O you head ah nventory 2014 O2O project death list

O2O, the Chinese invented their own English words, in the venture capital market from 2014 to the end of fire. Entrepreneurs to himself mad O2O label; investors released big, called non O2O project investment. So, Manicure, housekeeping, car market, then even massage, barber came to O2O. Imagine that a O out of the scene, straight let people be struck dumb in a cold sweat.

dark horse brother want to say, O2O is not a panacea, not only listen to the trouble, should beware of the roadside after like a swarm of bees. Nonsense does not say that we will fail today O2O one to say to you.


said in previous words, what is O2O?

O2O definition is different, there will be deviations understanding. 1 version, that is, online to and offline to offline online. Basically related to the operation of online and offline items can be called O2O.

2 version, the O2O system division. One is the real O2O, Suning, Wanda, many manufacturers and retailers are doing, is to open up the core products online and offline system, all channels of distribution; the other is the service line O2O, a user oriented platform for business entities under the line drainage.

3 version of the O2O, refers to the future of the industry in the top 4 trends, the Internet of things fully mature, to achieve the interconnection of all things, to achieve a higher level of integration of online and offline.

this paper is mainly concerned with the second categories of services O2O. That is, initially relying on the electric pole posted a small ad diversion of those services companies, now in the era of mobile Internet to upgrade, diversion way more tall. The popularity of Manicure, takeaway, housekeeping and other projects, without exception.

1 catering category


2013, China’s catering industry O2O market size reached 62 billion 300 million yuan. It is expected that by 2015, China’s catering industry O2O market size will reach 120 billion yuan. Capital markets for food and beverage O2O is also quite care, as hungry in May this year to get public comment $80 million in financing, the U.S. group recently received $700 million D round of financing. However, the reality is cruel. The following is a O with the disappearance of the food and beverage companies on the list of O.

death list

cause of death

1) "black hole platform": it must constantly burn, subsidies, hit flow, grab the user. Hungry, home food, the United States and other groups continue to set off a user snatch war. But the user can continue to select the entry is limited, only the first no second >

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