Business is not a matter of purpose

receives a phone call from a customer, or when it comes to receiving the customer, talking to another customer, which is a normal thing for the owner. However, even this is a normal thing, in fact, will adversely affect the operation of the store. To sum up is to do business is really not a dual-use, so it will not adversely affect the operation of the store, the economy will not suffer losses.

was originally sold 5 yuan a bottle of beverage, and ready to buy a bottle of this beverage customers, after knowing the price to give is also a face value of 5 yuan of money. Ordinarily, when I just took the customer that 5 yuan of money put into the drawer on the line. I did not do so, finally, make yourself feel fantastic things to see: just know the price after the customer has come up with a face value of 5 yuan of money, I will confiscate the in the money, to open their own cash drawer, took out 2 yuan from the inside give that person.

that person is not polite to me, when I saw the 2 yuan to find out, just a little hesitation and then took me to find out that the 2 yuan left. Of course, these details I realized afterwards. Now, if not to "bent" to give 5 yuan of money, the final outcome of the deal will be even more absurd: not only drinks a penny confiscated, and finally down to find 2 yuan of money to the people. What is it that makes me do such a foolish thing? In fact, in the final analysis, or because I answer the phone while the cashier caused.

the man came to the shop at nine in the evening. Is clever, landline phone when the man into the store is in the store had rung again, but also to operate with the phone two. So, after seeing the situation, I decided to call the customer. This does not, in that the people who want to buy a bottle of iced drinks; and do not know we can store the iced drinks where after. Has stood on the telephone to phone me, tell the store in freezer position, they invited people to help yourself.

as I said, the man quickly came to the front of the freezer, estimate is afraid I telephone long delayed his time. The man in the open freezer barely picked out a bottle of plastic bottles Red Bull asked me the price. Just because, from the man into the store to get the time he drinks, phone has rung several times, so that when people ask me the price, I have picked up the phone, just haven’t had time to talk.

is holding to solve a thing is a thing of the idea, so, even though I have picked up the phone, but I still do tell people: it is Red Bull to sell 5 yuan a bottle. As for the back of the matter, so to say: Although the eyes are all around the store in the people and objects in the turn, but the attention of

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