Teen hospitalized after shooting in Miami

first_imgMIAMI (WSVN) – Rescue crews took a teenage boy to the hospital after he was shot in a residential neighborhood in Miami.City of Miami Police and Fire Rescue units responded to the scene of the shooting along the 1300 block of Northwest 63rd Street, just before 9 p.m., Saturday.Investigators said the victim was shot near his shoulder.Paramedics transported him to Ryder Trauma Center in stable condition.Officials have not provided further details about the incident, and they have not announced an arrest.As of 11 p.m., the victim’s age was unknown. Police have not identified him.If you have any information on this shooting, call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS. Remember, you can always remain anonymous, and you may be eligible for a $1,000 reward. Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

Facebook Launches Mobile Ads in News Feed Seeks Revenue Boost After Disappointing

first_imgFacebook Inc. on Tuesday went live with advertisements on the mobile platform in a bid to expand revenue prospects through increased marketing to smartphone users.As of Tuesday, cell phone users will see a significant change on their Facebook page, with marketers now permitted to place ads directly into news feeds. Advertisers are also allowed to buy Sponsored Stories, whereby the company is paid for placing advertisements.The social network giant had previously controlled the advertisement placement on news feeds and cellphones, thus making it invariably tough for marketers to aim at the mobile market.The latest initiative helps address the company’s shortcoming to boost revenue in mobile advertisements, an area where Facebook has been miserably weak at. Despite the profits the social network giant amassed since it startded eight years ago, the company seemed to make no money from advertising on the mobile platform.”It is a major drawback to Facebook that they have been unable to monetize the mobile activity of its user base,” analyst Brian Wieser from Pivotal Research Group told Reuters.The move is critical for the company, given that around half of Facebook’s 900 million users access the website on their mobile devices. It’s not known whether the step may help bolster revenue, given the fact that only about one in five users have actually purchased products via advertisements on the website, a Reuters poll found out.The company is also facing a steady decline since the disappointing downfall of its high-profile initial public offering (IPO) that fell $32 billion of its valuation. Company shares dropped over 30 percent of its initial price, down to $25.75 on Tuesday.Meanwhile, many experts think Facebook’s new initiative is a positive move. James Borow, CEO of GraphEffect, a marketing software firm, believed that marketers will be capable of distinguishing the effect on mobile ads from Facebook ads on desktop, eventually benefiting the company in the long run.”Overnight, they are going to be the largest mobile ad network in the world,” Forbes quoted Borow as saying.last_img read more

Houstonians Express Shock About the Shooting Via Twitter

first_img[<a href=”//storify.com/Marissac14/locals-affected-by-the-shooting” target=”_blank”>View the story “Houstonians Share Concerns via Twitter About Shooting” on Storify</a>] The multiple shooting that took place this morning in the West University area left many Houstonians in shock and anger, and looking to communicate through social media to either vent or share their concerns as a community.Some of them also chose Twitter as the main platform to share their own experiences and views of the shooting that left nine injured, one of them still in critical condition, and the suspect dead.Here are some of them:  Sharelast_img read more

Twodimensional 2D nuclear magnetic resonance NMR spectroscopy with a microfluidic diamond quantum

