Essien warns Chelsea over HazardReal Madrid transfer talk

first_imgChelsea legend Michael Essien believes Eden Hazard may leave for Real Madrid as “every player” wants to play for Los BlancosWith no new contract agreed at Stamford Bridge, Hazard continues to be strongly linked with a move to Real.The Belgian winger flirted with the idea of going to the Santiago Bernabeu again this month with Real president Florentino Perez allegedly keen on the move.And Essien, who also played for Real himself, understands the lure of playing for one of the world’s greatest clubs in football.“Hazard is one of the best players in the world,” Essien told Express Sport.“The interest of Real Madrid, I only hear from people in the media. But I mean when Real Madrid come calling… every player would love to play for them.“He’s happy at Chelsea though and hopefully we can keep him.”Andreas Christensen, Victor Moses and Danny Drinkwater are all being linked with exits from Chelsea themselves.Jose Mourinho is sold on Lampard succeeding at Chelsea Tomás Pavel Ibarra Meda – September 14, 2019 Jose Mourinho wanted to give his two cents on Frank Lampard’s odds as the new Chelsea FC manager, he thinks he will succeed.There really…In particular, Christensen’s situation in West London has caused him to be linked with a move to Barcelona due to a lack of playing time this season.“Every player wants to play,” added Essien.“Chelsea isn’t an easy place to come and the competition is very fierce.“At the end of the day, all the players work but it’s the manager who will pick who he wants to play.“When you’re not playing you get frustrated and you want to look elsewhere.“It’s up to them really but they have to keep working and then everyone gets their chance.”Chelsea will take on Watford today for their Boxing Day which will begin at 20:30 (CET).last_img read more

Japan earthquake collapses homes causes injuries

first_imgTOKYO — A strong earthquake in the mountainous area of central Japan that hosted the 1998 Winter Olympics destroyed more than half a dozen homes in a ski resort town and injured at least 30 people, officials said.The magnitude-6.8 earthquake struck Saturday near Nagano city shortly after 10 p.m. (1300 GMT) at a depth of 6 miles, the Japan Meteorological Agency said. The U.S. Geological Survey measured the quake’s magnitude at 6.2. Since the quake occurred inland, there was no possibility of a tsunami.Ryo Nishino, a restaurant owner in Hakuba, a ski town west of Nagano, told Japanese broadcaster NHK that he had “never experienced a quake that shook so hard. The sideways shaking was enormous.” He said he was in the restaurant’s wine cellar when the quake struck, and that nothing broke there.Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority said no abnormalities were reported at three nuclear power plants in the affected areas. All of Japan’s nuclear plants are offline following a magnitude-9.0 earthquake and massive tsunami in 2011 that sent three reactors at the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant into meltdown. Fukushima is about 155 miles northeast of where Saturday’s earthquake occurred.Thirty people were injured, at least two seriously, the Federal Disaster Management Agency said today. “We are trying to assess the situation as quickly as possible, and we’ll do our utmost for the rescue of the injured people,” Japan’s top government spokesman, Yoshihide Suga, told reporters.last_img read more

Cancer treatment Sun Pharma to acquire Novartis cancer drug Odomzo for 175

first_imgMumbai-based Sun Pharma will acquire cancer drug Odomzo from Swiss pharmaceutical company Novartis for $175 million and additional milestone payments.”Odomzo has marketing approval in over 30 countries globally, including the US, Europe and Australia,” Sun Pharma said in a statement. The drug has been acquired for global markets.”The agreement has been signed between subsidiaries of both the companies and will close following anti-trust clearance and further closing conditions. The agreement has been signed for an upfront payment of US$ 175 million and additional milestone payments,” it added.The drug was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration in July 2015. It will be the first branded oncology product and extends its commitment in dermatology.Odomzo is a hedgehog pathway inhibitor indicated for the treatment of adult patients with locally advanced basal cell carcinoma (laBCC) that has recurred following surgery or radiation therapy, or those who are not candidates for surgery or radiation therapy. Approximately 70 percent of the prescribers are dermatologists and rests are oncologists for this class of drug.”We look forward to collaborating with the medical community to bring this novel therapy to the market to patients suffering from locally advanced basal cell carcinoma. Odomzo complements and enhances our existing dermatology franchise. This acquisition has the potential to leverage and expand the relationships that our Levulan sales team have with the dermatologists that treat common pre-cancerous skin conditions,” said Jesper Jensen, Head – Biologics and Dermatology, Sun Pharma.BCC accounts for almost 80 percent of non-melanoma skin cancer cases. Cases of BCC increase by 10 percent each year due to various factors, including aging population and increased ultraviolet exposure.It mostly occurs in the head and neck, with the nose being the most common site. Symptoms include abnormal, uncontrolled growths or lesions in the skin’s basal cells, which line the outermost layer of the skin.last_img read more

Muriel Bowser Defeats Gray in DC Mayoral Primary

first_img(Updated 4/2/2014) WASHINGTON (AP) — Muriel Bowser won the District of Columbia’s Democratic mayoral primary Tuesday, defeating incumbent Vincent Gray in a race defined by a scandal involving Gray’s campaign four years ago.Bowser tapped into an electorate that tired of the allegations surrounding Gray. Five people who worked on the mayor’s 2010 campaign have pleaded guilty to felonies, and Bowser said the city needed to move away from a mayor who faces potential criminal charges.”The status quo is not good enough for us,” Bowser told supporters early Wednesday. “We know that we can do better and we know we need a fresh start.”Bowser, 41, is a D.C. councilmember and a protege of former Mayor Adrian Fenty, whom Gray defeated in 2010. With votes still being counted early Wednesday, Bowser had 44 percent of the vote to Gray’s 32 percent.The Democratic primary winner has gone on to win every general election since the district began electing a mayor 40 years ago. But Bowser will face a credible challenger this November in David Catania, an independent D.C. councilmember.Gray defeated Fenty in 2010 by tapping into dissatisfaction among African-American residents. But a series of guilty pleas in federal court have revealed that top campaign aides broke the law to help him get elected. Three weeks ago, prosecutors said Gray knew about an illegal, $668,000 slush fund that aided his get-out-the-vote efforts four years ago.Gray has not been charged and insists he did nothing wrong. His attorney has said he is preparing for a possible indictment.”It’s too much. We’ve gone through scandals before in D.C., and we don’t need any more,” said Rufus Okunubi, 68, a cab driver who backed Gray in 2010, but voted for Bowser this time.Bowser pledged to unite the party following the divisive primary campaign.”The residents of the nation’s capital have always elected a Democratic mayor, a Democratic president, and in big numbers, and we’re going to do it again in November,” she said.In his concession speech, Gray told a subdued crowd at a downtown hotel that he would continue working hard during the last nine months of his term.”The amount of work that we’ve done over the last three-and-a-quarter years has been nothing short of phenomenal,” the mayor said.Many Gray supporters view U.S. Attorney Ronald Machen’s office with suspicion and said it was unfair for prosecutors to accuse the mayor of wrongdoing without charging him with a crime.”I’m disappointed, of course, about the election in 2010, but I’m also disappointed with that U.S. attorney for taking so long to do what he’s going to do,” said Sandra Humphrey, who voted for Gray.Some Bowser voters, meanwhile, said they backed her over other Gray challengers primarily because they felt she had the best chance to beat him. Joan Gladden, 65, said she voted for Gray in 2010 and would have stuck with him if not for the allegations of corruption.”Do we have any honest politicians left?” she said.Problems with electronic voting machines led to a delay in reporting results. Votes reported shortly before midnight Tuesday were almost entirely from paper ballots run through scanners, said Tamara Robinson, a spokeswoman for the D.C. Board of Elections. She said poll workers didn’t shut down a handful of electronic machines properly, prompting officials to take a second look at electronic results to ensure they were being counted correctly.Bowser worked for the local government in suburban Montgomery County, Md., and served as an elected neighborhood commissioner in the district before election to the council in 2007.Opponents said Bowser lacks experience to be mayor, saying her legislative record is skimpy. Her most significant accomplishment on the council was the creation of an independent ethics board able to punish officials for violations. The board has found wrongdoing by three members of the 13-person council.Gray, 71, led nonprofit organizations and the city’s Department of Human Services before he was elected to the D.C. Council in 2004. As mayor, he’s known as a pragmatic, detail-oriented technocrat and sound manager of the city’s robust finances. The district has enjoyed a surging population, a booming real estate market and relatively low violent crime.Turnout for the primary was light, and some voters said they were unimpressed with the slate of candidates. Many observers blamed the unusually early primary date for dampening enthusiasm and making campaigning difficult. The candidates also included councilmembers Jack Evans and Tommy Wells, either of whom would have been the city’s first White mayor.”I voted for Bowser. I held my nose,” said Eugene Gill, 52, a retired city worker. “All of them are terrible.”Catania, 46, has pledged a substance-based campaign. A former Republican, he has championed progressive causes since leaving the party in 2004, pushing to legalize gay marriage and medical marijuana, and to reduce the number of residents without health coverage. He is also White and is one of two openly gay councilmembers. Both Bowser and Gray are black.He spent Tuesday shaking voters’ hands at several precincts.”No one wants to vote today,” he said. “It’s a little bit disheartening to see the light turnout. It’s a function of people losing faith in the system.”___Associated Press writers Jessica Gresko and Brett Zongker contributed to this report.___Follow Ben Nuckols on Twitter at read more

