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recruiters have noticed that a good computer programmer is very close to the psychological characteristics of Yuasiboge syndrome characteristics: in narrow subjects have an obsessive interest, love, law and digital machines, fascinated by repetitive work, it will turn a deaf ear to social signals. Silicon Valley people have joked that the Internet is invented by people in the spectrum of autism. On the Internet, you can get in touch with others without having to endure the pain of seeing each other.

promotion: 0 cost inputs gather 30 million users

entrepreneurs also show some amazing psychological characteristics of eccentric >

Wired magazine called it "geek syndrome."". An early investor Peter Til Facebook in an "New York guest" visit about the establishment of the past ten years Internet Co said: "these companies are the owner of a certain degree of autism." Facebook, a former employee of Huang Yishan wrote a mention of the company’s founder Mark Zuckerberg, "a bit of autism.", because he was not enough for you to provide much positive feedback or affirmation, let you know he is listening to you." Craig classified advertising network founder Craig Newmark said that when he first heard the Asperger syndrome symptoms, he felt that these symptoms are familiar with "let him feel uncomfortable".

at the very beginning, Lian Zhiyao and partners did not realize that they are in the "entrepreneurial", but simply want to do a useful product for users. At that time, the three founders had their own jobs, and the WiFi companion was just a hobby".

looking back more than two years of business history, WiFi partner CEO Lian Zhiyao think, for developers, the early start is best not to think too much, because if you put all the difficulties and obstacles have thought of it, maybe I would not dare to begin". At the same time, as an innovative tool class applications, WiFi partners successfully gathered 30 million users, but it is 0 cost promotion investment. Next, let us enter the WiFi companion and the mobile Internet era of successful connection story.


several years ago, William Whit’s best-selling book "organisation man" in his proposed a point of view, he believes the president of the company is too fond of those "all rounder", so many companies have to "enemy" and the point of genius. Today, this prejudice is reflected in the opposite way. The software company wantonly unsocial recruit geeks, hedge funds are equally eager to inhalation of weird to try their best to accommodate Hollywood quants, creative talent politicians are prompted by a sudden impulse to break the rules, expect entrepreneurs to create jobs. Unlike the school playground, the market is very kind to these alternatives.

WiFi companion, the beginning of the story may not be typical entrepreneurial legend.

, Lian Zhiyao and two other founders in 2012, are also involved in communications operators’ web services. Thanks to this background, Lian Yao and his small partners learned that communications operators will deploy public wireless networks throughout the country. At the same time, with the popularity of smart phones, the demand for wireless network access is increasing. Here, Lian Zhiyao sees the chance.

: don’t want to venture too much dare to start

April 23rd, WiFi companion version V2.3 landing Tencent application platform grand treasure first, from the Tencent open platform data show that the WiFi companion episode downloads exceeded 600 thousand, an increase of 600% active users than the previous episode. After this blowout growth, the number of WiFi partners successfully exceeded 30 million. To reach this figure, less than two years from the first version of the WiFi companion in July 2012.

is a good computer programmer is very close to the psychological characteristics of Yuasiboge syndrome characteristics. TechWeb with

Lian Zhiyao said that at that time the idea is very simple, is to make a product, a product useful to the user, does not want to have to do what did not want to profit model, cost control and so on these things. In retrospect, Lian Zhiyao was very fortunate to have such a state, because if you put all the difficulties and obstacles have thought of it, maybe I would not dare to begin".

‘s high level in the financial sector is also very common. Now the quants have replaced the traditional social elite. Michael Lewis’s book "the big short" the hero of Michael berry character. The hedge fund manager spent his time in medical school writing his stock market blog as a pastime. His blog attracted the attention of a lot of asset managers, and eventually he gave up his job as a doctor and opened his own company. Later, he found that the mortgage market problems, so a heavy note gambling, the real estate market will collapse, and make a pot overflowing. Lewis in an interview with national public radio interview, said: "in the financial crisis, the only thing I can trust is the people with Asperger’s syndrome, wearing a false eyes."

July 2012, the first version of the WiFi companion was released. At that time the cock silk entrepreneur Lian Zhiyao, naturally no money to do what promotion, BBS, stick it, mobile gamers community…… These channels have become the "WiFi companion" at the beginning of "shelves" >!

‘s idea of being a product that helps ordinary users access the carrier’s free WiFi network takes shape in Lian Zhiyao’s mind. In this way, even Yao Yao together with two friends developed a WiFi companion such a product.

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