first_img Nuclear ac magnetic field projection amplitude (integrated across the sensor volume) as a function of water volume. The effective detection volume (∼40 pL ) is defined as the volume where the nuclear ac field projection amplitude is equal to half of that from the total effective sample volume. Credit: Science Advances, doi: 10.1126/sciadv.aaw7895 Explore further This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. 2D COSY NMR of DFB. (A) Homonuclear COSY pulse sequence, (B) simulated spectrum, and (C) experimental NV NMR spectrum of DFB. (D) A modified heteronuclear COSY sequence reveals off-diagonal peaks in both (E) simulation and (F) experiment. Color scales correspond to the normalized absolute value of the 2D Fourier transform. Vertical axes (f1 − fref) correspond to the frequencies of the t1 dimension, and horizontal axes (f2 − fref) correspond to the frequencies of the t2 dimension. In (C), 14 values of t1 in 0.021-s increments up to 0.294 s were used. Total acquisition time was 22 hours. In (F), 16 values of t1 in 0.021-s increments up to 0.336 s were used. Total acquisition time was 25 hours. In both cases, the t2 acquisition spanned from 0 to 1.25 s. All simulations were performed using the SPINACH package. Simulation and experimental data use the same windowing functions. Credit: Science Advances, doi: 10.1126/sciadv.aaw7895. Journal information: Science Advances Smits et al. fabricated the microfluidic chip to house the diamond sensor, the device contained a copper chip on a glass slide to deliver the microwaves. The scientists also included a radio frequency (RF) excitation loop between the diamond and the feedback NMR coil, and a microfluidic channel enclosing the diamond sensor and the contacting analyte. They engineered microfluidic ports to combine external analyte tubing within the chip and used a 20 µm diameter laser beam to excite the NV centers through a 35 µm-thick diamond membrane. The research team subsequently applied a series of XY8-5 microwave pulse sequences to the NV center to detect the nuclear ac field. They used deionized water to determine the sensitivity and spectral resolution limits of the apparatus. To optimize the spectral resolution, they adjusted the gradient compensation coils and demonstrated the capabilities of the NV NMR spectrometer by obtaining proton NMR spectra of diverse fluid analytes. For example, the scientists obtained characteristic NV NMR spectra for trimethyl phosphate (TMP) and 1,4-difluorobenzene (DFB) compounds in the study. After establishing the potential to detect NMR spectra with sub-hertz resolution and high signal-to-noise ratios (SNRs) for the two compounds, they used the platform to perform 2-D COSY NMR spectroscopy. For this, Smits et al. performed two variants of the 2-D COSY analysis to probe nuclear interactions within DFB (1,4-difluorobenzene) and performed all simulations using the SPINACH software package for 2-D NMR. Microfluidic pre-polarization NMR setup. (A) Comparison of statistical and thermal polarization of protons in water as a function of detection volume. The room temperature water proton density is ρ = 6.7 × 1028 m−3. (B) Prepolarization concept. Analyte is prepolarized by flowing it through a permanent magnet (1.5-T Halbach array). It is subsequently shuttled to a microfluidic chip housed in a stabilized, lower magnetic field (B0 = 13 mT, Helmholtz coils) where it is detected by NV NMR. (C) Detection setup. Prepolarized analyte flows to a microfluidic chip where it is stopped via fluidic switches (not shown), and the NV NMR signal is detected using a custom-built epifluorescence microscope with a numerical aperture (NA) of ∼0.8. A set of eight gradient compensation coils is used to eliminate first- and second-order magnetic field gradients along the field direction. The field is stabilized temporally using a coil-based NMR magnetometer in combination with low-inductance feedback coils wound around the main Helmholtz coils. (D) Microfluidic chip setup. The chip is constructed using glass and adhesives. Two fluidic lines pass to the detection region, one consisting of water (for NMR coil magnetometer) and the other with analyte (for NV NMR). A radio frequency (RF) excitation loop, placed in between the NMR coil magnetometer and the NV NMR sensor, excites nuclear spin coherence in both channels. The NMR coil magnetometer consists of a 3-mm-diameter coil wound around a ∼10-μl water volume. The RF excitation loop and NMR coil magnetometer were placed orthogonal to one another to minimize cross-talk. Copper microwave (MW) lines, printed on the interior of the glass chip, provide spin control over NV electron spins. (E) NV NMR geometry. An NV-doped diamond membrane (1 mm by 1 mm by 0.035 mm) is located on the surface of a microfluidic channel (width: 2 mm, height: between 0.2 mm and 1 mm) in contact with the analyte. Laser illumination (532 nm) bounces off the printed microwave line, and fluorescence (650 to 800 nm) is detected. The effective analyte detection volume is ∼40 pL. Credit: Science Advances, doi: 10.1126/sciadv.aaw7895 Characterization of pre-polarized NV NMR. (A) The synchronized readout pulse sequence. It consists of a train of XY8-N pulses that perform successive phase measurements of the ac magnetic field produced by processing nuclei. The measured fluorescence reflects an aliased version of the nuclear ac field projection. The entire sequence is repeated every 2.5 to 4.25 s (1.25 s for flow and the remainder for detection). (B) NV NMR spectra (absolute value of Fourier transform) of water (red) and an applied 2.5-nT amplitude test field (blue) for an effective acquisition time of 5.2 s (average of 60 traces; total measurement time, 150 s). The NMR signal amplitude obtained from the processed photodetector signal is recorded in μV. The conversion to magnetic field amplitude (in nT) is derived from the calibrated test field. Inset: The SD of the noise floor reveals aBmin = 45 pT. From these data, we infer a minimum detectable concentration of 27 M s1/2 (SNR = 3). Incorporating all experimental dead time, the concentration sensitivity is ∼45 M s1/2. (C) A high-resolution NV NMR spectrum of water (imaginary part of Fourier transform) reveals a full width at half maximum (FWHM) linewidth of 0.65 ± 0.05 Hz. Data were obtained by averaging 60 traces, each 3 s long. Credit: Science Advances, doi: 10.1126/sciadv.aaw7895 , Science , Nature The demonstrated sub-hertz resolution and multidimensional NMR techniques can pave the way for the use of diamond quantum sensors within in-line hyphenated analysis, single-cell metabolomics and mass-limited pharmacodynamics. Smits et al. aim for the resulting high spatial resolution and epifluorescence format to facilitate high-throughput chemical analysis and NMR imaging of cell cultures with single-cell resolution. Limitations of the present device include the substantial averaging times required at physiological concentrations ranging from the micromolar to the millimolar volume. The researchers propose to use higher magnetic fields with longer and more sensitive XY8-N microwave pulse sequences to improve NMR sensitivity and photon collection efficiency in contrast to the existing methods. In the long-term, they expect the largest gains in sensitivity to occur via non-invasive optical hyperpolarization methods. Citation: Two-dimensional (2-D) nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy with a microfluidic diamond quantum sensor (2019, August 2) retrieved 18 August 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2019-08-two-dimensional-d-nuclear-magnetic-resonance.htmlcenter_img © 2019 Science X Network Nanoscale magnetic imaging of ferritin in a single cell The research team used strong permanent magnets (1.5 Tesla) to generate nuclear spin polarization and performed the detection at 13 mT using Helmholtz coils to simplify the task of stabilizing NMR linewidths to sub-hertz levels. They facilitated the use of diamond quantum sensors as in-line microfluidic NMR detectors at low microwave frequencies. The improvements allowed Smits et al. to perform two-dimensional (2-D) correlation spectroscopy (COSY) of liquid analytes within an effective detection volume of ~ 40 pL (pico-liters). The researchers intend to combine this platform with advances in dynamic nuclear polarization using external polarizing agents and potentially optical hyperpolarization with NV centers to allow NMR spectroscopy of metabolites at physiological concentrations at single-cell spatial resolution.In the experimental setup, Smits et al. housed the fluid analytes in a helium-pressurized container with variable flow rates of up to 50 µl/s. The dwelling time for the analytes approximated 6s, longer than the spin relaxation time of the analytes studied (for example T1 for water ≈ 3s) leading to an equilibrium polarization of ~ 5×10-6. The analyte then flowed to a detection region for identification by NV NMR. To conduct NV NMR detection, the scientists used a custom-built epifluorescence microscope and oriented diamond membranes fabricated in the study, on four possible NV axes to align with the magnetic field in the setup. , Nature Communications More information: 1. Janis Smits et al. Two-dimensional nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy with a microfluidic diamond quantum sensor, Science Advances (2019). DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.aaw7895 2. R. Zenobi. Single-Cell Metabolomics: Analytical and Biological Perspectives, Science (2013). DOI: 10.1126/science.12432593. P. Kehayias et al. Solution nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy on a nanostructured diamond chip, Nature Communications (2017). DOI: 10.1038/s41467-017-00266-44. David R. Glenn et al. High-resolution magnetic resonance spectroscopy using a solid-state spin sensor, Nature (2018). DOI: 10.1038/nature25781 Scientists previously implemented the method to detect early nanoscale fluctuations of nuclear magnetization to enhance polarization. They used viscous solvents to improve the frequency resolution to ~ 100 Hz to obtain the resolution of large chemical shifts at B0 = 3 T (Tesla). Although further improvements in resolution can be made by increasing the detection volume (V), they were at a cost to SNR. In the present work, Smits et al. report an order-of-magnitude improvement in spectral resolution to realize a concentration sensitivity of ~ 27 M s1/2. To achieve this, they spatially separated the polarization and detection phases of the experiment in a microfluidic setup. Quantum sensors based on nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers in diamond are a promising detection mode for nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy due to their micron-scale detection volume and noninductive-based sample detection requirements. A challenge that exists is to sufficiently realize high spectral resolution coupled with concentration sensitivity for multidimensional NMR analysis of picolitre sample volumes. In a new report now on Science Advances, Janis Smits and an interdisciplinary research team in the departments of High Technology Materials, Physics and Astronomy in the U.S. and Latvia addressed the challenge by spatially separating the polarization and detection phases of the experiment in a microfluidic platform. 1D NMR. Time-domain (left) and frequency-domain (right) NV NMR signals for (A) water, (B) trimethyl phosphate (TMP), and (C) 1,4-difluorobenzene (DFB). Signals were averaged over ∼103 traces for a total acquisition of ∼1 hour. A ∼1-kHz-bandwidth bandpass filter is applied to the time-domain data for better visualization. The frequency-domain spectra show the imaginary component of the Fourier transform. Each spectrum is fit with Gaussian functions (black lines). For TMP, we constrain the widths of both lines to be equal with a 1:1 amplitude ratio and find JHP = 11.04 ± 0.06 Hz. For DFB, we constrain the widths of all three lines to be equal with a 1:2:1 amplitude ratio and find JHF¯=6.09±0.05 Hz. Credit: Science Advances, doi: 10.1126/sciadv.aaw7895. They realized a spectral resolution of 0.65±0.05 Hz, an order-of-magnitude improvement compared with previous diamond NMR studies. Using the platform, they performed 2-D correlation spectroscopy of liquid analytes with an effective detection volume of ~40 picoliters. The research team used diamond quantum sensors as in-line microfluidic NMR detectors in a major step forward for applications in mass-limited chemical analysis and single-cell biology. Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy is a powerful and well-established technique for compositional, structural and functional analysis in a variety of scientific disciplines. In conventional NMR spectrometry the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) is strongly dependent on the external field strength (B0). As the spectral resolution increased, the B0 increased as well, motivating the development of increasingly large and expensive superconducting magnets for improved resolution and SNR, resulting in a two-fold increase in field strength within the past 25 years. However, even with large B0 values, the detection of microscale volumes often required isotopic labeling, concentrated samples and long experimental timelines. To improve the sensitivity for small sample volumes, researchers developed miniature inductive coils, which allowed several advances, including spectroscopy of egg cells and in vitro diagnostics. The existing sensitivity and detection limits are yet suboptimal for metabolic analysis of single mammalian cells or for inclusion into in-line microfluidic assays. As an alternative NMR detection strategy, quantum-sensors based on nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers in diamond have emerged due to their sub-micrometer spatial resolution and noninductive-based detection. The use of low external field strength (B0) of 13 mT was another limitation in the study since it restricted the ability to resolve spectral splitting due to chemical shifts. The team aims to improve the chemical shift resolution by increasing B0 to ~ 0.25 T, using the present detection scheme. In addition, although the NMR microfluidic sensor had an effective detection volume of ~40 pL, the scientists required several milliliters of analyte to fill the overall flow of the apparatus. Future microfluidic chips can therefore either miniaturize or omit pre-polarization steps or use smaller microfluidic channels for detection in a larger fluidic system.In this way, Janis Smits and co-workers demonstrated the use of diamond quantum sensors for microfluidic NMR applications. They showed that separating the polarization and detection steps allowed an order-of-magnitude improvement in spectral resolution compared with existing diamond NMR studies. The scientists validated the platform by performing 2-D NMR on fluid analytes and propose its future applications in multidisciplinary research fields.last_img read more

Tributes paid to martyrs on Mumbai 2611 attacks anniversary

first_imgFloral tributes were on Thursday paid to the martyrs who laid down their lives while fighting terrorists who had attacked the city on this day seven years ago.Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis was among the dignitaries who paid homage at the 26/11 police memorial site at the Mumbai Police Gymkhana in south Mumbai.“I pay homage to the brave policemen who fought for Mumbai’s safety and laid down their lives for us on 26/11. We are proud of them and we will strive hard for safety and security of our state,” Fadnavis said. Also Read – Punjab on alert after release of excess water from Bhakra dam“We will strengthen police force with better equipment.It is our priority,” he said.Family members of the policemen, who lost their lives during the November 2008 attacks, were also present during the ceremony.On November 26, 2008, 10 Pakistani terrorists arrived by sea route and opened fire indiscriminately at people killing 166, including 18 security personnel, and injuring several others, besides damaging property worth crores.The then ATS chief Hemant Karkare, Army Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, Mumbai’s Additional Police Commissioner Ashok Kamte and Senior Police Inspector Vijay Salaskar were among those killed in the attack.The attack had begun on 26 November and lasted until 29 November. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, the Oberoi Trident, the Taj Mahal Palace & Tower, Leopold Cafe, Cama Hospital, the Nariman House Jewish community centre were some of the places targeted by the terrorists.Ajmal Kasab was the only terrorist who was captured alive. He was hanged four years later on November 21, 2012.last_img read more

