Rural electricity providers need to start building the nternet infrastructure

in the Internet plus era, the development of rural industrial production is also inseparable with the internet. Administration of the State Council shows that rural electricity providers will become the next important means to promote rural income. But rural electricity supplier is not just rely on the electricity supplier platform to the countryside can be solved.

In the executive meeting of the State Council Premier Li Keqiang

however, a number of cases from the rural electricity supplier reporters, rural electricity providers work may be more complex than the Internet giant imagination. Lack of Internet infrastructure, as well as rural people unfamiliar to the virtual world, will hinder the development of rural electricity supplier. In other words, the prosperity of rural electricity providers, not only rely on one or two artificial festivals, the one or two electricity supplier to the countryside, but to gradually promote and popularize.

in Tencent for the rural market "village" in the plan, the first step is to contact the operator to build a base station, to provide a stable and cheap Internet services for rural areas, especially in the mobile internet. The public Tencent responsible Chen Yuanyuan told reporters, although more and more young people in rural migrant workers in the process, the mobile Internet is no longer strange, but staying in the home of rural people, or are not familiar with these new tools of life. In her experience, and even the emergence of free for the villagers to provide smart phones have been rejected event. The reason for the villagers is very simple: "too complicated to use, not to use". Chen Yuanyuan think, to promote the popularization of rural electricity supplier, is the fundamental infrastructure, villagers will use only, willing to use the mobile Internet and related equipment, there are further consumption or sale may.

"rural Taobao" as the Alibaba’s rural strategy project, for a year in 27 provinces about 6000 administrative villages set up service station, convened a group of migrant youth in their hometowns as "village Amoy partner", by their guidance and help the villagers to order goods on Internet, even undertake online shopping goods distribution the "last mile". Part of the village Amoy partner found that to allow the villagers to accept online shopping, is not an easy thing.


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