Global big in the eastern and Xining handshake to celebrate the eighteen to see the new changes

world retail giant WAL-MART, Malaysia Parkson group, the world’s largest will be located in the east of the city of the news, many people shocked, and some even questioned. With the specific projects contracted floor, east to the city with the practical action declared: This is no longer the concept of people in underdeveloped areas, but contains the infinite potential, with a "strong" a gorgeous new city in the development of the.

this Mengjin momentum of subversion of the traditional development speed? A set of data can prove that, in 2011, east area GDP of 12 billion 955 million yuan, an increase of 16%, belonged to the completed investment in fixed assets 2 billion 340 million yuan, an increase of 37.84%. This year, the city’s goal set on the basis of a substantial increase over last year, are more than 10%, after the development of the obvious advantages of the city’s natural environment favored by investors.

and WAL-MART, Parkson and other industry leaders in demanding, also showed the east area these years with the development of economy from another angle, in the adjustment of industrial structure, improve the urban landscape and living environment optimization efforts for strength. There are many details as investors see: in the regional economic development, in addition to prominent east district projects to lead the industry, the third industry development focus is also proposed to "service" to foster consumption, trade and logistics as the basis, establish the logistics information system, promote the logistics, information flow and capital flow integration, improve the logistics operation efficiency and service quality, logistics, warehousing, trade and industry to promote interaction.

on the surface, the global big in the eastern and Xining "handshake", is on the eastern economic development certainly, but the glory of the past behind, is another relationship to all residents of the area of the mind – to improve people’s livelihood. Develop the economy and improve people’s livelihood without more money, easier said than done. Compared to other urban areas, the basic conditions of the eastern region and the need to improve too much, so, increasing the livelihood of the cause of investment, has become the best driving force for economic development in the east.

2011 East District of multi-party financing 1 billion yuan to do 30 things, in the community health service hospitals, township hospitals, station 407 basic drugs zero profit, reduce the medical burden; Dongguan, in the community service center is built; 7 elderly day care center for the elderly have a more professional caregivers…… This year, east district also promised to local residents, and actively strive for national and provincial and municipal funds, plus the financial district 80%, a total investment of 1 billion 100 million yuan to improve people’s livelihood and social undertakings, North Street Primary School, primary school, primary school of Oriental rhyme ieguchi an engineering school years completed and put into use; moderately improve the community cadres and sanitation the wages of workers; suffering from major diseases or the occurrence of sudden major disasters caused by family troubled low destitute families implement temporary relief; the purchase of low rent housing to solve the housing problem of the low part of the housing households destitute households etc.. A commitment to honor, so that the residents of the area of the year after year.

a new year is coming,;

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