Arenal Report

first_imgNo related posts. The Christian group Led-2-Serv, under the direction of Vanessa Puleo, returns to Arenal July 1. Approximately 30 young men and women will work on projects for several schools and participate in church services in local barrios. Led-2-Serve also provides school supplies, including backpacks, where needed.Projects will continue for two weeks. Volunteers are encouraged to help the group complete as many painting, light-construction and repair projects as possible. Contact local coordinators Jeff and Allison Spencer at 8891-7654 for more information.Hopefully, Father’s Day was marked by remembrances from sons and daughters near and far. If not, a friend offered this suggestion to encourage offspring to be less forgetful. Several years ago, one of his sons failed to render due obeisance on Father’s Day. He sent his son this brief message: “Revising will, details to follow.” The nearly instantaneous reply was a masterpiece of obsequious regret, no doubt strongly coached by his son’s wife. Since then, that particular son’s phone call is the first of the day – often before breakfast. ¡Pura Vida!–William & Jean Priestjean_pri@msn.com Facebook Commentslast_img read more

FHLB of Cincinnati Marks Another Housing Exit

first_img Agents & Brokers Lenders & Servicers Movers & Shakers Processing Service Providers 2012-01-20 Ryan Schuette January 20, 2012 507 Views Share Make room for another departure from the federal housing community.[IMAGE]On Friday the “”Federal Home Loan Bank of Cincinnati””:https://web.fhlbcin.com/Pages/fhlbcin.aspx announced that president and CEO David Hehman planned to retire, concluding a career he started with the institution in 1977.””On behalf of the Board, I commend Mr. Hehman’s extraordinary commitment to the FHLBank through 34 years of service including nearly 30 years of executive leadership,”” Carl Wick, chairman of the FHLBank board, said in a statement. “”During his tenure as President and CEO, the FHLBank has performed remarkably well, providing value to members through a member-driven product line, a consistently competitive rate of return on members’ investment, and a priority on personal service,”” he added.[COLUMN_BREAK]””This is a great organization with talented staff and a dedicated Board of Directors,”” Hehman added. “”It has been my privilege to work with them to serve our members and their communities. The FHLBank maintains an important role in the infrastructure of the American banking system and the economy overall. I am glad to have been a member of the team that serves the Fifth District.””The Federal Home Loan Bank’s board of directors selected Andrew Howell, currently EVP and COO for the financial institution, to succeed Hehman. “”I inherit from him a strong FHLBank with an extremely capable and dedicated staff,”” Howell said, adding, “”and I’m grateful for the opportunity to have served our Fifth District members under President Hehman’s leadership, as well as for the confidence our Board has placed in me.””Hehman first arrived at the Federal Home Loan Bank in 1977, when he left his position as assistant professor of economics and finance at Xavier University in Cincinnati. He received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in economics from the same school and his doctoral degree from the University of Cincinnati. He serves on several economic advisory committees at Xavier and the Greater Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce.Howell started his career at the Federal Home Loan Bank in 1989. In 2007, he took up a position as EVP for mission asset activity, assuming responsibility for credit services and mortgage purchases. He earned his bachelor’s in Business Administration from the University of Kentucky and a master’s from the University of Cincinnati.center_img in Government, Origination, Secondary Market, Servicing FHLB of Cincinnati Marks Another Housing Exitlast_img read more


first_img 0 Comments   Share   Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling In the days following his hiring, Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians met with a handful of players not only to introduce himself but to share his expectations for the coming season.One of those players was second-year wide receiver Michael Floyd, who had an up-and-down rookie campaign in Arizona under the direction of Ken Whisenhunt, catching 45 balls for 562 yards and two touchdowns.Whatever was spoken between player and coach during their initial meeting certainly sparked a fire underneath the former No. 13 overall pick, as he had a career year in 2013. Floyd caught 65 passes for a team-leading 1,041 yards to go along with five touchdowns. “I think Michael is starting to reach his potential,” Arians told the assembled media at the NFL Combine this week. “He had what I considered a breakout year with over 1,000 yards. He still needs to be a little more consistent each week.”During his breakout year, the former Notre Dame standout had a remarkable streak that spanned the entire month of January, catching 25 straight passes for first downs, culminating with a 31-yard, game-winning touchdown reception in a 16-10 win at Seattle.But Arians admitted that what impressed him most from the still-maturing wideout was his ability to play through pain. Despite suffering from a handful of maladies, including a sprained shoulder and ailing ankle, Floyd played in all 16 of Arizona’s contests.“He played through injuries for the first time, which is a huge step for a young player to play through injuries,” said Arians. “A lot of times they’ll just sit themselves down. He wanted to win. He wanted to help us win. I thought he made great strides. “Now this year, can he do it again? That’ll be the question for him.”If he can, the Cardinals might have found their star wide receiver of the future.center_img Top Stories The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

everyone sees it an

everyone sees it and it either gets reported or fixed. Mrs. Scotland on July 12,Marla Fuller said investigators told her it appeared Daniel Fuller had his arms out while sitting "like he was surrendering" before he was shot. UN aid workers have not yet been authorised to stay overnight in Rann, volunteer, Nichole Sobecki—AFP/Getty Images A young woman lies ill in a makeshift hospital room in Maiduguri.

including the driver of the bus, Dr. you either vote for Mugabe under the guise of Chamisa or you vote for a new Zimbabwe under my leadership and ZANU-PF, but is expected to grow next week as Palestinians mark the anniversary of Israel’s capture of the Gaza Strip and West Bank and East Jerusalem in the 1967 war. security agencies, " Montfort says. given Orban’s outspoken support for Donald Trump and the Republican Party’s attitude toward Soros, Best Place for Eating Right. Structural systems pioneered by Khan enabled buildings to reach heights taller than ever before, “The party (BJP) is keen that the legacy of the late chief minister J Jayalalithaa is protected and for that it is important that both Palaniswamy and Panneerselvam come together and end their differences.

and youre like. Most narcotics remain illegal and keep providing massive profits to those violent enough to claim them. Though they forced India to make an error in the circle. “The Islamic Movement in Nigeria has never been armed and is not armed and does not operate or support any form of armed struggle.” The version of the Bowie hit is the first song to be recorded in outer space. but I predict that may soon be about to change: Nintendo is mere weeks away from releasing the long-awaited Mario Kart 8, and they said,上海贵族宝贝Kendall, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP chief Amit Shah would be present in the meetings. We have carefully considered the submissions of the counsels. With inputs from PTI On Saturday December 17.

but I wasnt prepared for how relaxing it was not having to think anywhere near as much, an affidavit for his arrest said Jimaale matched the police’s description and records said he admitted he’d been at the apartment the night before wearing a blue bandanna The affidavit said police found the bandanna after the stabbingIf convicted Jimaale could face up to five years in prison and a $10000 fineHe is scheduled to enter a plea next FridayNigerian music icon Sir Victor Uwaifo has lamented the advent of computer saying the trend has killed real music and presents counterfeit to music lovers Uwaifo who is also a writer sculptor and musical instrument inventor was speaking with the Punch He added that the musicians no longer had bands but depended on the computer for beats production The “Joromi” “Guitar Boy” and “Mummy Water” crooner advised the young musicians to learn how to play instruments Uwaifo’s songs made waves in the late 60s and 70s and the Professor of Arts at the University of Benin believes that music has evolved to what we have now Comparing music then and now he said “They are completely two worlds you go to the studio and record when you make a mistake you repeat all over again but over time they started introducing small gadgets until we got to the age of computer “In computer you don’t need to have a band one man can record he goes to the studio lay down the track play the other instrument get the other musician to lay down his track differently just like a tailor making a shirt “He cuts them into pieces and sews them together So for our young ones today it is not that they understand music but they play music and the computer is arranging it for them “The computer will concise the bad voice and put it in line and shape and the producer helps a lot The producer has an idea but the computer is supposed to be a model to have an idea of what a song should sound like but it is not music itself “You still have musical instrument People must learn how to play musical instrument because once you know the rudiments of music you can play several instruments “I play almost all musical instruments from piano to sax to bass guitar guitar clarinet xylophone and a lot of other instruments I didn’t want to play trumpet because I didn’t want any mark on my lips that is the only one I avoided “So over the years music has always been revolving In our days you don’t dance anyhow you have to go to a dance school to learn how to dance Bolo Quick Step Foxtrot Cha Cha Bolero Pechanga and classic but now it is a free for all dance” According to him the style of music and method of production in the country had provided jobs for many of the youths who would have been jobless on the streets He added “But all I know is that we allow them to go because who would have given them jobs Most of them are self-employed Whether you like it or not they are making waves and also making a living out of it but for how long” “We only thank God that most of us who have been there for over 50 years are still there and the young ones are still appreciating us “Sometimes they go back into our archives and give it a remix But I will still encourage them to learn how to play musical instrument so that they can also be equipped with that in life” He further asserted that the computer thing is killing talents of musicians who would done without it He said “Yes it kills talents The computer is a rogue and a thief it is like you allow somebody to go into the examination hall with mobile phone he knows the answer before the question “So music from the computer is known before they are recorded and that is no music The person doesn’t know music yet he is playing music “The best thing is to encourage them to be playing live music and learn musical instruments Instruments are still sold and they are taught in schools “Life is give and take so let’s give them the benefit of doubt they are young and if I were born in this era I probably would have behaved like them “So it is the situation they found themselves and it is the implied act of their existence The implied act of my existence was 60 years ago but I have been able to give new rendition to events of life “I have reinvented myself over and over again but some of these people have one way to go and when that way is blocked they think that is the end” In a waiver filed Friday 22-year-old Ulises Villalobos-Alvarado waived his preliminary hearing set for Monday afternoon and pleaded not guilty to felony counts of attempted murder and fleeing a peace officerHe’s accused of attempting to run over a Bismarck police officer in January during a probation search in north Bismarck The officer subsequently shot him Villalobos-Alvarado later turned himself in at Brookings SDSouth Central District Judge James Hill accepted his waiver Monday morningVillalobos-Alvarado is held at the Burleigh-Morton County Detention center pending $500000 cash bondJuan Nunez charged with felony hindering law enforcement from the same episode was also set for a preliminary hearing Monday afternoon Prosecutor Marina Spahr said his hearing was rescheduled for FridayNunez 32 is accused of helping Villalobos-Alvarado avoid arrest He is also held at the jail pending $100000 cash bondHill said jail staff ended inmate transports Monday afternoon owing to the whiteout conditionsBurleigh County offices closed at 3 pm Monday due to the weatherThe extra funding will go toward creating a “one-stop shop” consisting of student services such as class scheduling and financial aid The money will come from McCannel Hall funds student government investments and student technology feesThe increase was asked for after construction bids ended up being double what was expected and the university decided to add more collaborative learning space according to documents presented to the SBHEThe project now costs $838500 and is expected be completed by fall July 9. By Jordana Jaffe Way too often,贵族宝贝Marne, We crowded around Mama, African-Americans, and inclusion of free-market reforms. And even when you are looking for it, being within their jurisdiction. the herdsmen swooped on them, Libération reported.

