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also master a lot of love by SEO to Taobao customers, but many people are complaining that the conversion rate is too low, so I dare to say that you are the guest station is number not much. In fact, if you want to let netizens love to dig out of pocket is very difficult, want to meet big customers can only rely on luck. Increasing the number of special websites is the most effective way to increase orders. I have seen someone using the station group batch optimization of the word "L-carnitine", making sh419’s previous pages are his promotion code, such effect fool can see is profitable. Of course, the use of software as a station group has a certain risk, this method has yet to be discussed. read more

Depth analysis of the old station for nearly two years

first saw the Shanghai dragon love Shanghai information weight is 0, Google PR 0, domain name age 1 years 9 months and 4 days, we can see that the snapshot update key is normal, whether included love Shanghai or Google or SOSO amount collected so much, then why such an old station, struggling through the business for 2 years. You blossom? Below, we will to him this station do a deep analysis on

analysis of three sites throughout the paper.

yesterday to join the Zhejiang station group, in which to hear a webmaster in the complaint, why their website for nearly 2 years, why love Shanghai weight is 0, the Google PR is 0, then I saw some rough, the existence of wrong, I just have a good time today. The old station, make a depth analysis (high master can float read more

Domain is not in the first opinion

approach is still the same recovery and increase the weight of the website. We should remember yourself before is how to operate. Not the law has not been updated, or the chain construction to check their change radically, Links are right down. Replacement templates or change the key word whether there is a lot of memories of their own. The operation has no wrong.

to its Shanghai Dragon

station: basically forum posting with a blog, this blog is unavoidable. You can also try to answer is like. Library information classification and network favorites is also good. Every day that you stand weight days and months multiplying will go up. Another suggested daily analysis of several sites it will help the. read more

Analysis of how to judge the similarity of website search engine

high repetition is not good, will be K, will drop right, will not be included, that linger in Shanghai Longfeng beginners mind, how a new data? You can update every day dozens of content? Apparently many people do not have this argument, Yu Shicai set the then, the pseudo original, common for the original way is a reversal of the contents of the article, synonymy, add or reduce the part, but found that after a long time, this is not included, what is the reason? Today the author detailed analysis, I hope this article can solve your questions. read more

Do the correlation to make the website more competitive

four and external links

, believes that many webmaster friends all know, do website correlation, not only can make your site look more professional, reduce the rate of jump out the site, and is of great help to improve the site weight, what should we do to the relevance of the website from which

three and the station link

target refers to the keywords on the web page, many of my friends heard that the home page is site of the highest page weight, so want to do put a lot of words in the home, but did not consider the relevance of keywords from the user’s needs. Figure: read more

How do the site is down right down the right site solution

2. Links: look at the Links there is not some Links illegal information, resulting in Links website is K, which affects themselves, no chain or Links a large area, it will also lead to site is down right, if there is no time to remove these anti chain. By K Links, better protect their

Some of the content of

5. to check their updates with illegal information, check their quality of the content is high enough, whether there is accumulation of keywords of the suspects, if there is excessive optimization, if there is illegal information delete the information as soon as possible, if the quality is low, then write some high quality articles, do not waste read more

Confessions of a bitter Shanghai dragon Er now Shanghai dragon is too difficult

for web content segmentation, because the computer is the computer search website, there are several very much: the price of the computer, computer parameters (configuration), computer models, computer customer service (warranty period) and computer maintenance. I put these features of computer are extracted for each computer model into a single page, which contains all the information that I can think of, to search several items of interest to the user are written in, try to make the user can find all the information you want to know in my page. Of course, the most important is my contact, at that time very rough in the middle and end with the very red letters in bold. Although it is very tiring, but I insist that the effect is very good after a period of time, the most intuitive is my site traffic up, and many of them are through the content page to the web site keywords ranking also gradually rose to the position of the first page. read more

Keywords mining and optimization determines the site traffic trend

improve site traffic is one thing many webmaster dream, because a website to let it make money cannot do without traffic, whether it is selling products or services sold, certainly hope the better your site traffic, the traffic here refers to the targeted traffic; such as selling products website, we special mining and optimization related to user demand keywords, and rely on the mining site keywords alliance advertising money of course is different from the. Now the lines of various types of website filled the entire Internet, for the webmaster of all the pressure not to want the keyword optimization up your website, use the search engine to bring traffic, is not an easy thing. We all know the keywords ranking with the website weight and keywords of digging and optimization, the chain and other factors have a great relationship; bring your weight, many of my friends are now complaining, why I do not go to do station, now do station website weight than others, keyword optimization is very difficult, so it is difficult to compete with others. read more

nfluence of keyword density on the Shanghai dragon ranking optimization

please remember the keyword density is only one of the factors affecting the keywords ranking. The author once when optimizing a nursery site, too much keyword density effects on site keywords ranking, take some extreme practices, in order to improve the website keyword density, such as " " the target keywords, Pinus bungeana; I repeatedly on the home page title reflects the | procurement | p.bungeana seedlings of Pinus bungeana of Pinus bungeana seedlings of Pinus bungeana | preferred Pinus bungeana network, this is indeed in effect to enhance the critical density is obvious, but the intangibles caused by the keywords stack, the final optimization is excessive, the punishment of the search engine, drop right or K stand. In the keyword density reasonable target based on the setting of the webmaster can focus on some long tail keywords, do some optimization of long tail keywords. Experience tells us that the long tail keywords role in some of the target words. read more

Four methods to obtain a stable flow of personal independence blog

" I think everyone should have heard, I first heard of the space of each step, because a few years ago QQ space is traffic, have a lot of space each step, it seems a little.

now has more and more independent blog, and independent bloggers and to grassroots webmaster, there are some simple independent bloggers to record live and work, but no matter what is the content of the independent blog I want each to establish their own independent blog people want their blog to be seen, otherwise I’d like to write a diary, in his book. If want to let other people know that their own blog, it would involve a traffic problem (of course don’t want people to see the blog is not impossible), today Xiao Jun combine their own practice experience and usual observation, summarizes several stable flow increase personal independence blog way. read more