Emotional marketing and marketing in the era of erotic grass root

text / Bian Haifeng

this is a few years ago I wrote the manuscript, it is still very popular today to share with you.

emotional marketing as its name implies is the use of potential emotional appeal to attract and bind consumers. The psychological view of emotional marketing is psychological suggestion, suggesting that consumers are naturally associated with a certain product.

uses NOKIA Vertu Vertu as an example, whether it is product name, packaging, pricing, sales sites, or advertising strategy is to convey the consumer "Vertu is necessary for the successful person", he gave the success of the suggestion is that "you are not even Vertu, how can you be successful". The successful people in such a psychological hint will be like: "yes, how can I and ordinary people, like Vertu is a symbol of identity, but also tens of thousands of pieces, buy a bar". This will achieve the purpose of NOKIA. Well, this is emotional marketing.

however, in Chinese this diverse economies, especially the grass root accounted for relatively high, so it is always a lack of emotional marketing. Grass root are in pursuit of everyone is really good, is the pursuit of I can have it, I have it, is the pursuit of a boring talk. Summed up the obscenity, who do not pay attention to the grass root essence, only care about the appearance, this is the Chinese grass root economy.

I think millet is also aware of this, in order to be so successful. The core of a mobile phone is the motherboard, but always keep from talking about the millet, grass root people look to the big screen, high memory, high CPU, multi touch or of no great importance is not the important point to the above, the consolation of consumer psychology, to meet their pursuit of grass root (compared with the high-end machine in the past only calls and SMS function) of the emotional appeal.

in grass root economy, every day around the hot network pornography, corruption and other negative information on. Marketing is to match up things, government corruption untouchable, so erotic is the inevitable choice, we can also call it the eyeball economy, but through the Chinese marketing history you will find, often only the eye, but no subsequent economic.

for erotic marketing, it is a no definition of marketing, if you have to give a definition of the word is "the erotic related products, by the mass media to attract the audience, so as to achieve the purpose of communication products, here is not the erotic and erotic sense, is included, the generalized erotic pain point. Of course, this is my definition, perhaps not so formal, then the official.

Some people say that

is a marketing strategy, it is also said that it is a strategy. So, I think it’s the right thing to do when it’s right, sometimes it’s a strategy, and sometimes it’s a strategy. For example, for the unfamiliar street, is a kind of erotic marketing strategy, whether it is the reverse of foreign propaganda public relations "not unfamiliar street about gun tool" (which I don’t know, so a shout, others will know.

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