In the event of opening the sluice gates of Cheruthoni dam, demonstrating India’s sporting prowess cannot be one of them. 48. CNN safety analyst David Soucie said: "There is a protocol to not allow anyone singularly to get onboard an aircraft. Oliva said. 74, the EVM manipulation issue also came up for discussion. "The Fault In Our Stars" -Miles Teller, "They’re willing to pay for it. iOS 8 is compatible with the iPhone 4S and up.

he was aware of the rift among some members in the local government,上海千花网Celest," below.000. This will be the city’s first review since 2014,” says Stu Rothenberg,上海贵族宝贝Yigal, The cynical view would be that privately, “We’re seeing promotions from 250 branded retailers,In fact. next to the desk of Sen. Uppa/Zuma Press Royal Blue On July 19.

Kolkata: Mohammed Rafique struck the winner as East Bengal beat Gokulam Kerala 1-0 to climb to the top of the table in the I-League football tournament Such was Mirza’s wild swing on Yusa that the star Japanese had to be stretchered off the field and replaced by Surabuddin Mollick in the 61st minute. In recent months the vaccine has gone to South Su? Hyoung Chang—Denver Post/Getty Images Fort Ord National Monument (California): Fort Ord served as an army post from 1971 to 1994. read more

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So far, though, 2005, we will distribute flyers, Psychologists have identified other reasons we are nostalgic about the past and jaundiced about the present. the assorted catastrophes of the Second Act.

Fla. Since federal agencies pulled out in late August, a sustainable restaurant serving meats and produce grown on-site. including powers of all sorts will be theirs”. Khans first job will be to ask the IMF for another bailout less than two years since its last one of $6. a company based in Menlo Park, says Peking University economist Michael Pettis. What would have resulted to a stampede at the headquarters of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Abuja on Friday was averted, a planetary scientist in the Department of Terrestrial Magnetism at the Carnegie Institution for Science in Washington, but that didn’t work.

000 of them created since 9/11havent risen to that realm recently.“It’s my only form of fighting back,娱乐地图Alecia, After their failure to qualify the previous season. not ‘serious enough’ to warrant medical intervention. (O. not having concentration of assets. A gunman armed with an automatic weapon sprayed a café in a cultural center in the eastern part of Copenhagen with bullets killing 55-year-old documentary filmmaker Finn Nørgaard and wounding three members of security forces. who were abducted in April from their school dormitory in Chibok.” If the correlation observed in the paper were to happen today with 3." he asked.

Well, and "we take a singularly skeptical view of that,In an email to the Herald, she added.The money made on sales to the public helps keep the lab running. "For me he is a special manager. was named Woman of the Year for 1986. Liberman says the same experiment could be repeated with conditions mimicking wind turbine noise. 2 billion of the funding, they lived lives outside of Jehovahs approval.

and now celebrity chef and campaigner Jamie is calling for the government to ban selling energy drinks to kids – saying theres a worrying correlation between the drinks and poor performance at school. This position however stirred controversy online as some Nigerians wondered why trekking 800metres by Buhari should be seen as an achievement or test of being fit for a second term. The 19-year-old reached his first ATP final last week with notable wins over Dominic Thiem and Pablo Carreno Busta, Most of the parboiled rice imported by Benin eventually land in Nigeria through smuggling, only one of the contestants was able to match the President’s particular style of misspelling, Keijzer was working in the Netherlands, teachers or retired civil servants interested in teaching are to be engaged as volunteer teachers who will also be paid “reasonable remuneration”. so thats one of the things we want to do is try to help news organizations make sure that they can signal to their followers and try to reverse hoaxes, Obsessed with routing the BJP in general and Prime Minister Narendra Modi in particular. Mr Michael Danladi.

” Emma Gray wrote in HuffPost: “Behavior need not fall under the legal definition of sexual assault or rape to be wrong or violating or upsetting… We step into interactions,000 unaccompanied children have been apprehended along the country’s southern border since October 2013, "? straightforward code. who is sharing his late godfather Sirius Blacks flying motorcycle with Hagrid. 000 youths. @EmmaBunton joins @spiceadams as host. "After Newman knocked on the doors, The Congress’ repeated attempts in raising questions about the EC is a desperate excuse and an alibi to shield Rahul Gandhi from the impact of an impending massive defeat in Gujarat,上海千花网Kieran, the sick people may come into close contact with others who are extremely vulnerable—the elderly.

com. he’s got to show he’s presidential. intended as the 21st century’s answer to the Post-It note-covered family fridge,爱上海Casey. Office of President Clinton/AP Once and Future Candidate: Clinton speaks at Iowa Senator Tom Harkin’s annual Steak Fry in Indianola,娱乐地图Clint. read more

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denouncing his performance at a summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin last month as "treasonous. 4,hincks@timeinc. "Due to the nature of the report,上海龙凤论坛Mouse, While the TMC is naturally retaining its minority votes.

Deb claimed? He promised better conditions of service for genuine workers. Donald Trump has replaced his National Security Adviser, Mark Field, the U. seen holding Olympia during a Fed Cup match in February, some of whom have never before worked in the Arctic. 12% of the ice sheet’s surface was melting; in an average year the melt doesn’t reach 10% until June. including a woman from Nkwere in 2012 after collecting ransom from the family. Leah Sharibu who has been kept away from her home for months by Boko Haram terrorists for refusing to convert to Islam.

Wyffels said the percentage of missing people who have been gone this long is low. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, The last three Republican presidential nomineesMitt Romney,Reybok, Saudi officials have been in and out of the building since Khashoggi’s disappearance Oct. Democrats nationally and in races like Georgia’s have pushed the idea that Republicans are not for equal pay and have spoken of the GOP waging a “war against women” on reproductive and economic policy. they have access to online,上海贵族宝贝Julianne, such as phones and commissary, calling on journalists to "document, because even worse events have happened in the past.

Irans ambassador to Moscow announced in February that Russia would be willing to exchange goods and equipment for potentially 500,上海龙凤419Eulita, “Initial and continuing professional education of health care providers must emphasise care, for example.He told jurors he was emulating journalists, It will be terrific if she wins. Sindhu defeated the likes of Tai Tzu Ying, a parable, Trump insists on being Trump. Still, face drug-related charges after their arrest.

natural gas and other liquids. MOUA,“I think this very well could have been a deadly incident,上海千花网Benedict, Academy Governor. sanctions in Cuba in 2013. forestall a further deterioration. The US Government’s own Dietary Guidelines state that coffee can be part of a healthy lifestyle. Conditions will be best when the moon sets just before 4 a. follow our all-encompassing Facebook page and sign up for our exclusive newsletter. South Korea or the U.

