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as an enterprise self O2O service platform, cattle island full of customer service, allowing customers to avoid high intermediary costs, customer data leakage, rights and interests of infringement and other risks. Not only that, expert island also has more than 10 years of experience in customer service team and from all over the world more than a hundred people in the registered accountants, financial planners, tax accountants, appraisers, engineers, teachers, lawyers, auditors, trademark lecturer, Professor, project investment experts and senior industry consultant team composed of professional.

two, rent sharing for rent,

such a one-stop business platform, so that users can real-time monitoring and query, to avoid the traditional two-way charging intermediary, to handle the whole process of enterprise registration norms, transparent, high quality and low price, for the majority of entrepreneurs do reduce the burden of pressure, to devote more time to concentrate on the business.

company registered 4.8 yuan, no hidden fees, any bundled consumption, to ensure that every entrepreneur hand is a copy of business license three in one, the official seal, financial and legal chapter, even engraved chapter is included in the cost of 4.8 yuan. Unimaginable cheap, more unimaginable service.

In the early days of

since the start of the year, house prices across the country have continued to surge, after the boom ushered in the change of the mentality of the people, for the moment the young man slowly accepted a reality is that no matter how to live frugally, wage saving is almost impossible to buy a house. Life goes on, live in the present, rent it. This form of consumption has changed from the original taboo to acceptance. This change in the mindset of consumption will also bring about a great variety of entrepreneurial opportunities, because whether people are rich or not, the pursuit of high quality life needs is constant. You can rent a house you can’t afford. That is what people just need, can not afford to buy a very difficult have? Think about to do population division, what woman want? What is the man most want? Who could not afford, difficult to buy, now rent to buy first. Used to. Living in the moment, happy every day, will be more and more young people’s attitude towards life. At the same time, in the future there will be such a social phenomenon, is to find friends to borrow money will become increasingly difficult, not unwilling to borrow, but really no money, are taken to spend the moonlight. Or only some of the liquidity, have invested in value-added, and really no spare money.

one, intelligent trading terminal

Island niurendao as a company with ten years of experience in the industry of traditional enterprise service company, also facing the Internet plus wave forward, a combination of technology and the concept of the Internet, the whole process of enterprises registered in the move to the Internet, and signed agreement with the cooperation of the government park.

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following the beginning of this year’s werewolf killing, sharing the charge treasure, we believe that the following 4 directions will be the next venture & investment tuyere:

Shanghai expert

, the ability of an individual to start an entrepreneur is very important, because it takes a lot of time and energy to do whatever you want to do. But again, you can choose a reliable platform to help you share part of it.

for startups, entrepreneurship must be done

The change of

was founded in 2016 the Internet merchants brand — Shanghai expert Island, to meet the "Internet plus" business model, to provide efficient safe and reliable service to O2O self service platform to help entrepreneurs.

entrepreneurial direction selected on the success of 50%, which should be the consensus of every entrepreneur. So, like how to choose the right direction, today we’ll have a chat.

Abstract: following the beginning of this year’s werewolf killing, sharing the treasure, we think there are 4 directions will be the next venture & investment tuyere.

technology brings change to life, if you observe carefully, you will see a lot of interesting phenomenon: in the streets, restaurants, party, has a function of frequency is more and more used, this function is WeChat, Alipay, micro-blog sweep, has become the people’s life habits. Habit has always been terrible, for it will guide your behavior without knowing it, even if it is wrong.

in the face of the market, cattle island has always been in line with the interests of the masses to solve the problem. There are more than 150 professionals on the island, specializing in registered companies, financial and tax agents, the company changed to trademark registration, copyright, patents and other one-stop O2O Internet enterprise services. At the same time, highlight the three major service features: first, professionalism; two, timeliness; three, empathy, to serve customers, fundamentally solve customer needs.

three and 00 social product

this new behavior, so that all transactions become simple, anytime, anywhere. Attendant, a large number of 7*24 hours, unattended, scan code open, retail, leasing intelligent terminal automatic settlement will usher in the golden period, to challenge all kinds of traditional line more than 30 trillion of the annual market size of the stores. Such as: self-help drinks vending machine, orange juicer, self-service buffet Mini karaoke room, self-service vending machines, self-service, self-service sports equipment second-hand mobile phone recycling…… of which any one category has the opportunity to make a 100 million U.S. dollars of the company.

entrepreneurship, we must first have a good project, according to the environment to choose, do sufficient market research. Every entrepreneur has his own ideal, and he has thought of making his enterprise bigger and stronger and becoming the top of the industry. But all things are empty talk, if they do not want to act. In order to realize one’s own ideal, it is important to establish a clear and feasible development goal.

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