Gao Chen from garbage station to industry station is the final choice of stationmaster

I’ve been standing here for 5 years by April 26, 2009. From the beginning of the site with, now do some fairly satisfied with the site, it is a breakthrough to own.

did the station for the first time, and used the program of 516 websites navigation. At that time on the Internet to find a set of procedures, but also do not know how to batch replacement, you know, one page changes, hundreds of pages, I changed for several months just fine. After the completion of such changes, the 516 official website revised, and he himself has been thrown a cold water, there is no impetus to continue. Coupled with the beginning of contact with the site, do not know how to do traffic, how to put advertising, find N advertising Union, hanging N+1 ads, traffic has always been hovering within 500. I don’t know. At that time, those advertising unions went bankrupt. No, advertising was hanging so much. After hanging for a few months, I found no income.

was tired and began to do the forum. Just do forum, met a friend on the net, helped me pull in a large number of moderators, and some moderators have been followed me to do now. Those moderators, some now move abroad, some have done business CEOs, and some work in the municipal government, but they are still connected. Thank you for their support here.

second years, accidentally registered a domain name (, but do not know what kind of Web site should do. A few days later cudgel thinking, decided to do the entertainment website. At that time do not know what is CMS, there are many online articles management system, do not know how to use. Fortunately, at that time, there was something called "thief program", which was downloaded everywhere. It synthesized a variety of thief procedures, and made a "very net"". The content of course is many and miscellaneous, movies, pictures, news, sex, BT downloads, music…… It looks like a perfect entertainment station. It is estimated that most of the webmaster know the shortcomings of this website, that is, the resources are not on your station, you do not have the right to self-management of the site.

by the time the "ten net" is done, a webmaster friend finds me and asks me to share my program with him. At that time I felt nothing, and some people like to prove that their efforts have been recognized, it was packaged to him. That stationmaster is particularly grateful, want to give me remittance to buy, I say: "no, this is not the program that I write alone, I just put a lot of others procedures together, can’t be sold.". Then began to pack their own programs, free download, actually got a lot of support. Later, it’s because the program is out of date, thanks for the MJJ fish. Until now, you can search to "network station program".

"very net" program, although well-known, but a year can not earn thousands of blocks, mainly content is too passive site, and decided to do other things in transition. Then a QQ space resources forum, relying on the joint efforts of forum moderators help and other members of the forum, the flow of bass bass to rise, income also increased gradually.

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