Subdividing the nternet structure to success

the Internet is supposed to be a fish and snake mix. It’s horrible, but there’s a lot of heroes in the age of chaos,

everybody knows, stationmaster net, the website such as the person that fall behind already was in stationmaster communication network top, height is very cold,


with the expansion of the network, there are three batch of network elite,

first batch: boutique station.

second batch: garbage station.

third batch: hacker station

‘s first batch of experts should be the Internet leader, they create a good learning environment and creative model.

second batch of money is the fastest one, the garbage station is not garbage. Now the webmaster almost 80% of the hands have 1 to 3 garbage station, to maintain the flow and fund.

, I don’t go into details in the third installment. I don’t like hackers, because I’ve been hacked, but hackers are also a good place to make money..

I know a 90 after the small webmaster, he himself also original, but also from the network to point content, before in the blog and often communicate with him about the experience of the building site,

later turned out to be a CMS type of website because his blog traffic was too large,


is the current[Chinese webmaster League]

started, he did a lot of damage to the station, the CSS template problem, content maintenance issues, too many,.

is all settled now, and the site is on track,

He said

" the original website like blogging, from psychological aspect, the site is a use of time and content to flow, blog is about ‘fine’, if the website as blogging is not the effect will be very good! "

so he made his website a "boutique + garbage" station,

is really good! Now his website has a lot of people to browse, visit, and even have business cooperation,.

think about a new website, 2 days have received 800IP-2500PV (record only the home page and classification page, no content page) results,

you might as well try to use your website as a blog to write.

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