To improve the professional competence of statisticians awesome 2011 statistical work held the 2

    correlation index survey of rural households in 2011 – the National Bureau of statistics has been adjusted, the rural household survey procedures for Haps synchronization upgrade, in order to adapt to the new reporting program operation needs, effectively improve the statistical investigation ability, improve the work level, to ensure the authenticity and integrity of the statistical data. In March 10th, the Xining Municipal Statistics Bureau of Agricultural Statistics Department organized a survey of rural households Haps program upgrade training, training the three county four District Bureau is responsible for the Rural Household Survey Bureau of agricultural statistics I business personnel and crews, a total of 14 people. The training class invited the National Bureau of statistics, Qinghai Investigation Corps Rural Household Survey Department of the business staff on the Haps program after the upgrade of the operating rules of the teaching and practical exercises. Guo Qinghua, deputy director of the Xining Municipal Bureau of statistics on the purpose of the training, meaning made an important speech. Deputy director Guo Qinghua pointed out that the statistics personnel should take a "three increase" work requirements as the goal, cherish this training opportunity, and constantly improve the statistical work ability, improve the level of work in 2011, rural households in the statistical work, strengthen the audit work of statistical data, high quality and high efficiency to complete the season (year) reports completing the work, to enhance the implementation of the survey, data quality and credibility. In the training, operations of NBS Survey Office in Qinghai business personnel after the upgrade of the Haps program in detail, and the practical problems of basic statistical personnel during operation to answer them one by one. At the same time, the 2011 season (year) reported statements to some of the precautions were explained. On the training course, all the staff actively, on the day-to-day operation of the existing problems in the consultation. The training class, so that the county statisticians to master the operation process of the upgraded Haps program, in order to do a good job in the future report entry, audit, reporting work to lay a solid foundation.  

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