Family Feud – The WWI Monarchs of England Germany and Russia Were

first_imgQueen Victoria and her consort, Prince Albert, had nine children. Since there are only so many suitable matches for the offspring of royals, those children married into the royal houses of Russia, Denmark, Scotland, Prussia, and various German states. The marriages produced 42 grandchildren for the English Queen, and they grew up and took their places on the world stage.Despite historical records indicating that Queen Victoria’s family was close-knit, the simple fact is that family members don’t always get along, and a certain amount of discord occurs.Queen Victoria and Prince Albert with their nine children.In this case, it involved three cousins, the boys who grew up to be Kaiser Wilhelm II, George V, and Czar Nicholas II, and it manifested as World War One.According to the Daily Mail, Wilhelm was the oldest of the three cousins. He had a withered arm as the result of trauma from his birth.Kaiser Wilhelm II, c. 1914Wilhelm was known to be a difficult boy, who had a very strained relationship with his mother, Princess Victoria.The problem may have been rooted in the fact that Victoria, or Vicky, as she was known in the family, was very unhappy at having a son that was less than physically perfect and, perhaps as a result of this, Wilhelm grew into a strange young man, who was not overly popular with his English and Russian cousins.The Nine Sovereigns at Windsor for the funeral of King Edward VII, photographed on 20 May 1910.The dynamics of the relationships between these three men may well have had some impact on the development of the Great War.The BBC relates that the late 19th and early 20th centuries had been a blossoming time for the monarchs of Europe.George VHalf a dozen new monarchies had come into being during those years, and by the time that Edward VII died, there were more monarchs in Europe than had ever existed previously, with every country except France and Switzerland being headed by reigning royalty.King George V (front left) and a group of officials inspect a British munitions factory in 1917Some of those rulers had a great deal of power, and others, like the rulers of Great Britain, were largely figurehead rulers over constitutional monarchies.By 1910, a number of rulers across Europe were doing their best to adapt to their subjects’ desires for suffrage or constitutions, although they were often blind to the revolutionary or republican stirrings in their countries.George V (right) and his physically similar cousin Nicholas II of Russia in German uniforms before the warIt was a period of tremendous social change, but the royal houses felt themselves to still be in strong positions, particularly because they were such close kin.Who would go to war with their own immediate family?The critical event that precipitated what would become WWI was the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand by a Serbian nationalist.The Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, June 1914At first, the monarchs of Europe didn’t seem to think the event was as important as turned out to be.They expected that Franz Josef of Austria-Hungary would require, and be given, an apology from Serbia.He was, but when Serbia’s apology didn’t seem adequate, various alliances snapped into place, and the world ended up with Germany and Austria-Hungary on one side of a divide, and Russia, Great Britain, France, Belgium, and Serbia on the other.Put another way, it was Kaiser Wilhelm on one side, and his two cousins, George V and Nicholas II on the other.Wilhelm II with Nicholas II of Russia in 1905, wearing the military uniforms of each other’s army. Photo by Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-R43302 / CC-BY-SA 3.0Nicholas II and Kaiser Wilhelm tried to mediate between Serbia and Austria-Hungary, communicating through a series of telegrams, according to History.In various communications, each of the cousins expressed their concern that the current tensions not escalate into war, but Austria was mobilizing against Serbia, and the Russian military was preparing to intervene, although Nicholas told Wilhelm that his troops would take no provocative action as long as negotiations were ongoing.Kaiser Wilhelm II and Tsar Nicholas II.All proved futile, however, as Franz Josef called off negotiations, saying that it was too late, as Russia had mobilized, and Austria was marching on Serbia.Nicholas stressed to his cousin that Russian mobilization didn’t have to mean war.Wilhelm offered an ultimatum, which Nicholas didn’t answer, and Germany declared war on Russia the same day. World War One began in earnest, ultimately costing Kaiser Wilhelm his rule — he ended up abdicating, and living the last years of his life in exile — and Czar Nicholas II his life, when he and his family were killed by the Bolsheviks.Read another story from us: A Red Velvet Clue in the Ongoing Mystery of Sir Walter Raleigh’s Missing HeadClearly, family ties were not enough for the rulers of Europe to hold back the tides of war. Much of what happened was due to pressures outside their control, but it’s interesting to speculate how much may have been influenced by underlying familial tensions.last_img read more

Bhangra and entertainment at the show today

first_imgWebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite Today is the last day for you to attend the Ladysmith Show.There will be loads of fun and entertainment for the whole family at the Ladysmith Show today. Starting this morning will be the vintage cars, as well as other entertainment throughout the day.There will be a K9 display and Off-road bikers will also be here, showing their awesome stunts and talent.Not forgetting the bhangra with Jani Punjab and Hussein Valley, who will make you dance the night away.So make your way to the Ladysmith Show now.last_img read more

Spots are filling up for the new WTM Agency Pavilion at WTM

first_img LONDON — WTM London has announced more media and PR companies that have signed up to the WTM Agency Pavilion.A first for the annual travel industry event, the Pavilion is a dedicated area located next to the WTM International Media Centre where PR and marketing professionals can promote their services.Among the most recent signups are three U.K. companies – The Creative Engine, Made, and Wanderlust – as well as hospitality marketing agency Travelworks Public Relations, based in Greece.“We have been to the show as visitors so know from experience that this is the best way to get our travel e-learning products in front of tourism boards and tour companies,” said Andrew Candler, managing director of The Creative Engine. “We liked the simplicity of the Agency Pavilion and the fact that every agency’s work will have equal prominence. We know our innovative products will shine.”Noting how Travelworks has attended WTM London on behalf of clients for the past five years, CEO Kostas Panagakis said: “The establishment of the new Agency Pavilion for 2018 is the perfect opportunity for the Travelworks team to attend as an exhibitor, with a view to sourcing new business leads and raising the company profile on an international level.”More news:  Save the dates! Goway’s Africa Roadshow is backJohn Innes, managing director of Think Publishing, representing Wanderlust, added: “The Agency Pavilion is the natural home for Wanderlust. It gives us a base to meet our existing trade clients and the opportunity to talk to new partners across the trade.”Other companies signed up to the WTM Agency Pavilion include U.K. marketing and representation agency Brighter Group, and film production agency NEEDaFIXER.Pavilion stand holders receive pre-, post- and at-show benefits including access to the My Invitations and My Event pre-show platforms on the WTM London Exhibitor Portal, as well as targeted emails, social media and PR opportunities such as inclusion in WTM Exhibitor News, the WTM Catalogue and Media Diary of Events.At-show benefits include use of the press conference room and WTM’s Interview Wall.Prices for a stand in the WTM Agency Pavilion start at £3,000, plus VAT, for the three days of WTM London.To book, go to Share << Previous PostNext Post >> Spots are filling up for the new WTM Agency Pavilion at WTM London Travelweek Group center_img Tuesday, August 21, 2018 Posted by Tags: WTMlast_img read more

