Organ Wolf misappropriation of original articles so rampant Adsense continue to original

first of all, what is the original article stolen? Organ wolf will be stolen original article is divided into two kinds:

is the first type of "text thief": reproduced in the original article, only the original author to leave the URL deleted.

second, is the "Wu steal": reproduced in the original article, not only the original author’s website will also delete the original author, keywords name, soft in all replaced with their names, keywords, web site, and even do a certain degree of pseudo original, made with really like.

there is no denying that both the thief and the robber are harmful to the original author.

when the webmaster hard to write a piece of experience, the successful launch of an original, other sites have reproduced, contains many, but there is a problem, most of the webmaster site to the bottom left out, the same is Baidu included, is the success of stealing an original, the success of a high quality chain.

authorities yesterday wrote an article "wolf wolf: how organs rich web traffic sources, avoid relying on a single Baidu ranking!" sent to the main station site, the second day, the wolf with a query about Baidu office, sure enough, there are many websites, however, is not meant that every transfer into the chain effectively? After all grassroots webmaster released the final aim of original or effective chain. Sadly, the answer is no! After inquiry, this article organs wolf, most of them are the pirates, there are 2 post steal! Only a few sites are collected directly without making any changes, it is successful to increase the chain.

careful webmaster can even find, and some reprinted articles Baidu included, and really original article has not been included, see this, I don’t know the original author, what should I do?. Is called Baidu eye without de theft or scold entertain an angel unawares? Reproduced? I can only use two words to describe my feelings "Speechless


from the original article so rampant, also some lazy webmaster benefit bandit is shallow, wolf organs in thinking about a problem, now write the original and pseudo original which is more efficient? After all, write the original not so simple things, especially true to share their experience and ideas, always forming in thought, often need to write an article about 1-2 hours, but often a few minutes to fix the pseudo original. And the same collection effect, the same effect of the chain, but pay is completely different. This makes me very tangled, in the end I should not continue to share the original. After all, my time is limited, if I like some webmaster, in the network to collect some of the original, and then change their own articles published, has the same effect, as the chain, but also saves me time! Or two words "tangled!"

organs wolf is just a grassroots webmaster, have no ability to influence the moral standard of others, can only call you webmaster, soft Wen original author welcome everybody to turn!

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