PHPWind V7 3 official version of the dress release

April 8th, PHPWind officially released the official version of PHPWind7.3. Prior to the release of the 7.3RC and RC2 two stages of testing, PHPWind in this thanks to all involved in the test of the webmaster and attention to our friends.

With the launch of

7.3, the concept of PHPWind model based on formal molding, platform in the traditional forum as the core, through the flexible custom rules, provided to the site of flexible approach, the website according to their own need to switch to the forum, portal and circle three modes. As the upgrade version of the main functions of the circle model, in order to meet the needs of the majority of owners are, to strengthen the forum SNS function, strengthen the communication and interaction between the members of the forum, the forum members can enhance the site stickiness, also want to try SNS webmaster provide a low-cost business platform.


enjoy, create, PHPWind invite you to grow with us in the coming days, PHPWind will be a better product to repay our 500 thousand webmaster users.

mode is born with wonderful everywhere


7 release pattern of this concept, after several months of exploration and improvement, we carried out a large number of user interface adjustment, experience optimization, PHPWind7.3 in the official version, the website can show for the forum, portal, circle three modes. Only through a key switch, according to their own needs to determine the default mode of the site, and you can choose to open or close a model.

traditional community model, is still a traditional forum you are familiar with, the user interface is more friendly, more than the previous version of the performance.

portal mode, to provide you with more content to recommend and display space, to create information site preferred.

circle model, on the basis of the traditional forum system, through the custom rules, adding more SNS applications, greatly enrich the interaction between the members of the forum. The user can not change the forum operating habits, in a flexible way to enrich the personal space and friends concerned about the dynamic, interact with friends in all aspects, to make up for the weak relationship between the members in the forum, many interactions constitute a new SNS user experience and make the process.

all the models are built on the familiar user forum platform, sharing forum users, posts and other core information, increase the function of many applications, the webmaster in site, the accumulation of users, content recommendation and other aspects more easily, try a variety of development more convenient without fear of risk.

to create us to grow with you

as a generic product developer, PHPWind each product update is based on user needs. As the most widely used Internet application, network community firmly in the accumulation of more than 100 million Internet users, the daily accumulation of a > PHPWind platform

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