How to choose domain name space and website program

to make a website, you need domain name, space and website program. How do you choose domain name, space and website program?

domain name, standing in the SEO angle to choose, first of all to include keywords, if your website’s target keyword is "SEO", your domain name can best include "SEO"". If you are easy to remember, choose from a brand perspective, like "hao123", "163" and "Taobao", etc., are some classic success stories. Choose domain name, I usually used to buy together with space, because convenient management.

space, if you have the ability, you can buy a server to do, or rent a line, then step back to flat-share, but do you think the simple point line, you can buy a virtual space, which is the virtual host. Virtual host authority is less, but to run a simple website is enough, the premise is that the space you choose must have the strength or have some beer, or choose some did not have the strength of the space business, suddenly stopped, the hard to build the site will also be destroyed on one day. In choosing space, we should pay attention to the speed and stability of space movement. Because speed and stability is one of the important conditions that determine the ranking of websites. And customer service to communicate, see if the space support PHP, there is no SQL database, there is no log view function, and so on.


determines the domain name and space, it is necessary to choose a good website program. If you’re a programmer and you know how to design a web site, you can do it yourself. But there are so many open source programs, it’s not necessary to spend so much time doing it yourself. You can choose to do the forum, Discuz!; you do CMS, you can choose ASP KingCMS, with the entry of the good listening and speaking, can also choose to PHP dedecms, the two are very suitable for the optimization of; if you want to do an independent blog, you can choose ASP zblog, like Yunfu SEO is used this blog system, you can also select the WordPress PHP blog system, the two is now the most popular blog system; if you want to do a shop, you can use ECSHOP or shopex; there are people who want to do social networks, like the happy network, campus network, but also can be used to download a SNS the source code. The above website procedures are free, and are very suitable for optimization (except SNS), can be downloaded online.

of course, after you download the website program, you’ll have to test it locally, modify some personalized content, and then upload it. These steps are also introduced. When uploading, you need an upload tool such as LeapFTP or FlashFXP to download one.

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