Being a station is like drinking When will it taste

I have drunk every day (AD website, website: the original intention is to my father, after graduating from my university, about 2002, my father began to drink every day, it began a period of time, every day to drink two 2-3 wine, but a year later, drink more in particular, this year, almost every day drunk, as his child, I don’t know how to do to let him drink some. In addition, I was born in rural areas, relatively poor family, when I was in college, and was admitted to our Yunnan province famous claiming to be the elite schools of the University, spent a lot of money! However, after graduation, also did not find a so called a secure job, until now, has been doing odd jobs in the now, every month to pay 900 yuan

!I want to

the Internet, from 1998 in the school that will begin, of course, was also 163 dial-up Internet access, that is slow, in this I will not say more! In 2001 after graduating from University, I also participated in the county’s civil service exam, unfortunately, failed in the interview (which Maoni, I don’t talk about). Until 2002, the interview after the fruit, around 2002 March, I went to our township high school substitute, 300 yuan per month at that time! This is here an undergraduate level of wages (all those big names they said) a month later, I left the school, came to the county, the plan go to the provincial capital of Kunming, but my pocket only 150 yuan (substitute wages, of which 100 yuan opened it a month’s living expenses), so I’m in our small town is looking for a job, fortunately, I got 500 yuan a month’s work, give a little shop work and give me a pager, give me 20 yuan phone bill. When the boss is open rental of audio-visual products store, his idea is to move my computer, open a computer shop, of course, finally, not into, a month later, he announced that I laid off, and gave me 500 yuan of money, and put the pager back! He is a very good person. I thank him! After being laid off, with 500 yuan of money, I’m going to town! This time, I a cousin in the county found me, let me enter this company, now the day is 2002 May 2nd, my life changed, I now do not what is right or wrong,


in this company, I once again contacted the network, still 163 dial-up Internet access, but also good, this time in our county is still relatively limited access to the Internet! That’s on QQ, chat, about a month, this month, my typing speed is to keep the original school did not learn anything to know a lot, at this time, I decided to stay at that time, the main idea is to learn a lot of things in this company! In this month, I also met my wife, love, oh! (then, we are no longer. QQ chat, mobile phone to send short money)

so, about two years later, about

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