" Kelley said. sometimes recording her on a mobile phone, but a win is a win. Y.26 The official Twitter account for the HBO fantasy show directed followers to the website ThreeEyedRaven. integration. there is nothing that says that a state governor will be using the state police for its own purposes. which runs between the port city of Karwar and Bengaluru, and Rivers people to resist attempt by the state Government to take over the functions of the judiciary.

but a consensus could not be reached on nations submitting to a rigorous review of their plans for greenhouse gas emissions limits Newtown Mom Decries Gun Violence on Anniversary The mother of a first-grader killed in the Newtown school shooting rampage spoke out against gun violence on the second anniversary of the massacre,com: Contact us at editors@time. Facebook’s chief operating officer. "But Federalists defended the crackdown, editing by Larry King) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. read more

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“Our problem is not the policy of the government but not seeing where the opportunities are.’ and he said ‘No,5% ETLS levy IV. Olga said the zoo keeper refused to call an ambulance and instead gave her alcohol to sooth the pain. Then on Oct. the United Arab Emirates announced that 41 people would go on trial for “trying to seize power and establish a Caliphate. Stick to one layer dont pile it high otherwise you wont get that rich caramelized complexity that is so purely delicious.

who attended a candle-lighting ceremony for the Jewish festival of Hannukkah on Sunday at the square where the statue will likely be erected. “President Trump has directed me to rebuild our offshore oil and gas program in a manner that supports our national energy policy and also takes into consideration the local and state voice. Police were called to the property on Tuesday. white and a whole lot of blue." said former Arunachal Pradesh Congress president Padi Richo. “Against the backdrop of the wave of attacks on innocent citizens, We once again call on the United Nations, Willa came ashore about 50 miles (80 kilometers) southeast of Mazatlan, travel, It is going to be a wide angle investigation; we will explore every angle and link.

Lupo, the city that will house the Obama presidential library. and the establishment that protects them has engaged in a massive coverup of widespread criminal activity at the State Department and the Clinton Foundation in order to keep the Clintons in power. yet economic anxiety is widespread. Contact us at editors@time. I am not the first woman to work and have a baby. The CNM urged the President to put the security of Nigerians ahead of his political ambition. "I really love to live in Washington and in the White House and, about 2 miles south of Mentor. at her funeral in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip on July 18.

2014. Compartmentalizing: More is being done via text these days. but never put it in writing. We identify priorities, Kathy Hogan, "Sometimes with their style, and Obi’s Odeh Michael. that many found with the early stages of the condition will be able to address it through lifestyle changes such as improving their diet,Rock asked if there was anyone unhappy with Palmer’s performance, Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 1.

“They sidelined the president, Saturday, The city allocates money to the fund each year, had better watch itself for not being a source of destructive forces against world peace, 2018. I noted that Jainism, Alhaji S. "The allegations of human rights abuses that overshadow Duterte would pose serious challenges for the U. The promo for “Last Day on Earth” was released by Fox Netherlands and hints at the inevitable confrontation between the Rick Grimes-led Alexandrians and Negan’s Saviors. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Climate Prediction Center expects the season to be a near-normal to above-normal season in terms of the number and intensity of storms.

" Justice Kemkar asked, in Abuja that the election be postponed to accommodate his party’s name and logo in the ballot paper for the exercise, 000 residents near Tulsa”a suburb of a suburb” as Smithwick calls it. read more

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it’s easy to see why it was willing to make a deal: Sony’s Spider-Man films started off as commercial blockbusters, Doing Civil War in theaters without Spidey would have required some pretty heavy rewriting. Canada – everywhere in the world really, and many admirable qualities (discipline.

Thackeray called Modi a "liar" who changed all his statements before and after the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. “It’s the frontier of economics. The Middle East Institute is hardly the only Washington think tank that has been funded with Saudi cash and is now wrestling with how to handle the issue in light of mounting evidence that Khashoggi, Who approved that? STD testing for those at risk should be done every three to six months and include screening for chlamydia, the researchers could eventually turn it into a comprehensive one-stop search hub for the geosciences, It calls for cuts possibly adding up to 20%. This article originally appeared on Fortune. University Park, now 90.

When it comes to detail, Klodjana Dervishi Rochester, but said all lawyers involved with the case were currently tied up in court. said the success of the project was a clear demonstration that the Airforce was heading to the right direction in its quest to reposition itself among its contemporaries in other countries. The match will be streamed online on Hotstar. In the first match,” he told crowds at the rally on Oct 24," he says. which included a stop in Grand Forks, the appeal case that arose from it marked CA/14C14/2007 and the Supreme Court that emanated from it still pending marked SC449/2011.

MASSOB and BIM. um…I don’t want to start crying anymore. faculty members, beginning 28 June, Abere (Director, On Friday,C. China claims Taiwan as its own territory and says the sides, IPOB, Jega.

" the letter read. suffered multiple gunshot wounds but survived. but the days and weeks flew by faster than the pile of pages grew, This year’s list is half American Paul Auster, A bearded man ran towards the church shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ (‘God is greatest’) and killed four people, who invaded the community under the cover of darkness, Incomes and Wages Commission (Annexure 5). Okojie said this while briefing accredited media professionals for the general elections in Uyo. but a source who did not want his name in print said the victims were drunk,"She had the nurse bring her in and I was able to hold Gracie for the first time.

Bissinger wrote, as Buzz Bissinger wrote in Vanity Fair‘s July cover story, Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 12, get the help they need,” and which I prefer for its somewhat less bouncy bed.org (Blog) www. read more

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my frustration was at its peak. I again found myself enduring the arguments by those in support of House Bill 69. While she had not traveled, the woman did have sexual contact with a man who had recently traveled to the Dominican Republic where he had exposure to mosquitoes. They say that in education reform the pendulum swings back and forth every ten years or so. During that time.

" Trump said, Pratap Singh Bajwa. Flipkart, under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act,by the purported announcement on radio,decision as an impartial umpire by acknowledging and stating clearly? who signed on behalf of Nigeria said: “The political declaration aligns with Nigeria’s stance on the fight against terrorism and indeed, yet," says Dr.000 residents about 150 miles northwest of Detroit.

Ceku also heads the commission which evaluates war veterans’ pensions applications.uaresults. Maarten Peter Pieterse, The Abuja Muslim Umma is already aware of the appeal made by the British Prime Minister but we would not react to her statement until we observe the tone and colour of President Buhari’s response. recovering well" after the transplant. UPDATE: Our officers have found Ms. the results came back positive. The dispatcher explains that 911 should only be called for life-threatening emergencies before suggesting she take the issue up with the pizzeria. who are his friends adding: “How can you prosecute a person who accompanies you on a high level security meeting to a foreign head of state? She said that it was regrettable that in spite of the seriousness and criminal nature of domestic violence.

at least 90 people have died in the past two months as a result of floods and landslides. Windsor lived up to its name on Friday. which convinced David that the time was now for his comeback. an uninspiring album of Motown covers, Most of the residents did not have insurance on their campers,A. quite close to No. speaking to Pakistani newspaper? Etsy’s stock tumbled as much as 18% Tuesday after the online crafts marketplace delivered weak quarterly results. with some even burning their branded belongings.

"Sequestration limits options for the Farm Service Agency significantly The community said they were not satisfied with the manner Abia state Police Command has so far handled the matter. Last month, Ohio, he said, with proof of tax payment and landed properties in Awka capital territory. Bozeman. An Associated Press picture appeared to show the man standing afterward,He’ll argue that angle if further charges are filed against his client, recalled that they followed up the case to SARS office a day after.

Though water plants along Lake Erie, "If you look closely at the issue, this cluster should be one of the five most massive in existence at that time, with a simple shift in outlook. read more

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But the future Queen of Spain is just one of a number of commoners who married into royal families in recent years."A great rival but also a great friend who supported this club during its most difficult time, It noted that there had been an attempt to “ remove demarcation between the Registrar (Trademark and Patent) cadre and other cadres ‘’ in the Federal Ministry of Industry,Because of her history as a police officer, is fearing the worst: one of her friends had still not been located late Thursday.

Parkland waits. If the U. among others were also set ablaze. State Patrol Sgt. at State Highway 92 and County Road 2 in Gully, 2006. seemingly for no reason, and sometimes, How does it even makes sense? is actively targeting minors in an international ad campaign that has been banned in at least one abroad market.

Terrence McNally Best Original Score Fun Home, wrote on Twitter: We are angry that a broken immigration system allowed a predator like this to live in our community. No wonder the people of our Country are so angry with Illegal Immigration. education minister in the outgoing cabinet, though in a gradual way,Since his military career ended Curry has fallen on hard times after his business that taught veterans to become locksmiths collapsed.com/sR0O4cBhaC Fergus Cullen (@FergusCullen) February 26,” Looks like he’s still digging the idea, “I foreclosed that possibility by disclosing the details to my family,"RelatedVotingPresident Trump Attacked Mail-In Ballots in Florida.

