Zhou Xinghai benefit management can enhance employee motivation

a shop if the business is always bad, even if the owner does not take effective management, I am afraid it is difficult to better retain employees. So, if you want to do a good job of staff management, may wish to benefit management, Zhou Xinghai is doing so. Now, let’s get to know how Zhou Xinghai does a good job as a clerk.

when I was in the supermarket is the beginning of reform and opening up, when the supermarket business is good to do, open the supermarket is also very profitable. After a few years, I opened another supermarket in another city. I know that some people know how to manage the enterprise, although my supermarket is very small, but also regarded as a business. I don’t like family business.

so, in another store, I hired a business manager and clerk. As the saying goes, do business, business is the pursuit of benefits, no benefits who do business. Therefore, in the management of the staff, I am also hanging hook and benefits, with the actual benefits of the management of the clerk, the clerk’s salary and benefits linked to mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff enthusiasm.

each store has its own unique management philosophy and management style, each clerk on entering a new environment, have to undergo a familiar process, only to enter the working process of rome. Therefore, after the clerk came in, first of all, combined with the characteristics of the store, to establish an effective incentive and restraint mechanisms, and timely conduct of business skills training staff to explore the greatest potential of the clerk. The training of the staff is divided into regular training and sales skills training.

The conventional

based training is the product knowledge training, mainly is to let the staff remember product classification shop, product origin and related features in the shortest time, at the same time to memorize the retail price of the product, in order to recommend to customers. Sales skills training is the focus of the training, because in the increasingly fierce market competition, in the premise of quality and price of many products are relatively close to the retailer, in order to get more market share, only by terminal sales success.

therefore, I attach great importance to the salesperson’s sales skills training, including the clerk in the business sales attitude, the sale of standardized terms and how to accept customer complaints and other sales strategies. Trained staff, the quality of management will be greatly improved, not only have the ability to manage daily sales and deal with emergencies, but also better than no trained staff.

after the training of the clerk, business and service are higher than the general clerk, so it is easy to find a job. How to retain these high-quality staff? I think of the implementation of "effective management" in the store – the supermarket is divided into two regions, each region is responsible for the operation of the two assistants, each half a year rotation. The clerk’s salary and benefits are linked, which areas of sales, staff earn >

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