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it’s like this:

then, Costello returned to become a code monkey, and created a range of technology companies, one of which was eventually bought by shlf1314 for $100 million. In 2010, he became Twitter CEO. In the first year of Twitter, Costello led the company to $10 million in profits.


about that time, Costello and technology journalist Kara Swisher had breakfast in San Francisco, the most feared and popular journalist in Silicon Valley". They talked about the topic of "Silicon Valley", "Silicon Valley man — at least I know who is always talking about this drama," Costello said, "it is strange for the satirical Silicon Valley drama, most people love it. I think it’s because, perhaps, a lot of people think that the characters in the play are acting on their own." Swisher said, "they’re talking about the boring technology."."


in June 2015, as Twitter’s share price continued to decline, Costello announced that he would leave the company. 3 days later, HBO aired the first season of Silicon Valley with a half ironic ending. The outcome of the season is that the protagonist, the technology start-up company CEO, was kicked out of the board. As one of the fans of the play, Costello found the scene strikingly similar to herself. "I can point out that each character in the play is a prototype in life – the founder of the outgoing, the new CEO, the onlookers."

a month later, Costello and American drama chiefs Judge and Berg had lunch in San Francisco. They told Costello that they had written the hopeless situation. Their new play is mainly about how an entrepreneur tries to build a company, how to separate an entrepreneur from a company, and then he doesn’t know how the story should develop. Spending a lot of time writing farce and disgusting jokes, Silicon Valley also seems to be a carefully researched work. So, Judge and Berg realized that the best way is to ask a consultant to give them more information. To their surprise, Costello showed great interest. "We >

        may I discuss this topic is not appropriate because I really just know a little and I have to make achievements in the inside but some people succeed this is certainly too many people earn million dollars this month by even one hundred thousand knife, still I believe you know
has now moved to Canada to the foreigner nest EMU, EMU if you don’t know what the words mean, to tell you what is said or cheated on.

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when Dick ·, Costello former Twitter CEO entered University of Michigan, he majored in computer science, but to his surprise, he was also good at improv comedy. After graduation, he came to Chicago and began his career in the second largest city theatre Second City Theatre. Unlike, Carell, Tina, Fey, and Adam McKay, Costello was not asked to join the parent company of the theatre, and his comedy career dried up.

talk about one of my personal experience
      02 years once it is not personal home station station and later began to study the results of the so-called hacker technology and give up the station now is
if at the time of doing it now regret but also earn a lot of money, but in fact there was a chance the wrong half of the reason is because the old Chen legend. Know this guy and how much I like good boy. Then said 05 years.   I was very want to make a station because you have no computer have to work on the delay.
      until 06 years in April, I was really made a station, at that time do not know how to make money, do not know how to do traffic, the basic is to play that. Later, accidentally discovered a 365ren alliance in the league by cheating to earn more than 100 is actually more than 500 because they are cheating he didn’t give me so much, though rarely but at least let me believe that the network can really make money. Later, because the traffic will not engage in relations, I gave up the management of this station. Later I heard that the foreign forum can give money to a specific post so I post how much money forget just know that the two day 4 knife, then I think if four knife can solve the problem of feeding me, I do stand with domestic considerations about what I think I should do a English the station and then to engage their own advertising, but this time I suddenly understand some of the basic means to engage in traffic domestic simple learning about SEO. I am not good at English and lazy so I gave up a little bit of foreign countries. Start at home, but in a few months so I know some of the following basic means abroad according to my own experience I just said is not good I hope you don’t laugh at me. Do we recommend the foreign alliance: 1. foreign advertising market is relatively mature compared with developed foreign economy from 2. the money for our good.

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