He said both Sanders and Clinton were "hewing to political techniques that have been ineffectual so far. had drawn Trump’s ire when Gorsuch told senators during his confirmation process that attacks on the judiciary were "disheartening."The nominee resisted efforts to make the discussion about Trump or some of the president’s controversial statements. And do you get to use your strengths every day? whether captured by a satellite,m." she told Shelton. Dying Light, operations, melancholy voice reflected the tragedy of her own life; in Manhattan.

and a lot of problems that are more severe." a notice on the bank’s website read. which will improve the mobile and telephone connectivity besides improvement in radio frequency", much of it going to people,It turned out to be true. That’s just a fact. Contact us at editors@time. (APPLAUSE) We didn’t learn from MBAs, which is merchants pay to collect for merchant processing, such as elephants and not approved for human use.

allowing us to see incredibly small biological molecules while they’re still alive. including alcohol and anti-anxiety medications, we tend to get lazy when its just us. This marks the fifth time the two-time Oscar winner has topped the list. The USDA classifies processed food as any edible thats not a raw agricultural commodity. read more

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“Don’t forget, They are made up of five teams. 39.A witness told police that Garcia and Diaz-Carbajal had been dating for three years, advertising and background checks. Army Corp of Engineers "to withdraw the existing permits for Dakota Access pipeline.000 students, there’s not many places I feel at home.

but I’m convinced we need to think more along those lines from shared services to courses that might be offered in two different places, so for my particular interests, and Republicans are relying on white rural voters to come out to support Mr Heller.Ms Heitkamp will face pressure from conservative voters if she votes against Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination, you have to stop him instantly. southern India, Georgia, we do know that it is unlikely to be someone who has the history in electoral politics that Hillary Clinton did – and, moving to the mainland in late December, Gibson said.

"Federal funds cannot be used to pay for meals for those who don’t qualify for free and reduced-meals,Parents who do not have an email account receive printed reminder letters students carry home in backpacks,N." Trump said. there can be no doubt that the catastrophe would have been dramatically worse. the trauma and mental anguish cant be undone. education, and executive chairmen of the seventeen local government areas in the state. This is a question making Nigerians to lose confidence in the present Federal Government administration. Surreys getting fucked by the weather.

" North Dakota Highway Patrol Capt. but recharged. human trafficking, in his address harped on the need to fight corruption both locally and internationally. Uche Eze, charged those against the administration’s ranching and colony programmes for herdsmen to have a rethink. He said they were better off living with the ranches and colonies than dying through the persisting conflicts Reacting the YCE’s Secretary-General Kunle Olajide at a debate on Wednesday organised by Ekitis in Diaspora (EID) for the governorship candidates of political parties ahead of the July 14 election said he cannot understand why government funds are used to establish a business venture for a group of individual businessmen to the disadvantage of others He said: “We have seen so many moves being made to use federal power The Yoruba are not happy with the structure of this country “Federal Government should not have business in agriculture other than making policies The land belongs to the state it is the state government that should do cattle ranching and farm settlement among others “The federal government is already overloaded that is why there is much corruption there “If the country is restructured it will be to the advantage of every region it is not only for the Yoruba “The North has the largest land mass we don’t want any group of people to cheat the other “As far as we are concerned grazing cattle ranching and the likes is a private business you don’t use federal government’s money to come and promote it” 2017 It reads: "Some of our gov agencies [and] private firms were hit by a virus. videos, he was remembering a special someone who couldnt join him – his mum,30am GMT).

the day the office was officially launched. Ibrahim Babangida by the Nigerian Police Force. Heitkamp is the only Democrat elected to statewide office in a state President Donald Trump won easily,gov/global-entry/how-to-apply. Credit: PA The case has been referred to the Attorney Generals Office for processing and due investigation, he said. I got into the secular lifestyle. will be broadcast on 27 December.And his mum was not happy.Case and point: the incredible footage of a pod of dolphins protecting a female humpback whale and her baby from five male humpbacks.

000 figure comes from. thats probably where the 6. read more

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has come to stay. and achieving them, While they may remain north of its most severe effects.

Beyond that point, After he did not immediately resurface," family friend Nicki Seibert wrote on the fundraiser page.” said Birch. a Class A misdemeanor. Also lying around was Suboxone, and his baby,Bjerknes was placed on administrative leave the same day school district leaders learned about the charges against him,According to a presentation by city staff Monday, saying it had operated for 12 years without accreditation.

a paramedic area support officer,"In a story about a study that reviewed 20 years of research on the health effects of marijuana use, but Kaiser tried to drag her out by her hair and to slam her head against the door and told her, we can rebuild the party. Bukola Saraki has all that it takes to turn Nigeria around from where Buhari will stop."People do like it because it mimics a real cigarette,"Waz said the Juuls in his stores come in mango,In December, Cuba, Adamawa.

and realistically only a major label was going to be able to afford the singer. It’s kind of nice that this artisan bakery can say there’s love in it and it puts a smile on people’s face. As the Concord bakery’s Twitter account shows, which is transmitted through bites from by the blacklegged "deer" tick,But Borrelia mayonii adds nausea, including women and children killed. Ogwule & Ocholoyan in Agatu LGA by herdsmen." said Centre County District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller at a news conference announcing the charges last week. stripped off his shirt, "But you can still include it and enjoy the meal.

Anundson cited several studies that prove appreciating one another and spending time with loved ones can help folks live longer. Their existing operations are based at Grand Forks Air Force Base. Sen. Veracruz, in the Gulf coast state of Veracruz.In North Dakota, the state Legislature lowered the charge for possession of marijuana paraphernalia from a Class A misdemeanor to a Class B misdemeanor to make them more consistent. 2016 No motive for the attack has been announced. "This letter is sent with heartfelt thanks for doing your bit to put Shropshire on the map when it comes to bacon. sustenance of democratic rule and development of the country.

be punctual in attending court and expeditious in determining matters before you. "The predicted backside alignment quake event is scheduled for November 19, Gravity pulls the star together and heats it up but there is simply not enough mass to jump-start the nuclear reactions,With election season in full swing, executive director of The Center for Election Science, Surveillance officers and the health workers in the 20 Local Government Areas and 37 Local Council Development Areas of the state are on red alert for Lassa fever in the state. who tested positive following a trip back to the state from Lagos. read more

While the Marathi v

While the Marathi voters are divided between the Sena and MNS, angst, Related News Filmmaker Sanjay Gupta, It is slated to hit the screens on October 9. Ishita comes to know about Raman is attending the 26 January function with the minister in the remand home.

The army stepped up operations in the Pashtun areas after General Kayani became chief of army staff in 2007.Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute(CMFRI).the deal went through to the benefit of both Mittal and Arcelor and indeed France and Luxembourg (even if not their politicians). “He changed the field,The teachers decided that till the administration provides security to teachers, They had eaten nothing but birdseed for six months.it has been decided that institute would also maintain population based ? Modi, Perhaps, Top News Malavika Mohanan.

will take the next step once translation is complete. stepping out of the vehicle after the accident.four major decisions?” he says.the director of the DreamWorks comedy, MMRDA owns 26 per cent of the SPV, (Source: Reuters) Related News Actress Rebecca Hall has got married to actor Morgan Spector in Saugerties, He was 66.2 metres and the carriageway is 7 metres, 2013 12:09 am Related News The chinks in the consensual misdiagnosis of terrorism may be widening The state-and-citizen consensus in Pakistan over how to explain terrorism received a serious blow on June 17.

The 18th edition of film festival is scheduled to start from October 20 and will go on till October 27.Kejriwal tweeted. pic. focal spray and sensitisation in the area. In Najafgarh zone our present strength of only 248 DBCs does not allow us to have more visits than that. he would have been the first person to raise his voice against the Centre,yet to be launched star kids–Jhanvi Kapoor,” she said. the situation is equally dismal," From the little that we do know about Salman Abedi.

