Do business at a loss

if you lose money in business, such business is necessary to do it? I am afraid that many shopkeepers are thinking about a problem. In fact, we can not simply think about a loss, but also need to start from a more perspective. I had a college classmate who had a personal experience. His father opened a building materials store, once, his father to go to Beijing, stay for more than half a month, the store to his son.

‘s father left foreleg, the rear door customers. To a middle-aged woman, asked: "boss, gypsum board how to sell?" He confidently replied: "17 yuan, a good quality." "Too expensive, others sell 15 yuan a, you want to $17?" He had, the purchase price of 15 yuan a gypsum board.

followed by a few more to buy the building materials, the same is asked after the price of gypsum board immediately left. Three days in a row, it is because the price of gypsum board can not talk, so that the store business deserted. He was so confused, until the fourth day……

customers are brought by the familiar Li Mujiang. Li Mujiang put the customer to the store area, own it in the side of leisurely tea, let the landlord and owner of bargaining. When he heard the plaster board 17 yuan a piece, Lee carpenter interrupted: "your father is to give me $14, the discount point!"

Li carpenter to see him do not believe the sidewalk: you look at the previous list, is not 14 yuan? I can’t lie to you!" As soon as he looked, on the delivery list actually actually writes: 14 yuan / zhang! At this point, the customer has been very impatient.

watched the business in hand and yellow, he thought himself a few days are not down to a list, ready to sacrifice, at a loss is also recognized, the first to open a piece of. So he said, "good."! Since it is an old acquaintance, 14 on the 14, how much goods!"

customers to see this process, could not help but applaud the Li Mujiang nodded, said: "other materials, but also here to set it, but the price to the point of preference." After the end of the account, the customer patted him on the shoulder to say that he was enough, but also pulled out a cell phone contact with another is preparing for the decoration of colleagues, but also to buy his decoration materials. In this way, the store’s business is a single busy.

night, he suddenly realized: gypsum board looks like a loss of one yuan, but the amount of cheap, more than a dozen gypsum board will lose a dozen yuan. And other materials, prices and dosage should be higher than the gypsum board many times, in the gypsum board on the other side of the money lost in the material. In fact, the most important thing is to study the psychology of the customer, when the customer knows the store a few things cheaper, they found that other things are also the lowest price. So happy, and even became a store live ads.

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