Open pet stores need what charges

pet store is a good project in the current market, many people see the business opportunities of this project, want to join the investment. So, open a pet shop, then what costs? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

1. first choose a legitimate pet store to join the brand, because the pet store to join the brand cohabitation. Franchise chain operating pet shops, pet stores to open those costs? Need to go through the Ministry of Commerce for the record and approval. Select the brand must look for the Ministry of Commerce for the record of the brand, otherwise all the parties are in violation of the contract, the law can not be protected, franchisee interests can not be guaranteed.

2. pet store to open those costs? Pet shop equipment costs, the need to open a pet shop pet beauty equipment, shelves, supplies, cashier tires, air conditioning and other equipment, the overall need to add up to about 2-3 million.

3. pet stores need to rent and renovation costs. Open pet stores to those costs? Open a suitable pet store rent a month in 5000-8000, renovation costs around 20 thousand.

4. pet store to open those costs? Pet shop to join the labor costs, want to open a good pet store, certainly no shortage of talent support.

above is about the need for the introduction of what the cost of pet stores, I hope that we should pay more attention to this, only the plan, so shop can be more relaxed.

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