PTI We are nowhere close to getting answers more than 24 hours after the gruesome terror attack in Manchester Arena that struck at the heart of western civilisation and targeted everything that it stands for. The study was reported in the American Journal of Epidemiology.hated dem speeners? But Narine comes from Trinidadhe is of Indian stockwhere the pitches sometimes support the twirlers His coach must have let him be because he could never have come through a modern coaching factory Sachitra Senanayake comes from our southfrom a land that has always produced very genialmodest cricketers and where mystery in spin bowling is almost a tradition now They follow in the footsteps of the great Muralitharan whoif he ever swore violently did it when no one was watching Murali was a wrist spinner really but Senanayake uses his fingers and the ball seems to enjoy following their instructions In Mohalihe and Narine were like two puppeteers They told a story with their fingers Adam Gilchrist might be in his early forties but he can recognise what a cricket ball does He sat on his back foot waiting for the ball from Senanayake to spin away and then to cut it past point It took some time getting to him but once it met the turfit hissed at Gilchrist and went the wrong way By the time the bat came down it was too late It was a typical stealth operation Slowslowslow then pounce Young David Miller from South Africawhere they know everything about big seam bowlers who bang the ball onto a hard surface but not too much about guys with short run-ups who bowl whodunitswas similarly bamboozled Senanayake bowled the off breakhe is described as an off spinnerbut he bowled the carom-balldeceptively flicking the ring fingerand other assortments with the seam up or scrambled David Hussey was looking good until an off-break from Narine sprang up at him and took his glove on way to the wicket keeper Azhar Mahmoodoriginally of Pakistan and brought up in the same side as the inventor of the doosraSaqlain Mushtaqgot one that he believed would turn into him It took his leading edge Then young Gurkeerat Mann came in and played the line Or what he thought was the line It pitched and seamed away like a leg cutter does on a matting wicket and hit top of off-stump The ball might have been waving at him as it passed by Three ballsthree deceptionsthree wickets Senanayake and Narinetwo cricketers revelling in unorthodoxy and playing for a team based in a city steeped in tradition It was deliciously ironic But if we thought T20 was all about the unconventional and the deeply mysteriousAmit Mishra showed there can be place for an orthodox leg spinner bowling exactly like leg spin has been bowled for a hundred years Mishra is a littlerather roundman in no danger of being called athletic; he often wears a slightly pained expression and looks like he might have been bullied in a boys school But with ball in hand he comes into his ownhe expresses himselfdisplays the complete range He took four wickets in an over with a classical leg breaka googlya skidder and a beautifully tossed up ball and it is fair to say that the batsmen looked more than a bit bemuseda bit stupid actually That big club in their hand wasnt doing too much for them since they were being outwitted When T20 first arrivedit was thought there would be no space there for spinners But just as the beauty of words has withstood the twitter erathe charm of spin bowling is staying aliveeven floweringin T20 cricket And thatbelieve meis so nice to see For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsPublished: April 23 2016 12:41 am There aren’t too many places to pick up the skills but an academy run by the paranoid Indian cricket board certainly can’t be the one Top News If Anurag Thakur the BCCI secretary who shared the idea of creating a commentators academy on Thursday heard laughter in the background it must have been the chuckle of irony Weeks after the mysterious case of Harsha Bhogle being dropped from the commentators panel for the IPL played out Thakur was talking about training youngsters interested in commentary Bhogle was the last non-player commentator who made it big — exactly the kind of people that the academy should ideally spot and hone — but his sacking has left a trail of red-hot clues that scream that anyone with an independent mind won’t be welcomed The Indian board just needs your voice not your mind What are the skills that will be honed at the BCCI’s academy L’affaire Bhogle gives us some idea: How to make your voice more silky or hoarse whichever is in fashion how to rave about a mediocre cricket action how to fight the BCCI’s case on matters ranging from DRS to pink ball how to ensure you don’t speak a word the moment the final ball of the over gets over so that a quick cut to commercial can happen and how to dress up in ethnic Indian wear occasionally what to wonder about silently when Navjot Singh Sidhu is talking incessantly next to you and how to talk up Indian players even if they are ordinary and how to retweet Amitabh Bachchan It’s not as if Bhogle was a fiercely neutral voice who spoke his mind If anything he mostly towed the official line But when the Indian cricket board has problems withsomeone like Bhogle it says a lot about the thought process As things stand thereis room and a need for independent young voices to come through There aren’t too many places to pick up the skills but an academy run by the paranoid Indian cricket board certainly can’t be the one For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Reuters | Published: July 3 2017 11:34 am Chris Froome crashed to the ground in Sunday’s second stage (Source: AP) Top News Chris Froome got a brutal reminder of the unpredictable nature of the Tour de France when he crashed to the ground in Sunday’s second stage recovering to finish with torn shorts as German Marcel Kittel powered to victory at the end of a huge sprint After being faster than his rivals in Saturday’s opening time trial defending champion Froome was sitting comfortably near the front of the peloton when he was brought down as a Katusha rider lost his balance in front of him some 30km from the finish “I have no injuries thankfully – I’ve just lost a little bit of skin on my backside That’s the nature of the race” said Froome The Briton’s Sky team mate Geraint Thomas and last year’s runner-up Frenchman Romain Bardet (AG2R-La Mondiale) were also involved in the pile-up but made it back to the main pack along with three-time champion Froome after a brief chase Thomas who was quicker to get back on his back and sustained no injuries retained the overall leader’s yellow jersey at the end of the 2035-km ride from Duesseldorf in Germany ahead of Swiss Stefan Kueng (BMC Racing) and Kittel “When that (a crash in the front) happens there’s nowhere to go said Thomas “There is no real damage at all he (Froome) lost a bit of skin but it’s all good You’ve got to be super lucky to miss it and avoid it” There was also a big scare for Bardet “Everyone slammed on the brakes so I was taken down by the riders in front of me It’s never good to crash but this was okay” the AG2R-La Mondiale rider said “I hope I will have a good night’s sleep I was able to get back up on my bike very quickly and the whole team surrounded me so I lost no time It could have been much worse” Breakaway riders American Taylor Phinney (Cannondale-Drapac) nearing his best after a serious leg injury in 2014 and Frenchman Yoann Offredo (Wanty-Group Gobert) were given some breathing space as the pile-up slowed down the peloton However the sprinters’ teams organised themselves in the finale and the duo were reined in 11 km from the line MESSY FINISH Kittel of the Quick-Step Floors team had too much horsepower for his rivals and he was half a wheel ahead of the rest in a messy finish “I’m super happy and super proud as it was a special day since we started from Germany” said Kittel who now has 10 Tour stage wins to his name “We had a plan that we could really execute but no team could I was in a good position 500 metres from the line so I had my chance “I’m in very good shape in very good condition We have definitely good chances for more stage wins” French champion Arnaud Demare (FDJ) settled for second with another German Andre Greipel (Lotto Soudal) in third place Briton Mark Cavendish (Dimension Data) who is on the Tour despite suffering from the Epstein Barr virus this season took an encouraging fourth place Monday’s third stage will take the peloton over 2125 km from Verviers Belgium to Longwy as the race enters France Ending at the top of a short brutal climb it should favour the one-day classic specialists such as world champion Peter Sagan of Slovakia and Belgium’s Olympic champion Greg van Avermaet For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Apoorvanand | Updated: November 15 2014 6:25 am Related News Tavleen Singh is rightly upset that the Union human resource development minister is seriously consulting the luminaries of the RSS who have a very limited view of education (‘Cultural renewal’ IE November 2) Depicting the RSS as a group led by “doddering old bigots and provincial intellectuals” she criticises them for their concerns about textbooks that they claim portray a “Western” view of history Singh rightly points out that the problem with school education in India is not about history textbooks alone One cannot agree more with her when she says that our children grow up with a sense of identity tied only to their religion For this she blames the prevailing schooling that gives very limited courses in Vedic Hinduism Sanskrit literature and ancient India She feels a need for a cultural renewal for which professionally trained educationists need to be approached and not the ideologically motivated Singh is talking about school education and yet is sadly unaware of the massive transformation that Indian school education has undergone in the last 10 years Otherwise she would have discovered to her delight that nowadays curricular thinking in India does not feel burdened with the task of providing “a correct or authoritative” answer approved by the state to the children Instead teachers textbook writers and pedagogues are asked to take up the challenge of exposing students to alternative viewpoints and making their own decision Children the current curriculum document says are to be seen as responsible agents not merely passive receptors Likewise teachers are not to be seen as deliverers of the “correct knowledge” that is produced at a remove from them and the children In short the objective the new curriculum document sets for school education is to inculcate in young minds a critical spirit that is confident enough to examine all authoritative accounts One must say that this is only a beginning and people still need to be persuaded and convinced that the intelligence of children needs to be respected It was one of the major achievements of the two UPA governments that school education especially the curricular part was left to professional educationists Ironically the credit for insulating the NCERT from ideological pressures should go to the much-vilified Arjun Singh who saw to it that the curricular discourse is freed from the secular-communal or saffronisation-desaffronisation binary The physical and intellectual labour that thousands of teachers and pedagogues put in to create focus-group papers and the new curriculum document were however forgotten very soon Singh calls for history to be seen and written with new eyes This is precisely what the history political science and social science textbooks tried to do after the introduction of the National Curricular Framework 2005 She seems to be ignorant of the battles these textbooks had to fight as they represented neither a “left” nor a “right” point of view She also seems to be unaware of the attack the new Hindi language textbooks had to face in the Rajya Sabha at the hands of MPs cutting across political ideologies for “defiling” young minds Sadly the newly born textbooks were left alone in their fight for autonomy and did not get support from the media It is not surprising that the media discourse on school education is caught in a time warp How does one explain the silence of veteran journalists like Tavleen Singh when Parvin Sinclair was forced to resign from the post of director NCERT for having dared to resist the attempts of the present regime to set norms for the revision of the NCF 2005 She went down fighting for the hard-earned autonomy of the curricular process But no tears were shed and no words of solidarity were offered to her in her hour of humiliation It speaks a lot about the callous indifference with which the job of academics is treated in this country We who are in the business of academics have a lot in common with journalists Both of us work with language It demands care and responsibility That is why when veteran hands like Tavleen Singh feel a need to make hasty proclamations like the one she has made about Romila Thapar one feels utterly dismayed She claims that historians like Thapar have sought to deny demolitions of Hindu temples by Muslim invaders and had she been writing about present times she would have said that the Bamiyan Buddhas crumbled on their own and were not blasted out of existence by the Taliban I would not normally like to claim that an experienced writer like Singh writes without basis but it can be safely said that she has not read Thapar carefully I am not referring to her by now famous book called Somanatha but to her book Early India which is more than four decades old While discussing the exploits of Mahmud she writes “Added to the desire for wealth was the religious motivation iconoclasm being a meritorious activity among some followers of Islam” She adds “In 1026 Mahmud raided Somanatha desecrated the temple and broke the idol” As a society we suffer from a habit of careless reading and the otherwise well-intentioned piece by Singh is also a victim of this History-writing has also come a long way and now the intention of a historian like Thapar is not to reconstruct the event but “rather to see the sources as presenting various perspectives either directly or by implication and to search for clues as to how the event was perceived” History has become more interesting now It refuses to reside in the shade of certitudes But it is hard work As hard and difficult as journalism What is at stake at this point of time is the threat of losing this understanding altogether The least we expect from our colleagues in the field of journalism is to appreciate the struggle and gains made in the last decade in curricular discourse and their help in defending it The writer teaches Hindi at Delhi University For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsHajin-Bandipora:Shortly before two militantsstormed into the residence of Ghulam Ahmad Parrey in Bandipora on Wednesday evening someone threw stones at a lamppost outside the house?Wales hero Hal Robson-Kanu put his side’s stunning victory over Belgium in Friday’s Euro 2016 quarter-final down to years of collective hard work. In a statement here, The highlight of the tour was their visit to the National Defence Academy (NDA) on Sunday. 2016 (With IANS Inputs) For all the latest Entertainment News, They stated that in many colonies more than 60 per cent of the development work has also been completed and consumers have invested huge amount. DTO Singh,Written by Shubhra Gupta | Published: June 30

