The growth story of a local county website

The establishment of

Libo tourism network is actually a complicated and bumpy process.

the reason was when I started my business in Chengdu in 07. At that time to leave home for a period of time after the start, often miss the home of people and things, open the Baidu search "Libo", only to see the Libo County People’s government, the contents of only some government information and other administrative areas of Libo, serious and simple, they came up as a Libo local website, can let the body there is a small window in the home Libo people understand the home and interactive contact, so that the people of Libo registered But because it was busy, is delayed, until soon after the new year, suddenly encountered a freezing, had bought a train ticket home is due to road closures and receded, so a person lived in Chengdu a cold new year.

in the past few days to set up the website of Libo people, Libo is a contact and exchange platform, and later found more people talk more about at this site is Libo tourism, in everyone’s advice into the Libo tourism website, registered the domain name, is the Libo tour, so as a result, the nature of the site has changed somewhat, the original Libo site where people can only go to the QQ group to communicate, access to more Libo tour is non Libo tourists, had just completed a home and a few pages, then I returned from Chengdu to Guiyang, because of the time, Libo travel website there has been no complete, no updates, simply Libo xiaoqikong Daqikong and several other attractions. May be the reason why Libo not related sites and Libo tourism hot, site one day can have dozens of hundreds of IP, I left a QQ number on the website, often someone with QQ consulting in Libo tourism, in each to tourists, when they travel to Libo to go back and talk about my trip to Libo happy, I was happy with the psychological. So decided in the May Day Golden Week approaching, must Libo tourism website construction intact.


‘s day and night, the site’s complete pages and programming were complete. After much deliberation, decided to change the site to a more popular name "Libo tourism network", also registered domain name for the Libo tourism English "", more formal, more memorable. After determining these, in the new website officially released in April 15, 2009, enabled the new domain name, and began to work night and day finishing content.

content of the site, decided to share mainly tourists, their collection, editing, supplemented by way, while providing hotel reservations and ticket purchases and self-help groups and other travel services in Libo. After on-line, I contacted the county government and the County Tourism Bureau, and got their support and affirmation, and provided me with the relevant text and picture information. I am especially grateful to them for their support for my ideas.

site on-line today, just 10 full days, the new site domain name also >!

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