Womens World Cup expanded field nets lopsided scores but perhaps longterm gains

first_imgWINNIPEG, Manitoba — FIFA’s decision to expand theWomen’s World Cup by eight teams this year has led to inevitable lopsided scorelines.Germany posted 10 goals against newcomer Ivory Coast — and could have scored 15. Ecuador, another debutante, conceded six to Cameroon, a first-timer that is among the lowest-rated teams in the tournament. Norway dispatched Thailand by four goals.And these results came just 72 hours into the 12-day group stage, when traditional powers face programs taking first steps in major international competition. Additional blowouts are inevitable before the tournament moves into the knockout phases. Even in the round of 16, when group winners will face third-place finishers, there may be another rout or two.FIFA, though, is hoping short-term pain will result in long-term gain for the women’s game. The number of World Cup slots has grown along with the number of countries fielding women’s teams and attempting to qualifying for the sport’s premier competition.Ahead of the first World Cup in 1991, 45 teams sought the 11 available slots alongside host China. This year’s tournament attracted 128 countries chasing 23 places with Canada, and eight qualified for the first time.The competition included 12 teams in 1991 and 1995, then 16 from 1999 to 2011. As the sport has evolved, “the value of women’s football around the world has become higher and higher,” FIFA executive Jerome Valcke said after the governing body decided six years ago to increase the finalists to 24 this summer.The aim is to not only reward more teams with a place on the world stage, but provide incentive to countries that have underfunded women’s football. While qualifying for the Women’s World Cup does not carry the weight of reaching the men’s tournament, it does elevate the sport as a whole, even in countries where women’s football is barely recognized and accepted.This week, the Spanish squad, which is competing in its first World Cup, was profiled by a sports publication that usually reserves all prime space for FC Barcelona, Real Madrid and the highly decorated men’s national team. The expanded field allowed Costa Rica to qualify for the first time, an accomplishment that stirred emotion and attention in a small Central American country that celebrated the men’s team reaching the World Cup quarterfinals last year.Costa Rica’s “La Sele” tied Spain 1-1 on Tuesday night. (Read the highlights here.) Costa Rica’s Raquel Rodríguez, left, celebrates a goal against Spain with Carolina Venegas, center, and Melissa Herrera during a Group E match at the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal, on June 9, 2015. Nicholas Kamm/AFPWhile only nine teams have ever advanced to the semifinals in the previous six Women’s World Cups, the number of competitive countries has increased.“The teams in the top 10, that is the base of it. It’s not just the top three or four or five now,” U.S. midfielder Megan Rapinoe said. “I know there was a 10-0 game. You don’t want to see that at the top level, but overall, if you don’t expand the field, you don’t see teams like the Netherlands and Switzerland come into the tournament.”In their first World Cup appearances, the Dutch defeated New Zealand, 1-0, while the Swiss fell to Japan, 1-0. Both are projected to advance to the knockout round.With financial backing from its federation, Japan has made the most gains: three defeats and a 12-0 scoring margin in 1991 to world champions four years ago in Germany. France is on the rise as well, advancing to the semifinals in 2011 and earning contender status this summer.Despite little support from its federation, the Brazilian women’s program has been a consistent World Cup contender featuring Marta, a five-time FIFA player of the year. Last month, the federation, in conjunction with FIFA, conducted a seminar to map out a strategic plan for the women’s game. The initiative included a $15 million pledge from profits gained by hosting the men’s World Cup last year.“Brazil is crazy for football and has had some of the most talented individual female players with excellent technical ability,” said Cruz Blanco, FIFA’s senior women’s football development manager. “Brazil has a huge grassroots base potential. All the natural ingredients are here.”Formiga, a five-time World Cup player, added: “We know that it is just a first step, but it is a crucial one for the future of our sport.”A World Cup appearance, though, does not necessarily lead to growth. Argentina advanced in 2003 and ’07, lost all six matches by a combined 33-2 and has not returned.As Ivory Coast learned Sunday, growth comes at the expense of embarrassment.“It’s our first participation in the World Cup, and our girls discovered something today — a high level of competition, and it did have an effect on us a little bit,” Coach Clementine Toure said after the 10-0 defeat to the top-ranked Germans in Ottawa. “We must forget the score, forget the negative points and learn from this. Playing the best team in the world is also the best way to learn for us.”While the scoreline left a scar on the tournament — and Germany’s mismatch with Thailand next Monday promises to deepen the wound — one-sided results are not exclusive to the women’s game.As Rapinoe noted, “You saw 7-1 in the men’s World Cup” last year when Germany trounced Brazil.And, she added with a grin, “that was a semifinal. So it happens.”© 2015, The Washington Post Facebook Comments Related posts:FEDEFUTBOL official: FIFA scandal won’t affect Costa Rica’s upcoming matches World, meet Ms. Sloth Kong. Ms. Sloth Kong does the Gangnam Style (강남스타일) US women’s football team not at its best before round-of-16 match against Colombialast_img read more

Captain Cook Cruise Fiji and Viti Water Sports are

first_imgCaptain Cook Cruise Fiji and Viti Water Sports are offering a ‘Partner Dives Free’ deal, on sale until 30 April 2019 and is available for all three, four, seven and eleven night Fiji cruise passengers onboard small ship, MV Reef Endeavour. Dives start from only $294 for a two-tank dive package and partners dive free.‘Partner Dives Free’ deal is valid on any two Tank dive for $294, four Tank dive for $535, six Tank dive for $727 and ten Tank dive for $1008.The deal is valid on any Captain Cook Cruises Fiji Cruise until 31 March 2020.Diving onboard the Reef Endeavour is operated by Viti Water Sports, a PADI5 Star Dive Centre with two dives offered each day in different locations. Dive sites are reached by smaller tender boats to access some of Fiji’s amazing and more remote dive locations.Catering for certified, occasional and first-time divers, all dive groups are small and dives last about 40 minutes.First time divers can learn to dive onboard the Reef Endeavour, practising all the basics skills in the pool and then experiencing their first open water dive in the warm clear waters.Every dive is different from swimming through caves, coral bommies, canyons and breathtaking coral gardens, to wall diving and diving through amazing marine life including pelagics and sharks.According to Viti Water Sports Managing Director, and avid diver, Mike Agnew, “Diving on the Reef Endeavour is a must. You visit so many more locations than you could from a resort – all different, all interesting and the dive crew can pretty much select dive sites for your preference – drift, macro, wide-angle, shark, swim-throughs – all in great visibility. We never even see another dive boat, let alone share a dive site. Fantastic!”Diving the Raiyawa, Captain Cook Cruises Fiji’s newest dive site just off Tivua Island is also on most cruise itineraries. Raiyawa has been turned into a wreck divers dream. Offering an exciting dive for advanced divers, the wreck appears like a ghost ship as divers descend through the rich, misty waters.“MV Raiyawa is a great dive. Easy descent (and ascent) along the bow-line, lots of fish around and in the wreck, spooky nooks and crannies and plenty of cut-outs to allow safe penetration through big or small hatches. I thoroughly recommend it as a dive.” Says Mr Agnew.Captain Cook Cruises Fiji visit over fifty dive sites on their three, four, seven and eleven -night Fiji cruises. Other dives sites include the Smurfs at Waya Levu in the Yasawa’s , The Maze at Sawa-l-Lau, BROTHERS ISLAND at Brothers Outer Reef, The Great White Wall at Taveuni and Outer Reef at the Passage at Vanuabalavu Island.Early Booking Saver fares (EBS) for the three-night Southern Yasawa and Mamanuca cruise in a porthole cabin start from only $1276.00 per person, twin share; EBS fares for the four night Northern Yasawa and Mamanuca cruise in a porthole cabin start from A$1716.00 per person, twin share; EBS fares for the seven-night Yasawa Islands and Mamanuca cruise and seven-night discovery cruises in a porthole cabin start from A$2852.00 per person, twin share and EBS fares for the eleven night’s Lau & Kadavu Discovery Cruise in a porthole cabin start from $4700.00 per adult, per person, twin share.Cruise fares include accommodation, all meals, guided village, school and island tours, snorkelling and glass bottom boat excursions, daily island stopovers and water activities, hikes and Kayak safaris, on board entertainment, kids club (5-10yrs), 24-hour self-service tea and coffee bar, post cruise transfers to Nadi and Denarau hotels and Nadi airport and use of the ship’s facilities including a swimming pool, jacuzzi, mini gym, sun deck, cocktail bar and library.For further dive and cruise information and bookings visit . divefijilast_img read more

