Discuz 7 1 version of the official forum on the line to enable the founding of the 60 anniversary o

latest news, a new version of Discuz! 7.1 has been officially launched in the official forum (www.discuz.net). Last weekend (September 18th evening) careful users found Discuz official forum has been officially upgraded to Discuz! 7.1 version, and enabled a festive atmosphere of the founding of the national day of the new year’s template style 60.

Discuz! Official forum is released the latest product development window. Users log on to the official forum, which can understand the innovative application of mainstream network community in 2009, the first to experience Discuz! Version 7.1, familiar with the warning system, the new editor, new task, attention, community functions such as hot topics.


Discuz official forum 60 anniversary of the founding of the template

Discuz is an open source community forum system, has been widely used in a variety of professional communities, the use of more than one hundred sites. As a community forum, a professional Discuz! Comprehensive functional design, the safe and efficient product characteristics is suitable for almost all need to interact with the website, especially has a considerable scale, while facing the technical bottlenecks, often because the server resource depletion, impact safety problems or other causes of loss of popularity in the development of large professional community.

as the core product, Comsenz (Comsenz)’s Discuz! Version 7.1 launched the official forum, marking the function code of product design has been basically completed. The official on-line Discuz! 7.1 further improve the function of the community forum system, the introduction of more professional interactive features. According to the official Comsenz development team introduced Discuz! 7.1 strictly official on-line testing, is expected to be released as planned in the third quarter test version of the product package, the user is expected to be early adopters of love for the GBK version of the software test package in this week, the package will provide new installation and upgrade program.

in order to improve the efficiency of the community forum upgrade, Discuz! 7.1 version of the template style has a good downward compatibility. The new line of the 60 anniversary of the founding of the National Day template style support in Discuz! 7.0/7.1 application, at present, Comsenz already opened 60 anniversary of the founding of the National Day template style download webmaster application.

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