Guangzhou investment business club will hold Roundtable talks peaks

Guangzhou as China’s opening to the outside world window, North Canton, one of the top three super tier cities, it has reached an unprecedented peak of entrepreneurs. Even such a very suitable for investment in the region, but also the need for investors and entrepreneurs to fight together.

"Guangdong investors and entrepreneurs are very low-key, but in the mobile Internet era, especially in the sharing economy era, the door Chinese rapid capital market to open innovation, entrepreneurial projects, investors need to unite Southern China." One of the promoters of the investment + alliance partner in the China Merchants Group Xie Yong said, hoping to enhance the ability to invest through the joint, to achieve win-win sharing.

"Guangzhou investment climate need such an alliance to connect investors and entrepreneurs." An angel to partner Cao Rihui said that to a vote last year more than and 50 projects, but most of them are in Beijing, but most of the projects are from other peer institutions to promote the angel, "we hope that Guangzhou will have peer cooperation, take out a good project, realize the upstream and downstream cooperation, this is a very necessary the ecological circle."

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