Master of psychology of small and micro businesses WeChat marketing ideas

  Dong Wei: Shaanxi Normal University master of psychology, Datong Qinhuangdao data marketing director

WeChat since its launch in 2011, just two or three years, captured the eyes of the internet. WeChat, has come from a simple and intimate social networking platform with WeChat, WeChat star, WeChat public account, WeChat payment and other integrated social platform. At the end of 2012 when WeChat users exceeded 200 million users, when WeChat launched the public account when there is a disruptive change to the traditional marketing, the coast of Shenzhen city is urgent, the first launch of the "WeChat membership card"; Shop No. 1 urgent, and the user playing "I guess you draw"; investment the bank has been anxious, let love drift bottles "crazy pass; Starbucks is urgent, with" woke up "user experience mood; many small and micro businesses anxious, everywhere in many marketing guru, but they’re crazy: full replication, no new ideas; self innovation, can not start. So only to see the flow of WeChat, WeChat brings benefits from their side flow, from their own business in the dismal WeChat public account flow.


public platform is currently more superior brand promotion platform, because of its low starting point and without a lot of cost, different areas, different positioning of the brand have joined the army of WeChat public platform. WeChat public platform is the most important to find their own position, in the most suitable way to face their own user groups. And make full use of this point to the point of the platform, it will bring a brand new cost-effective marketing effect.

first: why do WeChat


has a lot of customers to ask how to operate the Datong Qinhuangdao data, WeChat’s own public platform. But instead ask, why do you want to do WeChat public platform? What are you doing to the public platform? Many bosses are silent. In fact, want to clear this issue is the key to expand WeChat brand promotion. For example, a health care products businesses want to publish product discount information on WeChat’s public platform, this purpose is biased, because WeChat is to do brand promotion. If he will convert this healthy lifestyle small helper, then do WeChat public platform will be a lot easier to operate.

second, who is the object of your WeChat public platform?

is your existing users or potential users of the businesses interested in? These two groups demand is not the same, they can make their public platform for what the definition is not the same, only from the user’s point of view in-depth analysis, to know, what is our public account to clients provide.

third, the description of the content to have Internet thinking

Amoy Garden Network Technology Co., Ltd. CEO Zhang Yanjie in a summary of the Internet Conference in Xi’an: several key words of the Internet is fast, grassroots, channels, free, innovation". In the same way, the WeChat content editor will follow a few key words: the content

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