Xining city procuratorate multi initiatives to ensure the standardization of law enforcement

two years of "construction of law enforcement standardization" is the guarantee of the revised criminal procedure law, civil procedure law implementation, to further promote the construction of law enforcement standardization, effective measures to ensure that the correct exercise procuratorial authority according to law. According to the work requirements of the higher Procuratorate, Xining City West District People’s Procuratorate to take effective measures to provide a solid guarantee for the smooth implementation of the law enforcement standardization year.

It is reported that

, the organization of police officers to seriously study the relevant meeting to vigorously promote the construction of law enforcement standardization committee, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate and the provincial Party committee and the superior Institute of spirit, a profound understanding of the important significance of guiding police enforcement standardized construction, strengthen to carry out the construction of law enforcement standardization activities of "the year of the importance and urgency of understanding. Combination of "strengthen education" and to the people, pragmatic and honest as the main content of the party’s mass line educational practice activities learning ideals and beliefs, to guide police officers to enhance the consciousness and implement the guidelines and policies of the party, firmly establish the purpose of law enforcement people consciousness, further change the concept of law enforcement, standardize law enforcement activities. Strengthen education and training, and constantly improve the law enforcement officers and police officers. On the one hand, focus on the development of "law enforcement work of procuratorial organs to basic standards" (2013 Edition) learning training work, on the other hand, continue to carry out the work of the criminal procedure law and the civil procedure law training held after the modification, the revised criminal procedure law and the civil procedure law special hall, to further enhance the professional quality of the police. (author: Wang Jingye)


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