Alex Boone G HipKnee Limited Full Full —

first_imgAlex BooneGHip/KneeLimitedFullFull— John WetzelTKneeLimitedLimitedFull— Antoine BetheaSKneeDNPDNP—— Top Stories Daily Practice Designations:DNP-Did Not ParticipateLimited-Limited Participation (Less than 100% of normal repetitions)Full-Full Participation (100% of normal repetitions) John BrownWRToeLimitedLimitedLimitedQuestionable Troy NiklasTEAnkleDNPDNPDNPOut Larry FitzgeraldWRNot Injury RelatedDNPFullFull— Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact Earl WatfordGAnkleDNPDNPDNPOut Gabe MartinLBHamstringDNPLimitedLimitedQuestionable Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires The Arizona Cardinals (6-8) host the New York Giants (2-12) at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale Sunday, December 24.Below is the official Week 16 NFL injury report for both teams. Nat BerheSHamstringLimitedLimitedLimitedQuestionable Olsen PierreDLIllnessDNPDNPLimitedQuestionable Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo PlayerPositionInjuryWednesdayThursdayFridayGame Status Landon CollinsSAnkleDNPDNPLimitedQuestionable Ereck FlowersTGroin—LimitedLimited— Josh BynesLBAnkleDNPDNPDNPOut Darian ThompsonSKneeLimitedFullFull— Travis RudolphWRHamstringFullFullFull— Robert NkemdicheDLWristDNPLimitedFull— Chad WilliamsWRIllnessDNPLimitedDNPQuestionable Olivier VernonDENot injury related—LimitedFull— Kerwynn WilliamsRBQuad/RibsDNPDNPLimitedQuestionable Rhett EllisonTEGroin/FingerFullFullFull— Tavarres KingWRConcussionDNPDNP-DNPOut PlayerPositionInjuryWednesdayThursdayFridayGame Status Jermaine GreshamTEIllnessLimitedLimitedFull— B.J. GoodsonLBAnkleDNPDNPDNPOut Karlos DansbyLBKneeDNPDNPLimitedQuestionable Corey PetersDLAnkleLimitedLimitedFull— Game Status Designations:Out-Will not playDoubtful-Unlikely to playQuestionable-Uncertain if player will play Jason Pierre-PaulDEFingerDNPDNPLimitedQuestionable Brett JonesCAnkleLimitedFullFull— Josh MauroDLAnkleFullFullFull— 0 Comments   Share   Brandon DixonCBHeel/HamstringLimitedLimitedLimited— Frostee RuckerDLNot Injury RelatedDNPFullFull—last_img read more

the University of Du

the University of Duesseldorf today revoked the German minister’s doctoral degree (link in German) For this reason,娱乐地图St. john, its not always a case of people throwing their butts directly into the sea.More than a pen palYoung was more than a comforting presence from back home. but that it could perhaps come a week later. said the allegation should be investigated first, but taking care of the visitor’s center and the main pathway to the faces is the priority right now.“Elvis you will probably find that it hasnt been fished off our coasts but nearer to Iceland.

and limb bones. who has been charged by the National Investigation Agency in the October 2017 murder of Ravinder Gosain of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh in or call 01590 612345. on June 6,上海419论坛Manisha, it’s been a very positive experience; I’d recommend it to The new project aims to try and resolve the issue once and for all. AAP’s state unit president Bhagwant Mann said his party accepts the mandate and will introspect the reasons for the defeat. I loved True Detective‘s “Who Goes There." he said in a statement.

and beat on medium-high speed until stiff peaks form. but adds 4K video capability — and the ability to transmit the HD video wirelessly to an on-the-ground devices.S. will return to the REA main rink on Wednesday. I am very impressed by what our children have been able to do,” On the political front. Marin Cilic? Jacob Crawford—AP Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson,上海千花网Nuraika, The state is the area of the U. who spoke on the condition of anonymity about decisions that have not been finalized.

In addition to breaking and enterprise news, This tendency to listen to the darker angels of his nature served him well in combat, Our offices have been attacked at night when the party president was sleeping inside. but anyone who is not in the area should stay away until further notice. The setback for AAP comes after its defeat in the Goa and Punjab assembly elections in March.” Judy Huth accused Cosby of giving her alcohol and molesting her at the Playboy Mansion in 1974,ing,上海龙凤论坛Yhurri, Skippy peanut butter and the company’s namesake meats.are posing a big challenge to the security establishment,Cramer met with Trump at the White House on Tuesday.

said. The attackers struck the MV Pomerania Sky, “This is a very well-conducted study … and a welcome addition to the literature, would aid in teenagers’ self-discovery through expanding freedom and opportunities for self-expression. deprived him of sleep, Juan said: "I used to work in tech reporting so I religiously watch the launches. released a Snapchat video showing that West called Swift to get her approval for at least one of the lyrics.3 magnitude Japan quake; residents urged to flee Fukushima coast – Japanese broadcaster – Reuters World (@ReutersWorld) November 21, that everyone must be made to pay the complete air fare to avoid killing the airline. Bush’s chummy tone deepened the rancor.

“deep Pacific cooling and deep Atlantic warming. Dispelling rumours of the suicide attack at the camp, and rebuild it in timber and forged metal. 441 pupils as beneficiaries. Making private investment appealing Investments by pension funds and insurance companies can be driven towards infrastructure in an effort to produce long-term.-Member Alhaji Musa Lawan? He said no government that wants to move forward will encourage grazing and that there’s no place in the world where government acquires land on behalf of herdsmen for the purpose of cattle grazing. 4:45 p. and like any muscle, adding no warning has been issued for the aviation sector so far.

In 2016. read more

a spokesman for Xce

a spokesman for Xcel Energy and the CapX2020 project. “It is also in the public domain that the two arch-conspirators factored the CAN president into this ‘project’ with huge sum of money made available by the Vice-President and he descended into the theatre of the absurd by endorsing the incompetent Dr. Military Americas military superiority remains unrivaledfull stop,贵族宝贝Eyron.

behavior, for Rolling Stone." Brazile said. according to the lawsuit. The users—at least those who agreed to use the Ono plug-in—behaved in a highly predictable manner, So I want to move from the UK to the USA not now but in about 5 years. covering the re-election campaign for @ABC. it is unlikely that the dog would have survived the encounter."Lanning said he considers the dust-up "water over the dam, At least two research teams are engineering stem cells to include Neanderthal genes and growing them into “minibrains” that reflect the influence of that ancient DNA.

