First time entrepreneurs how to start empty handed


venture itself is not an easy thing, if no venture capital, it will be very difficult to start empty-handed. In this case, you must have a greater advantage in other ways. For example, a wide range of social relations, or have certain financing ability, business information and sales channels. Otherwise, it will be difficult to successfully start empty-handed. In addition, not everyone can start empty-handed type business, and according to the actual situation of each person, there are a lot of misunderstanding, should pay more attention to avoid.

Who is more suitable for

start empty-handed

to start empty-handed entrepreneurs, technology methods are different, but the capacity and quality requirements are usually consistent.

Analysis of

2, wise foresight

from the garment factory laid off Wang Juan, was a clever, follow the fashion people. To see the emergence of DIY entertainment in the city, she believes that if the trend in the DIY, open a DIY shoes certainly have a market. A pair of ordinary shoes, after she was a careful "dress up", appeared surprising detail. Fluff, fluorescent band, plastic little star, moon…… Will become the adornment of shoes. Attracted by the various ideas of Wang Juan, her DIY shoes are often full of young people who like novelty. Six months later, Wang Juan rely on their own keen judgment, to create a new world of wealth.

strategy structure: to start empty-handed entrepreneurs, to be successful is to find a good project or product. At this time, generally consider 3 points: one is the product or project must conform to the trend of social development; two is the product or project to be out of the ordinary; three is the promotion of the product or project, do not need or only need few start >.

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