than eight professional translators and professional translation company orders, including many overseas Chinese or foreign language speakers at the same time, the price is not expensive, one hundred words calculated by WORD words five yuan. So TMD can’t solve a problem that money can solve. They might be a little bit too close to the jargon of the industry. A Xing recommendation: * *.

some things, ah Xing does not say, perhaps you can not imagine, when ah Xing published out >!

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