315 came inventory of those guns in the nternet products and companies

this is the year 3.15, counterfeiting and fraud struggle continues. With the gradual rise of the Internet industry, it has brought a lot of convenience, but at the same time, it also brings a lot of difficult to control counterfeit products. In the tide of countless genuine fake fake goods in practice buddies almost become a piercing eye. We are impossible to guard against counterfeit check, the gun industry in recent years.

  1. Online shopping need to be cautious, talk about electricity providers Hom

  2015, online shopping complaints 145 thousand and 800, an increase of 87.3%, compared with the end of the year in 11th Five-Year increased by a factor of two consecutive years ranked first in the service class complaints.

CCTV’s 3.15 special issue of a number of hot complaints, including online shopping, car consumption, mobile phone consumption, Taobao and Jingdong are directly named. Vip.com, jumei.com, although not nominated, but also when long traced the problem of fake. Whether it is vip.com’s counterfeit rotten fruit event event, Jingdong or Ali luxury event, reflects the difficult situation of Internet fraud.

two. Words and deeds need to be cautious, look at the platform rumors

WeChat, micro-blog as a platform for contemporary social entertainment, many can transfer positive energy and news, but also because some people have an ulterior motive, making some rumors to spread.

according to the public security organs of the types of cybercrime cases show that fraud and gambling is the largest number of cases in 2015 the network black industry open cases. In addition, pornographic information, network rumors and black production network has become the focus of network information security.

Although micro-blog

  WeChat has strong regulation, and the situation has improved, but there is still visible to a fish escaped through the Seine, the rumor.

three. Investment need to be cautious, net loan risk

January 14, 2016, the attention of the e rental treasure platform event 21 people involved in the Beijing prosecutors approved the arrest.

"e rent treasure on the line to December 2015 were seized," Yucheng "related criminal suspects with high interest as bait, fictional leasing project, adopted by the new old, self guarantee etc. a large number of illegal absorb public funds, the cumulative transaction amounted to about 70000000000 yuan. "E rent treasure", and "great wealth, inside and outside the loan, finance, venture capital, Tian Hong Xiang Tang loan platform surfaced.

central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan said that the Internet is not only the need for financial regulation, not only the need for self-discipline, but also need to be regulated, governance fraud, poor motivation mutual platform.

  four. Buy a ticket difficult, OTA usher crisis

in January this year, Ctrip was caught selling fake tickets. With this >

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