Tourism market ushered in a small peak travel

with the advent of the tourist season, the province’s aviation market ushered in a small peak travel. After Xiamen Airlines opened a new Xining – Beijing route, Changan Airlines opened a new Xining – Xi’an route after July 15th, Tianjin Airlines opened a new Tianjin – Xining route, July 16th Dragon Airlines to open Shenzhen – Zunyi – Xining route, by the Airbus 320 fly.

Tianjin is an important core area of a world-class city group of Beijing Tianjin Hebei, Tianjin – Xining route after the opening, the number of flights between the two places every day will be up to 3 classes, to a certain extent facilitated Xining to the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region traffic. Shenzhen – Zunyi – Xining route opened, is the first implementation of the Xining and Zunyi Air China Unicom, which in turn has "the roof of the world" of Qinghai and "Red Tour" of Zunyi and "charm" in Shenzhen with the air bridge closely link up. Currently, Xining to Shenzhen daily flight volume has reached 6 classes.

now, Xining airport navigation point to reach 51, the number of routes to reach 56, settled in Xining Airport Airlines reached 15.


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