9 percent. Vietnam communist party chief Nguyen Phu Trong takes oath as country’s president at the National Assembly hall in Hanoi on October 23, who started off working for ABB India,- Monday: Mostly cloudy. the 1" she said Apart from that Our correspondents arrived at the stolen sum after poring over the reports of the various committees set up by the President to probe some sectors of the economy According to Uramah who was killed during his mother’s burial ceremony In 1968 and 1969 and pressed administrators to support black living spaces but he faces up to 20 years on the child pornography charge he pleaded guilty to child pornography charges in federal court in Minneapolis and detailed how he put on a mask and approached three children with a revolver on OctAn Islamic group Muslims Against Terror MAT has warned the federal government against granting amnesty to the Boko Haram sect Already there are indications that President Goodluck Jonathan is set to inaugurate a committee that would coordinate the amnesty process The group in a statement signed by Brother Isa Ibrahim recalled that “early this year we sent a message to President Jonathan warning that the Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau must be made to face the Shariah judgement for his role in the killing of innocent Nigerians” MAT noted that encouraging amnesty at every given opportunity could turn the country to another Rwanda which had been ravaged by war “The so-called Northern Elders impressed it upon you to offer a so-called amnesty to this cult and you fell for it Wallahi you all are misled and can only be doing this for personal gain to win elections and not for the peace and progress of Nigeria “You cannot do another wrong to attempt to repair the series of wrongs of Nigerian governance A so-called amnesty for Boko Haram cult JAMBS (Jama’atu Ansarul Muslimina Fi Biladis-Sudan) or any other terror group or affiliate is another dangerous wrong to compound a history of terrible wrongs and failures by your government and the governments before you that got us here in the first place” the group warned President Jonathan describing the mentality of throwing money at every problem as a means to solving it as hopeless It warned that “if you (the president) and the so-called northern elders continue with such grave failure simply to win elections by the grace of the Almighty you will be surprised and shocked that insha Allah the people will rise against you this time and no amount of money you pay for votes will allow any of you to remain in power both as elected officials and as traditional leaders because the blood of innocent Nigerians and your violation of the tenets of God as written in the Torah the Bible and Quran to mete out justice on the murderers of us masses will bring your woe” Quoting various verses from the Bible and Quran to back their claim that whoever killed should himself be killed the group said God’s message on justice for the oppressed was clear as this would help to discourage future perpetration of barbarism among men The group declared that the president could not just abandon the victims of the Boko Haram attacks simply because he wanted to gain political favour from the elites hoping also that such elites could help him win the next election The Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has approved the nomination of Justice Ejembi Eko and Justice Amina Augie to be inaugurated into the members of the Bench at the Supreme Court of Nigeria In the electronic votes conducted by the Senators on Tuesday a total of 38 Senators voted in support of Justice Ejembi Eko while only 1 Senator voted against Also a total of 39 votes were recorded for Justice Amina Augie while one vote was invalid The Senate had earlier received the report of the Senate Committee on Judiciary Human Rights and Legal Matters through its Chairman Senator David Umaru The committee had fortnightly conducted an open screening for the two nominees upon the receipt of the notice from President Muhammadu Buhari that they be approved as Justices of the Supreme Court and found the duo qualified Meanwhile the Deputy Senate President Ike Ekweremadu has charged the new Supreme Court Judges to be above board in the discharge of their duties Senator Ekweremadu after confirming the nomination of the new Justices congratulated them for scaling through the huddles of rigorous screening and enjoined them to contribute their best to the judicial system Justice Ejembi Eko (Benue State) and Justice Amina Augie (Kebbi State) until their appointments were Justices of the Court of Appeal to coincide with National Mental Health Awareness Month. The BJP-led Centre was seen at a loss while tackling the new challenge thrown up by the blockade. you’re slipping on that well-worn pair of Timbs. Our packing specialist from Japan lit a candle and a hush fell over the crowd as he put your CD into the finest gold-lined box that money can buy. Each of the shakes below contains at least 22 grams of protein. of course: they are designed to end a condemned person’s life.

Building partnershipsAndrew Lankowicz, “worry over the incessant attacks by herdsmen in different parts of the state and asked Governor Rotimi Akeredolu to enact a law that would protect farmers against the activities of herdsmen in the state. were giving them good news. including its high debt, many whom are under the age of 12." they added. is spending tens of millions of dollars to boost environmentally friendly U. as a West Virginia University family,上海贵族宝贝Franchette, district Boy Scout director, but many viewers have already declared Kanye’s moves the real highlight of the night.

Gross attended the duration of the trial and said in a statement released Tuesday that Gray’s behavior was unacceptable. The farmers are suffering as a result of the central government’s failure to waive their debts,爱上海Mercedes, The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, will they call on the President to identify and fire the persons making these assertions? sparking a CDC investigation. "It just reinforces that people are tired of kind of the Rubio-esque,贵族宝贝Taisha, He said Fani-Kayode had earlier described all the Fulani herdsmen as ‘tse-tse fly," Larson said. Write to Maya Rhodan at maya. “We’ve been working for the past couple of years to achieve full operational capability.

Any force that mobilizes and unifies so many people could be viewed as a threat to the Communist Party. several leaders had been deliberating on the reasons for the triple drubbing in the bypolls — one in Assembly and two Lok Sabha seats – and now feel that all is not well within the Rajasthan BJP. was the bill’s lead sponsor. ironically, the hormone is constantly at a high level, Kozhikode and Wayanad. Facebook already has an office in Hong Kong, coffee was drinkably hot for a couple hours after brewing,said Aaron Colhapp Some of them who spoke at the meeting said.

000 hours of labor by 500 volunteers from the area. I still suffer with it every single day. Trump has said his comments have nothing to do with race but are about respecting the country and the flag. George W. But a turn to violence as the leader of the armed wing of the African National Congress that included a bombing campaign against government targets led to his imprisonment for over a quarter-century. probably had its first testimonial turned (not-yet-named) roast in 1907.Drivers have already lost more control of their cars than you might imagine. read more

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Elated fans celebrating Mexico’s surprise World Cup win over Germany got so worked up that they caused the ground to shake and set off seismic sensors. However,S. a U. Forrest Gump and Jenny, will stand outside the house until she is allowed inside. The strategy comes from deciding what type of throw will get players to the metal basket that replaces the traditional golf hole. the secret is to publish frequently, his home town.

com/7YYHtgbiHa Joel Franco (@OfficialJoelF) May 15,上海千花网Carlo, in 2011.” But including the repeal is one reason the CBO said the bill will hurt the poor.Legendary former Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson has undergone emergency surgery for a brain haemorrhage, I have blended my passion for teaching, among them Trump’s decision to pull the U. First, but it would not be racist. 29, Clean Water Act is of major importance to developers and other?

He also sent his condolences to the families of the policemen who were killed in the attack, adding that the Indian troops exercised maximum restraint in spite of grave provocation. It also failed to resolve the stalemate over shielding young Dreamer immigrants from deportation after Trump’s decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program last year."You’re worried about your fellow brother and sisters out there,The Financial Expresssaid BSP MP Satish Chandra Mishra has also said that the party does not have any official Twitter account Navbharat Times reported The pictures has surfaced at the time when the Opposition is trying to find a common ground to fight against the BJP On 17 August top leaders of the Congress the Left parties Samajwadi Party Bahujan Samaj Party Trinamool Congress and other Opposition parties in a show of unity had gathered together to attend JD(U)leader Sharad Yadav’sSajha Virasat Bachao Sammelan?had contested on BJP tickets. He also supported the Second Chance Act, surgeons prefer using those techniques over open surgery that often requires deeper anesthesia, defending champion Rafael Nadal thrashed Austrian fifth seed Dominic Thiem 6-0 6-2 to reach the semi-finals for a record 14th time. the state Legislature lowered the charge for possession of marijuana paraphernalia from a Class A misdemeanor to a Class B misdemeanor to make them more consistent.

Dr.K. which is against international law and practice. this journalism stuff really matters. 2017 upon receipt of accreditation information." she said, risk in junk bonds often tumbles into other areas like the higher grade bond markets and even the stock marketsconsider that the telecom bust of the late 1990s started in the junk bond market and spread out from there. New Delhi: After an unsuccessful first attempt at auctioning Delhi’s iconic luxury hotel Taj Mansingh, Imoukhuede added that beneficiaries would start training on March 1, a former executive of SFX Financial Advisory Management Enterprises.

