Taobao zern off contest broadcast new high commission becomes more and more fierce fighting

zern CEEN to Admin5 station network jointly organized 2011CEEN zern · world famous shoes Taobao customers to promote competition "has been the end of the third week, a strong temptation in the million bonus, turnover list players who can Hold live is All flowers bloom together., the final gold medal of Taobao, is looking forward to


Taobao guest 009842abc continuation of last week’s fiery momentum, once again produced a single day of 2 pen good results, leading the competition in the contest standings! It seems the first monthly award he is determined to win. In addition, other master have also force, "windtalker16", "Taobao VIP media alliance", "a grain of rice", "wanpower1027" and "Kenyon" have a single day turnover of 2 pens which "the stunning performance; Taobao alliance VIP media" new to the list this week turnover of 3 pens, particularly eye-catching, Kielce "009842abc


last week by the new continent Honda stores a commission record instantly broken off, Taobao "" [] series of transactions of blackcurrant "Bowen" autumn new leisure business shoes, the highest Commission took 139.8 yuan! The above mentioned "windtalker16" also won 116.75 yuan second Commission transactions shoes [] is the "Stryn" series of British leisure shoes.

"first prize" Apple 88 dollars this week turnover of 1 pens and lesser force, see list, hope to continue to work hard! (Note: "Apple 88 dollars" as soon as possible to contact the organizers award-winning communication matters QQ1597389813


from the general situation, introduced in the fall [] the new series occupies a volume of 8; from zern mall sales point of view, this series are also popular, all Taobao customers friends can look at.

P.S. "one share award" the enthusiasm is not high, only some Taobao customers share their zern promotion experience. This award is that during the event participants share promotion experience in A5 on the plate, the content is outstanding person can win, every month five, each reward 50 yuan bill! (document title format: [] + zern promote sharing the title)

only a week’s time, the first monthly awards will be announced! Friends, heart beat it!

[Mr] has something to say

(below) invites our professional judge, Mr., to comment on the performance of the contestants in the past week.


is happy to see a lot of new faces on the list this week, and it’s all very powerful. The average commission has been raised, Congratulations!

this week to see some of Taobao’s friends recommend some operating software, in fact, I was able to use the software, but to pay attention to a few points:


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