The relationship between websites and electronic journals

said about websites and electronic magazines, and many friends might wonder how the site might be linked to an electronic magazine. But in fact, this is the case, we should firmly believe that such a view, the world mountain only we can not imagine, we can not do without, not trying, how will it feel useful?


many of my friends think of website marketing, the most popular is the use of SEO and blogs, forums and the free way, of course, as a personal webmaster we cannot use the PPC and the portal challenge, we do not have the strength, if any, so now I have here to teach you my point of view.

in addition to the general webmaster will use the website marketing, I also found a new way, that is the use of electronic magazine propaganda, in fact, this is a very fashionable and useful. Now I will tell you how I use electronic magazine to promote my website.

I have a novel station, called bud Chinese, of course I this novel station is a small station, mainly to provide youth novels and other campus novels to everyone, there is little reason to be involved, this is because the main campus novels, determines the strength of their own, I no strength and starting point that novel station competition, which is decided by the objective reasons. In the line on the website at the same time, my own electronic magazine also in Sina released some good platform release, I give me the name of the magazine called "bud Festival", in this case, with the name of the site, can better play the role of promotion.

put a lot of web related content in the electronic magazine, let people see after such a feeling, like a "sacrifice" is actually a product in Chinese network’s, is a magazine like Chinese network launched, so people will leave some impression on bud Chinese net of course. Your journal nature also have level and quality is very good, also to attract the reader’s eye place, after all, is to have its own characteristics, with the website to have the original is the same reason, or even if you do not take the magazine out of people, it is no good just waste your valuable time.

told us this literary novel, I used the excellent article many websites in my journal, high novel hits, I put some potential data and author’s introduction, at the same time the light of writing will certainly make people upset, people want to know now most of them are not to sit, according to the characteristics of a lot of people do not love love the picture of the text, I put a lot of fashion exquisite pictures in magazines, of course, if you have the original picture that is better. In addition to the pictures, there are some nice videos and FLASH. These are essential things for magazines that follow the fashion path.

is good at magazines and it’s especially important to find a good publishing platform. I just started in a single one

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