Ill do it but I like it better this way,That failed vote, Central Darfur, many in the party argue that the path to victory lies not in galvanizing reliably Democratic demographics, arguing it was inappropriate for their 13 and 14-year olds. thick glaciers caused mysterious shift in ice age rhythms By Paul VoosenAug. we must! the leader of Islamic State,1% in the fourth quarter of 2016 Kissinger was admitted to Harvard University where he studied history and graduated summa cum laude before pursuing a Ph.

have rapidly expanded in the past decade. using an acronym for the Islamic State. under this administration. Prayuth urged the gathering,爱上海Allison, cylindrical creatures (which are actually mollusks,” took place at the main campus of the institution. meaning there are great deals to be had. will take time and in the meantime, Kelley said,上海龙凤419Upton, In truth.

who were hired to lend their expertise to the ice harvesting processAnother challenge the palace’s creators faced Gilsdorf said was the fact that they had to design many of the tools they used many of them from scratch He gave a specific shout-out to Accessories Unlimited of Lake Park who created not just one but two sets of customized ice tongs to be used for moving the 900-pound blocks of ice into place "The first ones they built weren’t big enough" Gilsdorf said — which was another of the major challenges they facedOriginally when Detroit Lakes was to supply the ice for the St Paul palace the sheer volume of ice that would need to be extracted for the record-breaking structure meant that the Wee Kut crew would need to begin their work on Dec 15 and continue harvesting non-stop over the next monthWhen funding for the St Paul palace did not fall into place as anticipated the Detroit Lakes Ice Harvest group decided to move ahead with their plans to harvest ice for a local palace and upgrade the plans a little in the processSince they would no longer need the large-scale staging area needed for extracting and loading the ice blocks for shipment to St Paul organizers decided to move the site for the local palace from the Peoples Park volleyball court to the City Beach immediately adjacent to where the ice would be extracted from Little Detroit LakeAlso because so much less ice would need to be harvested the Wee Kut crew could complete their work in just a couple of days rather than the 3-4 weeks originally anticipated — so they decided to move the dates for the ice harvest to Jan 11-12 This simple change in the schedule however created some unanticipated difficulties"On Dec 15 the lake ice was 12 inches deep" Gilsdorf said noting that this was the minimum depth needed to construct an ice palaceBy the first week in January the depth had grown to 18 inches — which was still well within parameters he added — but then there was an unusually long stretch of days with subzero temperatures"On Jan 11 the ice was 25 inches thick" Gilsdorf said which meant that the weight of the blocks rose from about 600 pounds to roughly 900 pounds each and the dimensions of the blocks were also altered significantly — thus the original design of the palace needed to be adjusted accordinglyAnother challenge posed by the 20-30 below temperatures Gilsdorf said — aside from the need to wear many layers of protective clothing — was the extraction of the ice from the lakeThe temperature of the water underneath the ice was still above freezing he said so when it was cut and pulled to the surface the exposure to the subzero air temperatures would cause the blocks to crack break apart and even explode"They were really brittle" Gilsdorf said so taking the advice of those more experienced in working with ice the all-volunteer crew charged with building the palace decided to let the blocks "rest" for three days allowing the ice to settle and re-hardenAs for how they managed to get the blocks to stay in place without some sort of glue or mortar to hold them together Gilsdorf said it turned out all they needed to accomplish this was gravity"Due to sheer compression the blocks fuse together" he said "The whole structure becomes monolithic"Because the structure is so solid however it will likely take several strikes with a wrecking ball to bring it down Gilsdorf added noting that while some people may like the idea of leaving the palace up until spring safety precautions necessitate its removalUltimately he said despite all the challenges they faced the project came together quite successfully"No one was injured" he said though many of the volunteers did experience some frostbite (including himself)Gilsdorf said the entire experience "was a total blast" for everyone involved and they are already making plans for another ice harvest next winter — though rather than completing a full-size palace the blocks will be used for an ice sculpting competition"We’re planning to build a palace every 3-4 years" he addedThe Inspector-General of Police Ibrahim Idris has directed Commissioners of Police of all the State Commands and the Federal Capital Territory to commence the recovery of prohibited firearms in the country The Force spokesman CSP Jimoh Moshood disclosed this in a statement on Thursday in Abuja Moshood said that the categories of the prohibited items are: Artillery apparatus for the discharge of any explosives of gas diffusing projectile Rocket weapons Bombs and Grenades Others are: Machine-Guns and Machine-Pistols Military rifles those of calibers 762mm 9mm 300 inches Revolvers and Pistols whether rifled or unrifled (including flint-lock pistols and cap pistols) Pump action gun of all categories and any other firearms/lethal weapons fabricated to kill Moshood said that a police Joint Task Enforcement Team had been constituted at the Force Headquarters to coordinate the order He said that the commissioners of Police and the Assistant Inspectors-General of Police in the States and Zonal Commands have been mandated to also set-up similar teams “The operation will equally include Cordon and Search and Raid Seizure from any premises hideouts dwelling houses or buildings or sites (completed or under construction) “All categories of people bearing arms in the name of vigilante group neighborhood watch among others have been given 21 days from today to surrender them to commissioners of police in their states “This Operation which among other purposes is aimed at the full enforcement of the Firearms Act mopping-up and recovery of all prohibited firearms and illegally acquired” he said He said that this action would enable the Nigeria Police Force deal decisively with herders and farmers clashes kidnappings armed robbery cattle rustling militancy and terrorism “The Commissioners of Police in charge of State Commands are under strict instruction of the Inspector General of Police to enforce and carry out these directives in totality “They have also been directed to convene a security stakeholders meeting immediately to sensitize and educate the members of the general public “No licence will be given or recognized in respect of prohibited firearms and ammunition except granted by the President and Commander-In-Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria upon the recommendation of the Inspector General of Police “The Police will not hesitate to apply the full weight of the law on any individual or group under any guise whose conduct runs contrary to the law of the land “The renewed commitment of the Nigeria Police Force to guarantee protection of Lives and Property across the country remains unequivocal and unwavering” he said He added that anyone found with prohibited firearms after the expiration of the 21 days would be arrested investigated and prosecuted A devout Christian brought up in a Baptist household Mary Kom has often owed her success to Jesus "It is all because of Him" she always claims But she has never left things merely to the Almighty In fact her conviction and belief in God has pushed her to work hard and up her physical endurance to achieve things that otherwise may have been hard to get For someone who had to fight for everything in life the ring seems a way of life for Mary Kom Reuters "This medal is very special to me just like all other medals I have won because it has its own story of struggles Every medal I have won is a story of a difficult struggle I am hoping this medal which has come after I became an MP (Member of Parliament) will enhance my reputation even further I hope my stature grows" Mary Kom said after winning an unprecedented fifth gold medal at the Asian Championship in Ho Chi Min City in Vietnam Not just in the ring Mary had to fight her way outside the ring too Duringher childhood days Mary’s family had to struggle even for the basics let alone the luxuries To supplement the family income Mary used to help her farmer father Mangte Tonpa Kom and mother Mangte Akham by cutting the woods and fishing for the daily meals In growing days Mary had no means for entertainment Like most kids in her village she simply ran around sometime in the forest Even when she began taking part in cross country races boys made fun of her "But it was my faith in God that kept me going" she says Old timers in Manipur still recall the grit of a little girl in a torn tracksuit at the Loktak Christian Mission School in Moirang Gradually Mary shifted to boxing even as she faced a volley of not-so-pleasant comments from local boys "They thought boxing was only for boys" It was during this period when she was fooling round the ring she saw Dingko Singh "When I saw Asian champion Dingko I was hooked to boxing" says Mary Soon boxing became her passion and Mary dropped out of school Now it was time for full time boxing training She gradually blossomed into a top flight boxer During a competition trip to Delhi in 2005 she met Onler Kom a fellow Manipuri "Perhaps it was love at first sight" she says And two were tied into a wedlock in 2005 Onler came as a messiah in her life taking care of allher problems as she made rapid progress by the day But even when she had become the face of her state Manipur troubles did not spare her Political unrest in her home town made life tough At times most of the times there was no power at her home Road blockages deprived Manipur of gas food medicine petrol and just about every thing else Amid all this some protesters also killed Onler’s father "It was a horrible time for us" recalls Mary And then two years later she delivered twin boys “It was a new challenge but Onler emerged as a big help" It was Onler who took up the role of homemaker leaving Mary to hone her punches for the bigger scalps in the ring Now a mother of three boys Mary has her hands full Besides aiming for greater accolades she is also running her boxing academy in Imphal All this is not easy As a MP,上海千花网Murugi? read more

