n the first half of the north area tourists 950 thousand passengers total tourism income of 620 mil

This year, the city of Xining city tourism development momentum is good, domestic and foreign tourists 958 thousand passengers, an increase of 13%, total tourism income of $620 million, an increase of 25%.

it is understood that the north of the city now has a national A-level scenic spots, including 1 4A scenic spots, 3A level scenic spots in the first half of the year, a total of 3 domestic and foreign tourists received a total of 958 thousand people. In addition, township interest farming culture ecological park has been the Ministry of agriculture, the National Tourism Bureau as the national five star leisure agriculture and rural tourism park, Baoziwan Area Ecological Sightseeing Leisure Agriculture Tourism Park has formed a tourism brand, biological park is creating the national 5A level scenic spots, north mountain soil, biological park Louguan Tibetan Medicine Museum two the key period of the development of tourism projects construction is steadily advancing.

north of the city will be carried out through the theme of publicity and education, organized by the National Food Festival, concerts, painting and calligraphy exhibition, flowers and other different forms of promotional activities, the development of winter tourism. (author: Peng Sheng Sheng Dong)


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