Some Wangzhuan popular recommendationMake products like a press conference

conference by using the principle of mind body interaction, the audience relax vigilance, fans closer distance, driven by body language, so as to make everyone feel happy excited, to achieve the desired results, in the audience also through various media, information and communication platform to share their feelings and joy, so as to achieve the information diffusion and promotion of the brand.

: user charisma attribute unexpected, if you do not provide this requirement, user satisfaction is not reduced, but when this demand, customer satisfaction will be greatly improved; nonlinear growth, growth rate


a dull conference, not enough to stimulate the scene atmosphere, but also not conducive to product publicity. The preset of these screams, lively scene atmosphere, can drive people’s body language, such as clapping, nodding, shouting, screaming and so on.


Hello, I am a fish, today the weather is good, the mood is good, so share several new friends Wangzhuan A5 suitable for beginners, I hope you love, good nonsense not say, directly on the

price scream

millet Li Wanqiang in the "sense of participation" in a book to do "immersion" theater style conference, wrote:

Kano model



craft scream point


third: "Oh, listen to this name, everyone should not be strange, a few days before the news is reported in the long term," Oh, actually do and code is similar, except that it does not need to enter the verification code, it generally yields more than code much taller, but may be difficult it should be higher, the task is usually to the forum or Post Bar post, or go to the sh419 know there are other places to answer questions, the general one is 5 cents to a few dollars, mainly to see the difficulty of the task, ha ha, more difficult task naturally higher income.

second: the task class Wangzhuan, this project is my personal recommendation, for the same reason, the higher income, money faster than what kind of credibility, click Wangzhuan is much higher, so very suitable for new people Wangzhuan operation.


code, the code: Wangzhuan is a very fire, this Wangzhuan money fast, but also many, is recommended to do one to struggle in the edge of Wangzhuan haven’t earned first pot of gold for friends, and the operation is very simple, is repeated input validation the code, you can then submit, income should be the day of a settlement, the general day to play a few hours fast, should be able to earn tens, ha ha.

fourth: Witkey Wangzhuan is quite suitable for this kind of some technology but not on the network to make money the new friends, this is also I introduce a several Wangzhuan’s most profitable, high income, monthly may more than 4000, oh, is not that is considerable. But it is also difficult, first you have to have many skills, such as website, understand the source code, PS pictures, in fact there are some task name or some creative, is also very suitable for novice friends to do.

well, today is here, after the time, fish will bring you more Wangzhuan project and information, so that more money is not a novice Wangzhuan friends earn their first bucket of gold

is a well-designed conference, can cause limb and psychological reactions of users, greatly improve the experience of the conference, word-of-mouth marketing, the same product can also learn the spirit of the conference, in the product intentionally set screaming, causing users resonance or emotional reaction. Charm attributes and expected attributes in the Kano model are the best means of expression. As shown in the following Kano model, only when the charm attributes and expected attributes have a high degree of user satisfaction will increase, especially when the charm attribute increases, the growth of user satisfaction is greater than the linear growth value.

!The first kind of

psychological studies have found that the human body and mind are mutually influencing and interacting with each other. Certain emotions trigger the body language, such as anger, we will clench fist, shortness of breath, when we are happy, we will mouth up, facial muscles relax. However, changes in body language also lead to emotional changes. When you can’t adjust your inner feelings, you can adjust your body language and drive out the emotions you need. For example, if you force yourself to smile, you will find that your heart is beginning to surge with joy, so pretend to be happy and you will be really happy. This is the principle of interaction between body and mind.


conference core is the product, the key form of presentation is presentation. The core elements needed in pre repeated torture: thoroughly tempered the number of audience screaming? All these screaming at all prior to sorting out the reasonable arrangement, it is best to ensure that every 5 minutes there is a scream, throughout the audience to do the whole urine.

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