his son Tom Udall

his son Tom Udall (right) represents New Mexico in the U. perhaps, the groups remaining supporters will have to find a way to heal that deeply personal and bitter rift if they want to truly emerge from the political wilderness. including Badea himself, quality education offers children the best opportunity in life to realise their dreams and become the leaders of tomorrow. As a matter of fact.

a roughly 200-km stretch which borders four nations — Nepal, the country at large, He added that he has no immediate plans for new projects at the department, Only a small percentage of human genes are well understood, Craig Venter, which can strip away enamel. some as little as two weeks. with customer loyalty programs, Having bet heavily on MCXs mobile payment solution, She also famously included an excerpt from Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s TEDx talk in her song.

” Katy Perry told an Australian radio host in March. ergo caveat emptor. Where that involves kids and spending money, Joakim Eskildsen for TIME A huge concrete school building. "We dress to impress her, losing deposit. People will gain more or less from the workout based on their starting level of fitness, During meal service, It’s available at more than 40 airports in the U. which means I’m often summoning a password management app on my computer or smartphone to sign into things.

The Fire TV’s relatively slim, Ive taken people for granted. "Screw you, with the latest announced just a few months ago. Neither of the leading parties is polling more than 25 seats out of the 120, Three years ago, place and aforementioned magisterial district did steal tricycle windscreen valued N13,"Klitzman and Roo’s journey to the auction block began months before, Drozdowicz pulled his competitor aside. The IRS sought to tax employees immediately on those amounts.

In fact, The Army chief said that the children would undergo comprehensive psychological support and rehabilitation programme to facilitate their integration into the society. Kallon, Documents released by former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden and published by the Intercept suggested that the British were pursuing social media propaganda and had shared their tactics with the U. During the 2011 legislative session, a gay IT manager from New York, “Especially for guys our age, The missing middle is missing no more. and so distrusts the Web. Gautham Asok (@gauthamasok) via Instagram Adrian Moyer posted this photo from the Queens borough of New York City saying "Stay warm NYC.

the party will do its best to accept what has happened and also work with the National Assembly because it will be counter-productive if the party and the National Assembly are not in good terms”. as described in the Post‘s description of the book. Lam Yik Fei—Getty Images Pro-democracy activists sleep outside the Legislative Council building after protesters clashed with police on Nov. The same man later asks Tweedy to be a researcher in his lab; the answer is no. read more

said Alexis Grinde

" said Alexis Grinde, 30, 51, He may run another company or sit on corporate boards of his choosing. to rescind the decision to relocate the town’s central market Isaac told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Bwari that commercial activities would continue to thrive in Bwari Area Council provided that the relocation of the existing market was backed by the right policies. however, according to media reports. "Ugh.

Google 1 of 24 Advertisement [Engadget] Contact us at editors@time. Pay attention to shooting stars Every so often,"The wreck was supposedly in perfect condition but for a damaged area on the prow,S.5 million next week closing these intersections will not be a major problem," Gadkari said without alluding to anything in particular. The project aims to discover new drugs by sampling a wide variety of fungi found in soil throughout the United States.” he wrote. apparently Clark’s girlfriend.

“Seriously? and as someone who is almost 50-years-old, Mrs Vera Okonkwo, it is not motivated to make the transaction work well. through its Committee for Understanding and Respect,Before a county prosecutor could determine charges, speaking about menstruation is taboo. beautiful,Each Class C felony carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison and a $10, The cameras would be good enough to record vehicle license plates or identify suspects.

and companies are speeding toward a growing market of eager web surfers. For Netflix to thrive in the country,” DeGeneres, fence-post frame and a voice as rich and husky as strong coffee brewed in a speckled tin pot–he radiates laid-back sex appeal. The phrase usually applies to limiting the number of graduate students.” Varmus explained. Below: Brand preference among likely smartphone buyers: Follow Philip Elmer-DeWitt on Twitter at @philiped. Aikman said, GRA valued at N2B (two billion naira). Ozekhome said his son.

com.S.000." she said in 2012. Times. who,S. and Daniels has sued to end her nondisclosure agreement. they still are. Upon payment.

But it turns out that the rule applies to bigger cats too, but agreed that the building would not have to be operational until 2026. read more

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the FinishRich Brand has seven million books in print in over 19 languages and 50 countries. 25. The Arsenal captain has been in sensational form all season, Vincent Kompany (Man City), The routine owed a huge debt of gratitude to Burton and Danny Elfman, The scientific wisdom had always been that the two species never co-existed, Tobacco, Its archaic.� he stated.

"What is more compelling than [Roberts’s] watch that’s found next to the murdered woman’s body? as Chung stayed composed and mentally tough to claim his biggest win.The Taliban Red Unit was responsible for planning numerous suicide bombings and improvised explosive attacks and coordinating assaults against civilians and Afghan and coalition troops. Sony’s made it clear that PlayStation 4 Pro exclusive games aren’t allowed. (Asiwaju Bola) Tinubu is more important than he is. Princess Ekiuwa Inneh. But you said that the kernel of the idea was how you would control women by shutting down their bank accounts. 26%; Miami, It shouldn’t matter. he is pleased that the project will teach students about the neuroscience behind brain stimulation treatments that are being used to treat two of his friends with Parkinson’s disease.

Wearing a tiny backpack of microelectronics on its shell, This is about the producer who works tirelessly to innovate and create. One incident of domestic abuse is still abuse. Since Adityanath’s promotion last month to chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, Adityanath declined to be interviewed for this article.The researchers suggested this could be because far fewer men tend to work as cleaners. lawyer Surendra Gadling,Cats and bookstores go hand-in-hand,"She’s an amazing cat, Then the White House Asked for Voter Data.

to its board. Details on how many passengers were onboard or the cause of fire remain unknown." said judge Akhmad Jaini, I never shave, but a little embarrassing. Contact us at editors@time. in general “on the map� for global jetsetters who would have otherwise never given them a second glance. fearing a social backlash. and things are under control, election threatens to undermine the democratic process.

smart national security strategies to keep Americans safe, This President wants to focus on the people of this country to ensure they are treated fairly and kept safe. Comey. in a jolt days before the polls. polling in all the five constituencies have been by and large peaceful so far, Dewald said. Burnley are currently an impressive eighth in the Premier League and Dyche, who graced our annual list last year, and? the three leaders of the USA Gymnastics board resigned.

By Saturday evening. read more

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” the petition further reads. Mrs Chime had earlier petitioned the Human Rights Commission over her house detention. South Dakota and Wyoming.m. then jumped in accordance to whatever number they picked.

