nventory of six failed cases of O2O replication in China


Since the concept of

O2O was introduced into China in November 2010, it has been rapidly heated up by various parties. All kinds of classified information websites, reviews websites, group buying websites and ordering websites have begun to claim themselves as "O2O" mode. O2O most basic explanation is through the online guidance flow to offline experience and consumption, from this broad sense, the above mentioned site types belong to O2O range. Like many Internet models, O2O also comes from the United States. The most typical practice for domestic entrepreneurs is to look at the O2O project in the United States and quickly copy them to china. Of course, not all O2O projects in the United States are suitable for development in China. Quality consulting has compiled several O2O cases that have failed or failed to be replicated in the country for reference.

1. Classified information / classified ads

first, with failure to describe the development of information classification model in China perhaps is not accurate enough, because currently several major domestic classified information website still live in relatively good, at least in the short term risk did not collapse; but said the information classification model in China is not copied into work, so there should be no objection. Craigslist founder of American online classifieds site in 1999 officially launched in 2005, China side of the people network (formerly Kijiji), Ganji and 58 city has set up. Different light and persistence of Craigslist in capital operation, urging domestic counterparts simply classified information more and more heavy, huge investment in the market and a large team of classified information website of domestic serious deficits, due to short-term performance in general, there is no chance of the sites listed, whether it is the 58 city Ganji are still but in the tenacious hard living.

Analysis of

goods transit: Craigslist preceded the popular search engines, provides a convenient platform for local life service information for the users, and the integrity of the system of the United States is relatively mature, Craigslist focuses on building the community culture carry forward the user’s sense of ownership, the control has done a good job in the quality of information. While the three major domestic classified information website from the outset by the simple mode of capital chasing, bigger and heavier, the pursuit of interests at the same time inevitably make the information quality can not be guaranteed; web traffic is heavily dependent on investment in the market, and the flow of cash value is not high, the future development prospects of doubt.

two, online restaurant reservation,

online booking restaurants are a real demand both in the US and in china. American restaurant reservation enterprise OpenTable was founded in 1998, 2009 May successfully listed on Nasdaq, OpenTable revenue in 2012 exceeded 160 million U.S. dollars, the current (May 22, 2013) market capitalization of more than $1 billion 500 million. And domestic restaurant is booked inside the enterprise, establish in 2003 "rice net and Cheng >"

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