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in recent years, more and more people want to make money online, but 80% have not earned a penny. 20% of the population of 90% people in recent days did not reach the income 50 yuan. The reason is that they don’t know the way. Some people are bound by the term "net money". Net money novice is like a headless fly flying around, everywhere rebuffed. By the Internet these "days earn hundreds of", "earn thousands of days" to the head. In his subconscious will think the Internet should be profiteering industry, as long as the success of a project, make a few hundred is relatively easy, O Chun does not deny that the Internet is a low threshold, high profit business tool.

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when he was in high school

network, a part of people found his road more narrow, smaller and smaller. Well, Chun told you that you have entered your own "Lane thinking", and that when you enter "Lane thinking", your thinking will become narrower. So how do you get out of your alley thinking? The reason why people enter their alley thinking, in the final analysis, or desire, when your desire to gather together when the outbreak, impatient. In fact, into the alley thinking people. They all have ideals and goals. When these desires break out, people tend to forget their goals and dreams, and realize what you want to do, not what you want. Everything is a process, I remember when I was in the senior high school entrance examination is not admitted to high school, went to a private high school art, so I do not know how I became the art students of art itself is not a cold. When I was a child, I was very bad at painting. When I was in primary school, my teacher asked me to draw Tiananmen. I painted the roof of the house in Tiananmen green, happy teacher. I didn’t know why I was happy with my paintings. A poor painting, I went to high school, studied art, became an art student. And passed the art entrance to the University Midway back 2 years.

used to do Wangzhuan may not need technology, a chat room also easily earn hundreds of dollars every day. Pure fool, no money, no technical content. There are many opportunistic projects that can be done at that time because very few people were Internet users. Internet users have just learned to surf the internet. In recent years is not the same, and now even junior high school students are a part-time webmaster. College students also have a lot to live on the internet. Internet money opportunistic era has passed, and in the future who is better than the comprehensive ability. Who has more resources, if you want to start a business through the network, you also need to have the weather.

third party platform management, suitable for the site, technical level limited friends to use, AdSense proceeds and independent site difference is not very big, the main difference is still an autonomy. Of course, there are many third party blog platforms with high degree of autonomy, you can freely change themes, custom code, etc. open plug-ins. I am here as you recommend blogger www.blogspot acquired by shlf1314, and other jimdo and so on. But from ease of use and openness and so on. I recommend blogger, mainly considering the shlf1314 acquisition of the blog platform, relative to the overall integration of higher. Although at present in China is a state of harmony, we are going to climb over the wall, so you can then update the content, but also in the search engine ranking is also high, eliminating the need for SEO optimization means many miraculous.

here also like you apply to the AdSense account or friend, was refused a friend, you can apply for a AdSense account by blogger, as long as your blog to write three articles, and then to apply, generally within 3 days will tell you audit by AdSense accounts, the Jin account is not K worry, I don’t worry about the money, I will let it to double that of the.

, most of the newbie on the web, just got into the industry. All the information I saw was eliminated several years ago. When new people enter the industry, they basically search for information on search engines, but really valuable information is not public. Experts are making money in low key. Not only novices, there are a lot of friends on the network for one or two days, there have been such problems, there is a lot of information inside the computer. But they haven’t touched it. It’s a hobby.

do English station, do psychological preparation, you have to prepare some English station preparation. English is also divided into third stations: site hosting and independent site management two. These two modes of English station can be taken into account, of course, the risks coexist. Today, let’s talk about some of the third English blog platforms for English speaking:

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