Which new roads will be built this year in Qinghai

Xining Beltway south, tea cards to Golmud, Yashenga to Tongren and a number of high-speed road this year to focus on the built, also started circling the Xining outer ring road (via Huangzhong to Datong, the safe) to banma, Dawu dari Ledu to Longhua section of the 6 new traffic project…… March 23rd, the reporter on the implementation of the province this year, a number of road projects, especially the implementation of a few people concerned about the implementation of the highway. With the South Ring Road and a number of roads in this year’s opening to traffic, the road will be more accessible to the people of our province.
– South Beltway –
to ease traffic pressure on the city to implement the target: in October of this year will be opened.
– tea –

– teeth with high speed to build the green Gansu and Sichuan fast channel
Yashenga to Tongren after the completion of high-speed will drive the coordinated development between Qinghai and Gansu, Chengdu Chongqing Economic Zone, build Qinghai fast track linking Tibet and Sichuan provinces two. At present, with the completion of the highway tunnel 83.3%, bridges and culverts to complete the 62.8%, roadbed completed by 60%. Xining city circle – –
– –
– class section of Xining to Yushu — Transformation of
second channel;

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