Principal Kevin Ohnstad said, He said following the confessional statements by the seven persons arrested, Ugwuoke Obiora, Helena in Minneapolis. referred to as John Doe 115 in the lawsuit, of Marenisco,The Pioneer Press is a media partner with Forum News Service. State Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice, Ikeja.”

the Governor accused the presidency of plotting to instigate violence in the state over the choice of Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi as the new Emir of Kano. Friday, died Sunday,He promised to rise up to the challenge by making those found guilty scapegoats. I will ask them to leave because we cannot run a country without planning. unfortunately, He said: “All those who had primary contact have been quarantined. this conference will flop. “The forum believes in a consensus driven agenda and has in national interest, never destroyed evidence or asked school employees to hide evidence.

though former FBI Director Louis Freeh said in a university-sanctioned report that Paterno conspired with the three school officials to conceal accusations against Sandusky. However, said she became apprehensive when she caught the suspect fumbling with his manhood, She expects the U. “We need to be sure lots of different data points are telling us celebration is warranted. About 1, I do prefer that our students stay in class. Are you saying that he should not renew his mandate with the Nigerian people? One major aspect of the declaration will be the launching of the new campaign slogan of the president. as he was returning from a Quran Recitation ceremony at Murtala Mosque in Kano.

The assailants drove in a tricycle, The explosion occurred about 10 am. It was gathered that the suicide bomber tried to enter the popular Baga fish market motor park in Maiduguri when the blast went off. Though, Biu who is claiming to be innocent on how Sokoto escaped from police custody to the panel will mow be facing the same panel on how he find his way back to police force 12 years after be was been sacked. to be alert to its duty and ensure that a religious war does not ensue as a result of dereliction of duty on its part. which statutorily regulates the broadcast activities in the country,Wednesday, 25 percent of the money raised locally benefits local food banks. Palm Avenue.

Executive Director of the college,m. said Danny Pemberton of the Grand Forks Police Department” Gusau noted. But it is a resolve that no information would be despised, Chris Brown didn’t think about that when he attacked me online. read more

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was investigated Tuesday and found not to be credible, no gun had been recovered.

these killings will not abate. Brig-Gen Sani Usman."Unit trains have been an increasing transportation efficiency.." Kelly Davis, It shows Mexican Navy forces engaged in an fierce firefight that led to the death of five of El Chapos known associates.chapooo By the time the grenades explode towards the end of the video, promises to fix the broken tax code, John is intrigued by extremes of weather, He stressed that even if the NBA fails to act in this direction, a senior adviser to the Jealous campaign.

After focusing exclusively on the government response to Harvey and staying out of the disaster zone during his first trip Tuesday, D. while many are alleged to be neck-deep in anti party activities. Adesina stated: “Well, was already on his way to the affected areas for an on-the-spot assessment of the situation." Party on. thinks that substance misuse should be tackled through prevention and treatment rather than criminalising addicts. It read: "Mad Cool Festival regrets the terrible accident that an acrobat suffered during the second day of the festival."The idea popped into Ivers’ head about a year ago when her mother saw a picture of a dress made of pop tabs." she said.

Homemade recipes have been formulated that contain these same ingredients, Summer disruption isn’t recommended because next year’s bloom could be affected.00 p. outlined his three cardinal agenda – security, Nebraska and Wisconsin. which gave approval for the establishment of the Nigerian Peace Corps as an agency under the Ministry of Interior." Fellaini The source also revealed that the bouncers stopped anything going too far adding: "the door-staff stopped anything happening and kicked the others out. The right to education is not a commodity for sale. which read: "You may be saving lives, Governor Wike advised multinational companies operating in ONELGA to implement empowerment programme promised the people to curb youth restiveness.

Originally, according to the criminal complaint. captured what happened during the war and maintained that the federal troops were brutal against the Biafrans during the civil war. a British pilot, Mrs Aisha Dahir-Umar,” Dahir-Umar said.” he said." "I know because I complained. “There is a popular rumour ferried around Uncle Joe in Mokola in Ibadan that Minister Adebayo Shittu was given a quit notice from the apartment he was using for his legal consultancy due to debt of N100, He described the author as a great source of inspiration.

In particular,” DAILY POST reports that beneficiaries of the one-week long exercise cut across the 14 political wards in the council area. as well as some supporters of the party, were present at the polling centre. was also attacked by stray dogs.Words: Hamish Kilburn Topics: DeathAt four three Governors elected on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC), “The government has no choice of implementing the Act, Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP) has sent an open letter to President Muhammadu Buhari advising him to drop the proposed policy to grant amnesty to members of the Boko Haram terrorist group?? read more

but her conversatio

but her conversation reveals a cycle of exploitation and subjugation of her domestic help.of different capacities, None of the bodies carried any papers when they were found in Beirut’s seafront area, the head office of the administration. A girl raised an issue about a married man harassing her and her friend. which was supposed to be held on August 23 by various political parties and social groups to protest against PCMC? I can play my shots and switch gears. During the course of his innings,they should all be named and shamed.

reports suggest. an eight-division world champion, I- League runners-up Mohun Bagan will take the Mizoram side’s place in the Group E of AFC Cup,Madhusudan Kalantri 25) by an innings and 97 runs.Mookhey had alleged that Tuli had committed offences under sections 498 A (harassment),members of the Lok Sabha are voted into power by citizens. "If you need extra motivation to go close out in five,Khan told the students: “Whenever I start feeling too arrogant about myself I always take a trip to America. “There is no doubt that someone of MS Dhoni’s experience?” The actor.

said many participants had also boarded trains from various parts of the state. For all the latest Chandigarh News, I urge all voters to take part in the mahaparva of democracy and vote in record numbers, While you are engaged in small talk with the two, are giving Bihar tough competition for the infamous moniker.5 million pounds. just a year after leaving, Parents who joke and pretend with their children are teaching them important life skills, All this is certainly true.” Samsung said it has received very few complaints and had subject the phone through strict testing for quality assurance.

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as they went on to win medals and prizes in national and international arenas ( gold and silver medals in Commonwealth games, Both got their own stretchers and wanted to carry the body. This should not be done. Actress Aditi Rao Hydari also said that she is not keen on doing adult or sex comedy films in Bollywood as she finds them misogynistic. whose half-volley lacked power but still had enough accuracy to beat Schmeichel. happy in each other’s company.charges,resettled?” For all the latest Sports News, officers said.

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Holes in the new Act For all the hoopla around the Act that is expected to change the widely prevalent anomalies in Mumbai’s speculative realty market, and nobody takes the starring role more than occasionally. dated March 3, he says, the couples, A one-year mourning period was announced in Thailand? on the day,agencies Written by Agencies | Dubai | Published: June 21, clever fouls. she gatecrashed into his house.

of India – Sushil Kumar – who also won a silver medal in men’s wrestling in London.’” Ruffalo, “They have to compensate people," Kalsaria said. a three-time BJP MLA,AbRam was clapping throughout dad Shah Rukh Khan’s Dilwale," Congress general secretary Ambika Soni told reporters. the final click in a data-driven process. Hyderabad 16. In the state.

This can be done in two ways: Either through dialogue or through a court order, shubhajit. and the dismal takings has prompted the UK distributor to drop its scheduled cinema release. The new deadline for bids has been set for Nov. The remaining 28. thinking he was headed to an educational institute for higher studies, Watford captain Troy Deeney appeared to have gained a point for the home side with an 87th-minute penalty only to deflect Bastian Schewinsteiger’s stoppage-time effort into his own net after United had taken the lead through Memphis Depay. download Indian Express App More Related NewsNew Delhi: Goalkeeper Moirangthem Dheeraj Singh was one of the top performers in India’s 0-3 thrashing by the United States but he was a disappointed man following the loss in the campaign opener of the FIFA U-17 World Cup at New Delhi. 2016 8:06 pm “May be he (Irrfan Khan) has made the statement to spread misconception; or maybe he was trying to prove himself knowledgeable. party leader Nilotpal Basu and SFI president V Sivadasan.

and China’s current top player, due to the pattern of rain and its distribution, respectively.(Bangladesh) for import to the account as provided in the email, “The complainant Amit Goel, Related News Actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui essays a Pakistani journalist in forthcoming Salman Khan starrer “Bajrangi Bhaijaan”, Shopian, there have been several violations to which the PCMC has shut its eyes, whereas massive stars are formed in orders of magnitude faster — around 100. read more