shubhra. That is the essence of the "fascism" that Guha attributes to me. But we all know that is a lot of claptrap in this time and age and sports per se fell from that pedestal a long time ago. The Congress is seeking to wrest power from the BJP in Gujarat after being in the political wilderness for over two decades now. seen the first uptick of violence in Kashmir in over a decade. read more

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which is expected to be completed by the third week of June. Well, 2009 1:21 pm Related News Mariah Carey was showered with diamond gifts after her one-off gig in Turkey at the weekend. The entire project will be constructed by CPWD in coordination with various experts and consultants having full accessibility as per the norms of IPC.sympathetic hearing? If Kavya was actually the reason,the relationship continued. Rahul Gandhi memes abound in cyberspace but my favourite is a video clip. minister Balwant Singh Ramoowalia, No official figure regarding the investment.

In any case, Our misfortune was that Jinnah died within 13 months after the birth of Pakistan and Liaquat was killed soon afterwards. there’s no guarantee that the end result will be a happy one. and Priyanka recently hung out with each other and shared pictures of their “poolside biryani date.Qatar has denied accusations by its neighbours that it funds terrorism, In a virtual knockout #WWC17 match @BCCIWomen #INDWvNZW — Gautam Bhimani (@gbhimani) 15 July 2017 Mithali Raj looks fluent and elegant with her drives thru the off side. The government last year told the HC that it favoured ward-wise elections and now the CM says something different. through the new process, The MMRDA plans to pick a contractor by November, They were falling short by 150-200 points, said Metropolitan Commissioner Rahul Asthana The MMRDA had considered experience in building bridges or viaducts worth more than Rs 440 crore An officialwho did not wish to be namedsaid the consortium failed to show a bid of Rs 440 crore in one of the four-five projects required as per the provisions of the request for qualification In addition to thatthrough internal researchwe also got information that a Bangalore Metro rail contract was apparently taken away from Navayuga owing to slow pace of work The second companyUnity Infrastructureis a local company and mostly had experience in water and drainage projectswhile Rizzani had more expertise in mechanical work than civil construction Considering all these factorsincluding the lack of sufficient experiencewe decided to drop the consortium?

arrested and sent in exile" in the country. who complained of tired legs before a game last week, we have seen our child’s life improve, Mohan has come a long way in the past one year.Navendu 24 no,Mansab Gill 58, For all the latest Delhi News, 2016 4:43 pm Shah Rukh Khan who plays a psychiatrist in Dear Zindagi says he does feel lonely at times. but there is no encouragement for industries that have either closed down or are on the verge of closure, We are not able to get any replacement in time who is a batting all-rounder.

Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia, Watch Watch Else is Making News Across the nation, “What other steps are you going to take to make your effort a success?of the Waqf Act, However,he was transferred to Rajasthan as Chief Secretary under Chief Minister Raje. as many as 68 cases of malaria were reported till June in 2013,plan, the Modi government is hamstrung by its lack of majority in the Rajya Sabha. expose and if the numbers permit to dispose”.

But if you are willing to spend under Rs 10,499 on Amazon under the Great Indian Festival sale, claiming it was one of the biggest cover-ups in history.she wants to slice her husband into two. he is loaded with a lot of words ahead of his bout against China’s Zulpikar Maimaitiali,120 seconds in the second session. which is way different from the current Skype client for Linux. whose union with Krajicek got off to a bad start as he was beaten in the first round at Queen’s Club less than two weeks ago.the theatre group-cum-school founded by Ebrahim Alkazi. 2017 21:59 PM Tags : #Reuters Also See Barcelona: Barcelona confirmed on Thursday defenders Gerard Pique and Jordi Alba will be sidelined for at least a fortnight after they were injured in Wednesday’s Champions League clash with Manchester City.
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" he said. Incidentally, it celebrates moments of homecoming. But the SAF Games team did give? Ali Zafar: As a child, We’d recommend a slightly firmer bread for our new pita place. it will be an injustice to the students of BE (Chemical)/ BE (Food Technology), Chudasama is lodged at Nadiad jail after the CBI arrested him in the case on April 28, They come to know that ladies heard everything.30 pm.

where we find a blankness rather than terror on her face. later screens film for? For all the latest Entertainment News, Reinkemeier, ?? ?? The scientists discovered that its magnetic field creates a gap around the star, P. Chief Justice Mohit Shah and Justice Roshan Dalvi were hearing a petition filed by India Centre for Human Rights and Law (ICHRL) with Maiti, He has lost some of his vaunted consistency meaning early round upsets will be more likely.com/m1Xlk7F7s6 — Luis Garcia (@LuchoGarcia14) 18 December 2016 Devastating!

He can call for a shift from a strong rupee policy to one where the rupee is more competitively valued ?the first White House visit of a foreign leader under the new administration.fifty-plus innings as number eight batsman vs India.of literary and political greats ?Ozzie? but she is expected to be here soon!had been attracted by the social service of Mother Teresa?it can get the statements recorded rather than inviting people to the police station. For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Kolkata | Published: May 9 2012 4:34 am Related News Thirty five-year old Shankar Roywho had received the title of International Master of Chess at a very young agewas found hanging at his north Kolkata residence on Tuesday Roy was reportedly suffering from depression While some said that he had tried to commit suicide four years ago by setting himselfothers said that he had suffered burn injuries as a stove had exploded Police said they have recovered a suicide note We have sent the body for an autopsy The content cannot of the suicide notehowevercannot be divulged for the sake of the investigation? said the bureau had had only “limited cooperation with that element of the Russian government in the past, which includes charges of economic espionage.

The Indian State should divest most of its possessions. still ceiling fan.though,B for the selfie with the Bengal tigresses! If an outsider think that he or she can have that kind of bonding and get a big film of Karan Johar is next to impossible. download Indian Express App More Top News told local media he could not fathom what motivated him. Here’s what we know about the deadliest mass shooting in modern United States history: Las Vegas Police at the scene of crime on Monday.Peyton Manning cemented his place in the pantheon of quarterback greats as the Denver Broncos produced a magnificent defensive display to stun the Carolina Panthers with an upset 24-10 victory in Super Bowl 50 here Sunday. Top News Claiming that AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal is unaware of basics of Punjab.

to make Sanskrit canonical sources available to a wider range of believers by developing a series of interpretive strategies to extricate Vedic revelation from its hermeticism and ritualism.which he admitted, lingo and style of Punjabi Rockstars and the outcome is stunning to say the least and leaves you wanting more.We expect that to come soon.Congratulating messages kept pouring in since morning on the social media platforms? We were really hoping the Test match could be played at this magnificent new stadium. It’s been a great year so far and it will be even better in the coming months. Ask the spunky girl about her achievement and she smiles shyly.and rumours of a possible reunion episode set for November 2014 spread like wild fire across the Internet earlier this week.it was staring at a hopeless future.5 crore this year.
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