Why is Taobao shopping guide website quite market

Taobao shopping guide website early appeared, the earliest time is pure shop recommended form, after mogujie.com, beautiful said such sharing Taobao shopping guide website, then Taobao shopping site shopping, petals more and more appear in front of us, so many websites, so frequent appear, this means that Taobao buys the website must be very market.

but we know that Taobao itself has provided a very simple entrance and shops recommend, it has perfect search system, also have quite clear classification navigation, by users to find some want goods is very simple, but the Taobao shopping guide website still reflects the very high value, active on it the user is very much, this is why


summarizes 5 factors here:

1, Taobao is China’s electricity supplier "core"

Taobao’s status in the electric business district is increasing day by day. This kind of rise is not only reflected in the e-commerce environment, but even embodied in the entire internet. We will see in Taobao under the impact of independent electricity supplier Lu increasingly difficult; can also see the Taobao monopoly on shoppers: in the Baidu search dress every day only a few hundred, but in Taobao, there are hundreds of thousands of.

The tremendous influence of Taobao

on the Internet industry, let people believe that Taobao will be the biggest winner of domestic electricity supplier, rely on Yu Taobao and service in Taobao is a permanent solution to make electricity supplier "". So Taobao shopping guide website will be so firmly exist.

2, Taobao website commodity entrance is too single,

yes, Taobao search is very convenient, the classification is also very clear, but the entrance is too single, from the consumer’s perspective, they are more willing to see more channels can enter Taobao, to facilitate their shopping in Taobao. And Taobao shopping guide website provides more goods entrance to the user. What’s more, the entrance to the Taobao shopping guide website is "very high quality" because there are things beyond the product parameters and prices, such as after use, such as whether a product is in line with the trend and so on. These things are what users care about most.

Taobao’s entrance is too small, Taobao shopping guide website not only provides the entrance, but also provides a "suggestion", so naturally easily accepted by users.

3, shopping from demand to life

now people are no longer just because demand and shopping, a lot of time is in the process of enjoy shopping, shopping and shopping guide website is now Taobao a lot of service to users, to allow users to experience more fun when shopping.

people on these platforms to share, discuss, get acquainted with the interest of friends, these make shopping into a living thing, turned it into a kind of life, this is the essence of Taobao shopping guide website, the user is also very "sticky" the net "

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