Wanda bought buy expanded ambitions to Europe after the business of the bank unable to get up after

Wang Jianlin buy to buy the idea has not only stay in the Hollywood, the European banks have begun to be his fancy.

according to the British Financial Times reported, just announced that it has completed a transformation to service enterprises of the Wanda Group, is actively looking for acquisitions of European banks, including Deutsche Post Bank (Deutsche Postbank).

According to informed sources,

, Wanda is seriously considering several European financial institutions. The German post bank, Wanda is one of the candidates on the list.

Deutsche Bank is Deutsche Bank (Deutsche Bank)’s assets, which began in 2008 with a total of 6 billion euros to buy the German postal bank. However, since the financial crisis, Deutsche Bank’s business had to lay off to even unable to get up after a fall, arm to survive. Deutsche Bank has to do business, because of the low interest rate environment and the advantages of state-owned competitors, its earnings are not satisfactory. Therefore, in order to reduce the size of the balance sheet of Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Bank had intended to sell the business.

but in October last year, there have been media reports, as had been not very serious buyers, the market environment and the business market, also have difficulty, Deutsche Bank had considered to adjust retail banking strategy, the German postal bank comprehensive business integration, will give up the sale. The bank did not return should be rumors.

now, if Wanda really intends to buy German postal bank, Deutsche Bank is also seems to be a good news. But according to the informed sources, Wanda is currently seeking to buy financial assets are at an early stage, so there is no formal contact with the bank. Just seems to already know the bank’s price, in the face of such a return is not high assets, Deutsche Bank before seeking price only need to cost 6 billion euros.


and Deutsche Bank declined to comment.

Wanda overseas to buy buy buy already famous, just prior to the case of cross-border mergers and acquisitions mainly contained entertainment and sports industry, including second American cinema AMC, American cinema and film studio, Ralph Carmichael, legendary pictures, as well as the acquisition of the football team in europe. Wanda has said it wants to develop the financial sector, but it seems that the Internet has always been the focus of the financial sector, if you really want to mergers and acquisitions of European banks, are more likely to integrate into the traditional financial business Wanda plate.

last October 13th, Wanda Group announced the establishment of Wanda network technology group, including its fifast information company, quick money to pay, credit companies, Internet data center, network company, company credit department. After the adjustment, Wanda Group’s industrial structure from the original business, culture, finance three plates adjusted to business, culture, network, finance, the top four industrial groups.

newly established Wanda network technology group from Wanda financial group independent spin off, focusing on the integration of online and offline and a new generation of Internet of things model; Wanda financial group force traditional >

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