Baidu encyclopedia promotion skills sharing


Baidu as the search engine, has been added to take care of their own products, when the search keywords, as long as Baidu know, Baidu encyclopedia in some content, will appear in the search results page of the front, we can see its weight high. If you go to the Baidu encyclopedia promotion will do what is good? How to use Baidu Encyclopedia of this platform to promote their products, some skills and website? Today the equipment manufacturing network promotion personnel based on Baidu encyclopedia promotion share, hope to be able to solve all the questions.

first, first to understand the three benefits of Baidu encyclopedia promotion

1, increase the quality of external links

Baidu to take care of their products have to give a very high weight, where the weight of the chain is very high, to improve their website weight is also very helpful.

2, to bring traffic to the site

as long as it is left in the chain, it is possible to be clicked, will naturally bring traffic. Encyclopedia of traffic is generally small, but the higher the quality of users. The user through the search, view your edit entries, and click on the link, is a great possibility of target users.

3, help to enhance brand awareness

Baidu encyclopedia is an authoritative knowledge platform, where the enterprise, the site has given the brand honor, than in traditional media such as television advertising effect is much better.

Baidu encyclopedia promotion since there are so many benefits, then how should we use it?

1, create Wikipedia entries

for Wikipedia has not been included in the entry name, you can create. For example, the enterprise can create the enterprise brand entry, industry related professional knowledge, the website can create website brand entries and web site reported some dynamic entries. In the entry in honor of its own brand and links, adding links in "reference" or "reading", as long as careful preparation, use more descriptive words substantial, can generally be audited by.

2, edit Wikipedia entries content

if you want to write entries have been included in Wikipedia, you can edit the contents of the existing entries for many times. First of all, analyze the integrity of the existing entries, which can further enrich the terms. Of course, the editorial content must be compiled according to the rules of the audit. According to the author’s experience, the editorial content more objectively and more can fit the theme entries, more easily through, and edit the entries in the "reading" it is difficult to add links, best insert links in the "reference", can refer to the text notes, can also refer to insert picture notes, as long as in accordance with the rules carefully prepared, generally not difficult to pass.

3, to avoid being rejected skills


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