Dishonest enterprise black list of 136 companies in Anyang list

in the process of rapid economic development, although China’s economy has achieved a series of remarkable results, but there are a series of problems that we can not ignore. From October 10th onwards, Anyang 136 dishonest companies and 148 personal list of dishonesty, will focus on the city’s 5 large outdoor display rolling broadcast for 10 days. This is the October 9th news reporter from the day of the integrity of the construction of Anyang red and black list news conference to get the news.

conference released the first half of this year, the city’s integrity, red and black list. Among them, 225 companies included in the red list, 136 companies promises and 148 dishonest individuals included in the black list".

reporter in dishonest enterprise black list to see that these companies are included in the black list of the main reasons for violation of relevant laws and regulations, refused to fulfill the effective judgment documents, product quality is not up to standard. Anyang civilization office, responsible person, the city from last year to implement the integrity of the red and black list system, in principle, held a press conference every six months.

Although the

market has the function of self-regulation, but in the face of some unscrupulous businesses, the government to take a certain initiative, and actively carry out effective intervention, so that the market environment is more healthy. The implementation of "trustworthy incentives included in the list of enterprises, enterprises and individuals included in the" black list ", not only should be disposed of in accordance with the laws and regulations, will also organize relevant departments to support employment and entrepreneurship in low-income assistance, enjoy preferential policies and take measures to limit the punishment.

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